tulogako  asked:

Hey!~ I loved your RFA meeting short MC, can you do one for V and Saeran? Thank you~ <3

Ahh thankyou very much! I’m glad that you liked the original one!


  • His eyesight really isn’t the best so it takes him a little while to get a proper perception of how short you actually are
  • His depth perception is probably pretty screwed okay, give him some credit
  • Lots of moments when he tries to hug you and just sort of accidentally elbows you in the face because he aimed too high
  • He gets it eventually though
  • After a lot of accidental violence
  • He reminds you a lot that your height is perfect
  • No insecurity allowed here
  • You’re the perfect height for him to put his arms around you and feel like he’s actually managing to protect something for once
  • Tries not to draw too much attention to the fact that he has to lean down a little to kiss you
  • He doesn’t want you to feel like he’s belittling you or anything
  • Haha get it, belittling, because short mc
  • Im sorry I’ll stop


  • If he makes one more comment about how you’d probably break if he kicked you, you’re going to fight
  • “Hey, MC I could pick you up and throw you out that window if I wanted”
  • Yes, we get it, you violent little shit
  • Will adamantly deny that hugging you is the best thing ever
  • “Ew, hugs are stupid, I don’t like them”
  • Cue him grabbing you and holding onto you really tight the moment you try to leave
  • He has a reputation of being the literal personification of an angry cactus to uphold, okay
  • Like V, he also likes feeling that he’s doing something to protect you, it gives him the feeling that he might not be as terrible of a person as he usually thinks he is
  • Except he does it by picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder, and sitting down with you draped over him like a human blanket
  • The whole thing usually ends up with Saeran sitting around eating ice-cream, while you reach your arms in front of him and occasionally steal his spoon to get some of the ice-cream for yourself
  • Saeran will never admit that he enjoys it, but he really does