A huge welcome to the Masters Cohort of 2015

This year we will be focusing on the intersections between the physical and the digital environment as our reality becomes increasingly augmented with advancing technologies.

Designing Augmented Realities

An Augmented Reality (AR) project creates a unique experience that blurs the edges between our everyday lives and imagined worlds. Participants are invited to interact with each other and fictional characters in an intersection of real and virtual, fact and fiction.

AR comes in all shapes and sizes, tell a variety of different stories and inspire all kinds of interactions between people, their networks and sometimes the very streets in which they live. Some simply immerse you in complex fictional scenarios while others indulge you in quirky physical challenges. Some extend broadcast experiences, reveal hidden histories, promote a brand, and some remind us about important social and political causes.

  • Part 1. Experimental Formats: We at QUT will be working with a group at CalPoly to create an Escape the Room adventure that will connect participants in Queensland and California. Our task is to design interactive interfaces that connect, engage and progress participants through as alternate reality experience.
  • Part 2. Future Applications: We will be visiting a number of Laboratories and Studios to experience the latest technologies and techniques that will impact the ways we imagine and interact in the near future. We will then design interactive prototypes to demonstrate future scenarios of use.

You will all participate in a series of seminars, workshops and demonstrations that will provide you with all of the necessary knowledge and skills to identify, analyse, design, develop and deploy interfaces that augment users interactions across the digital and physical domains while also experimenting with the boundaries between fact and fiction.

Image above: Student work from 2014. This cohort made and tested a number of Augmented Reality Experiences for QUT… based on some interesting narrative scenarios. 

Happy #faderfriday everyone! Wrapping up final mixes today for @thedetro ’s all analog EP!!

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Potential Titles for Childermass Sequel (by TV Network!)

Submissions welcome…


The Magician’s Apprentice


The Yorkshireman of Hurtfew Abbey

Channel Four

The Most Yorkshireman Who Ever Yorkshired

Dark Magic




The Spell

The Servant

The Northerner




York Nine-Nine-Nine




One Magical Guy

The Good Servant


Spells and Belles



Breaking Magic

Better Call Childermass



The Education of a Magician

The Cards of Marseilles



John Childermass: A Whoreson’s Dreams of Cancun Babes


In The Name of the Raven King

John Childermass


Dark Words

Magicians, Swords and Just As Many Tits As HBO!


House of Tarot Cards


Chasing The Raven King

Vrámci túžby vytŕčať a poburovať som si nafarbila vlasy na tmavofialovo.
Farba postupne zbledla na modrú, ale pobúrenia som sa nedočkala. Namiesto toho mi môj konzervatívny otec a veľa neznámych ľudí na ulici skladalo na vlasy komplimenty.

Dnes som sa rozhodla modrú začať vymývať Celaskonom a prostriedkom na riad, no otec nahlas protestoval, vraj mi to veľmi pristane.

A ja som pritom chcela len zopár zhnusených pohľadov od babiek na zastávke.

V rámci včerejšího večerního veselí jsem si stáhla do telefonu seznamovací aplikaci a s kamarádem jsme se bavili křížkováním a srdíčkováním profilů. 
Dnes po zapnutí telefonu mi začaly chodit zprávy. Hned v první mi jeden muž nabízí možnost stát se luxusní společnicí, v další mi jiný kluk píše, že mu připomínám kokos. AHA.