How come no one talks about this part of the Epic Mickey graphic novel?

Oblivion, people. Yen Sid prevented these toons from ceasing to exist entirely.

So basically, if they leave but don’t have hearts, they will die. That’s why they’re trapped, not because some magic prevents them from leaving, but because they don’t want to freaking die.

Now, let’s remember in the game, Oswald was going to steal Mickey’s heart while they were in the rocket…as they were flying out of Wasteland…

Oswald was going to freaking kill Mickey, guys…but looking at Tales of Wasteland, he had no clue.

Think about it, in “Hole in the Sky” he was going to climb out of Wasteland, without a heart. He could have freaking died, but had no idea, and even planned on dragging Ortensia and his kids out with him. He thought he just needed a heart to go through whatever barrier was surrounding Wasteland.

prompt: its some time in the future and mickey asks ian to marry him (mickey and svetlana divorced i guess haha)


Ian was lying in their bed, it was late afternoon on a lazy day in their little appartment. He had a book in his hand and one leg tucked under the blanket.

He heard the door unlock and then slam shut and knew Mickey was home, he went out to the store to get something for dinner and some more beer. A smile crept onto his lips, it always did when Mickey was around.

“You still in bed Firecrotch?” Mickey asked, walking through the open bedroom door with a grin.

“Got nothing better to do.” Ian said.

“You take your meds?” Mickey asked and Ian dropped his book to give Mickey a look with a tilt of his head.

“Yeah Mick, I did.” He said.

“No need to get snippy, was just asking.” He said.

Mickey shuffled his feet a bit, he looked a little agitated. He was biting his lip and his eyes were a little flinchy. Ian gave him a curious look.

“You okay Mick?”

“Whatever, yeah.” He said.

He let out a sigh and fished about in his pocket as he sat down on the edge of the bed, facing the doorway. Ian’s curious look hadn’t faultered, not until Mcikey threw somethign small at him and he had to fumble around to pick it up.

“Here.” was all Mickey managed to get out.

Ian smiled up at him, wondering why he was all quiet and nervous all of a sudden. He looked down at the little felt box in his hand and his brow furrowed. His eyes darted up for a second to see Mickey still not looking at him and tapping both his feet furiously. He stared back down at the box for a moment before he opened it to see a rough looking, plain gold signet ring in the black velvet lining. His heart had hitched and he wasn’t even sure it was still beating as he pulled it out of the box to look at it, the cold metal scorching him with its touch.

He looked at the underside of the ring and swallowed when he saw Mickey’s name engraved inside it. Mickey was in no way a romantic but somehow when he tried to be - even in his forced, defensive kind of way - it always worked for him.

Ian looked up. “This your way of asking… you know, if I’ll…?”

Mickey sighed and twisted his head about before he finally looked over at him, giving him his best ‘don’t make me say it’ face. He managed to choke out a little ‘yeah’ and went back to avoiding eye contact.

“Thought it was just a piece of paper to you.” Ian said.

This time Mickey looked up, right into his eyes with his face softening a little. “Well not to you it ain’t.”

Ian smiled, grinned in fact. He sat up straight, the corner of the cheet falling into his lap and he launched at Mickey, pulling him in for a long, deep kiss. When he finally pulled back for a breath Mickey was giving him an adoring smile that Ian was sure he didn’t know he was doing.

“We have to get you one, with my name on the inside. How the hell did you afford this anyway?”

Mickey shrugged, “Came into some money.”

“Do I wanna know?”

“Probably not.” They both chuckled a little and Mickey bit his lip again, searching Ian’s face for no reason in particular. “S’does that mean you’ll do it?”

Ian raised his eyebrows. “Do what?”

“Don’t start that shit again asshole, marry me, that’s what.” He said shaking his head because he couldn’t believe how much he loved how cheeky Ian was.

Ian smiled and kissed him again, this time just a peck on the lips. “Of course I will.”

Mickey reached up to caress Ian’s face with his fingers and Ian held out the ring to him. “The fuck you giving it to me for?” He asked, taking his hand away.

Ian held out his hand with a smile and Mickey rolled his eyes, snatching the ring from him and taking his hand roughly to put the ring on his finger. As stupid as it was, the look on Ian’s face was worth it.

A Fic a Day in the Month of May - Day Eight

This is the conversation from inside the room between Ian and Mickey from yesterday’s fic. You can find that one here.

It was nearing mid afternoon and Ian was lazing on Mickey’s bed as the two of them chatted idly after a good long session. Ian had skipped school because everyone in Mickey’s house was going to be gone until at least the next day, except for Mandy but she would be at school. That gave them some time to be alone and not in the fucking freezer at the Kash ‘n Grab.

Ian sucked on a cigarette, his cheeks hollowing out and his lips puckering in a tight circle as Mickey watched him and smirked.

“You gotta be doing that on purpose.” He said, holding his hand out for the smoke.

“Doing what?” Ian asked and Mickey just snatched the cigarette away from him and rolled his eyes. “Yeah, okay fine.” He said with a grin.

“Didn’t get enough before huh?” Mickey said with his own lips now sucking down the smoke and blowing it back out towards Ian.

He shrugged and Mickey raised an eyebrow.

“The fuck does that mean?” He asked.

“I don’t know, just thought…” He trailed off and Mickey reached up from his spot on the floor to punch him in the arm. “Hey! Fuck!”

“You got something to say then fuckin’ say it.” Mickey said. 

“Just thought that we could have tried something different this time is all.”

Mickey raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “Well what you thinking?”

Ian looked down, locking Mickey’s eyes so he couldn’t get out. “Thought maybe you’d want to kiss me.”

“You are out of your mind Gallagher.” Mickey said, turning away to stop Ian from seeing the expression on his face.

“Oh come on Mick, you’ve done it before.” Ian teased, a playful smile tugging at his lips.

“Yeah, like twice.” Mickey said, more of a mumble really.

“And what, you didn’t like it?” Ian asked, starting to get a little self conscious.

“No, I just…” He started, letting out a sigh, not really wanting to talk about any of it.

“What is it Mickey?” Ian asked, sitting up and scooting over to where Mcikey was sat on the floor against the bedside table.

“I just don’t do that.” He shrugged.

“Are you trying to tell me that you’ve never really kissed anyone before?” Ian asked.

“Kissed you didn’t I?” Mickey grumbled, really done talking about it.

“Yeah, because you were jealous. Come on, I know you like it.”

“I told you, I don’t do that.” He repeated, annoyance creeping into his words.

“Maybe, but you want to.” Ian said and Mickey looked up, his eyes giving away what his mouth wasn’t saying. “I want to do it again.” Ian said, a little more force in his voice.

Mickey shook his head and as he looked away Ian slipped onto his knees and pulled Mickey’s face back towards him.

“It’s just you and me, Mick. What does it matter?” He said quietly.

“It’s not… I…” Mickey rubbed his forehead and moved out of Ian’s grip.

“You know, if you don’t know how, I could always show you.” He teased and Mickey narrowed his eyes at him. “Just saying, I’ve done plenty of it.”

Mickey held up his middle finger. “Fuck you.”

“Fuck you too.” Ian said with a smile. “Come on Mick, you want to kiss me, I know you do.”

Mickey ran his thumb along his bottom lip and stared down at Ian’s mouth like all he wanted to do was feel his breath hot against his own and taste him on his tongue.

Ian grabbed the back of his neck ad just held him there for a moment until Mickey was balling his shirt up in his hand, shoving Ian back into the side of the bed and pulling him in closer at the same time. Ian slipped his other hand down under the waistline of Mickey’s jeans, puling his hips towards him so Mickey was propped up on his knees.

Mickey was panting, his teeth now sinking into his lip where his thumb had just been, and Ian parted his lip as he breathed heavily and waited for Mickey to make a move.

He shoved Ian’s knees down so he was sitting flat and Mickey could straddle his hips, his fist beginning to press painfully into Ian’s chest. He could feel his heart pounding even through his chest and he didn’t know how the feel of someone’s beating heart could turn him on but Ian’s did, so he crashed his lips down in a closed mouth kiss that Ian was just dragging him further into.

He had never opened his mouth in a kiss before, and he didn’t even know if he wanted to, but the moment he felt Ian’s tongue swipe along the join of their lips his own were parted and Ian was inside him in a whole other way. He held Mickey against him, arching his hips up at the way Mickey tasted and the way his tongue was searching his mouth, like he was hungry, looking for something and never finding it. The muffled groans that were coming from him made Ian dizzy and he closed his eyes as he tried to take everything in.

Mickey pulled back a little, enough to let Ian gently take his bottom lip into his mouth and suck it gently before letting it go and repeating himself, over and over, with the tip of Mickey’s tongue darting out to taste him with each kiss.

You could ask him later and he would deny that he ever had his lips on Ian Gallagher, but for that moment he couldn’t force himself to stop. Even when his painfully hard cock was aching for more his lips were in control and they weren’t stopping.

He ground down his hips and Ian let out a fractured whimper before pushing him back and forcing him down to lie on his back while he blanketed him, their lips only breaking for a second.

Mickey’s hands were cupping Ian’s ass, pulling him down as his lips took a momentary breath before trailing down over his jaw.

“I knew you liked it…” He mumbled and Mickey shook his head a little.

“Only because it gets you to shut the fuck up for five minutes.” Mickey panted, more than a little out of breath.

“If you keep doing that I might shut up more often.” Ian said, nipping at Mickey’s neck.

“Yeah, yeah, I got better ways of shutting you up.” He said, guiding his head roughly further down and Ian laughed but he didn’t argue.

He’d gotten his kiss, and he knew that Mickey wouldn’t be content with leaving it at that, not in the slightest.