The first time I’ve ever been tagged for anything like this!  Thanks Blaek ☺️


Name: Lauren

Birthday: September 27th

Favorite color: Green/blue/pink depending on my mood I guess

Lucky number: 3, 7, 13

Height: 5'2

Talents: Drawing, painting, graphic design

Last dream you remember: Oh no I don’t remember!  I usually ALWAYS remember my dreams 😰

Can you juggle: Nope

Art/Sport/Both: For watching/observing I’d choose sport (like I’d much rather go to a sporting event than an art museum) but for actually doing one or the other it’d probably be art (unless soccer)

Do you like writing: I mean yeah I guess 

Do you like dancing: I LOVE to shag (the dance people) 

Do you like singing: SO much.  I probably sing more than I talk. 

Dream Vacation: Scotland if I didn’t have major flight anxiety.

Dream Guy/Girl: My boyfriend, Cody.  (I know that’s cheesy but seriously you guys, he’s everything I’ve ever wanted/so much more than I’ll ever deserve.  He’s so good to me.) 

Dream Wedding: I think I’m more concerned with how it will feel rather than look or where it is.  But I guess outdoors on the perfect early autumn day (neither Tennessee or Georgia are playing) where it’s sort of warm but the breeze is cool.  Candles will be everywhere and it’ll just feel like fall and joy and happiness and love.

Dream Pet: Toothless

Favorite Song: This changes so often but right now I really like Tenerife Sea- Ed Sheeran, Of The Night- Bastille, Girls- The 1975, and Come Back- Us The Duo

Least favorite song: prob Thrift Shop

Least favorite album: I dunno?

Least favorite artist: Bieber  

Guys/Girls/Both: Men 

Hair color: Naturally a weird brownish color, but I’m blonde now

Eye color: Grey

Humorous/Serious: Humorous around people I’m comfortable with.  Serious around people I don’t know well.

Taller/Shorter: I’m def short. 

Biggest turn off: Acting like a jerk to seem cool, name-dropping, general arrogance and douchebaggery.

I tag mchowell if she even gets on here anymore