Happy Birthday Mchartforever!

(tagging you so you see this even though I know for a fact you stalk my blog on a regular basis haha) you get mchart kissesssss (which I hope you like and appreciate, because I basically died while making these gifs jESUS also I hope it’s not cheesy? and that they’re not bad bc I dont think I’ve even opened PS in months). I never knew I could grow so attached to a person in such a short amount of time as I have with you. I love how we can talk about anything and everything, and our overall ability to talk trash about other people, haha! However, what I love the most is that there’s no need for anything important ever to be said, we can go an entire day just complaining about how tired we are, or how hungry we are, or how we (aka me) don’t wanna go to work. You always manage to cheer me up when I’m down, and put a smile on my face (which my co-workers can testify to as they think we’re dating lmao)  at any given time, which I am so grateful for! I hope you enjoy your special day, and celebrate with lots of cake! I love youuu, mwaah ♥

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I LOVE YOU! <333

:D :D YOU TOOOOO glad you enjoyed!!

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This was so good. I’ve been thinking a lot about everything from their first meetings and this was excellent! Thank you for sharing. Writing goals tbh

Ahh thank you so much! :3 I love thinking about the early days when they were the most awkward goobers and breaking our hearts with their misunderstandings and missed connections. But as much as I have gone over and over and over every detail in my mind LOL I don’t think I really played out a continuation of this scene before so it was fun to think about :)

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YAS MORE COMING, MAYBE, PROBABLY, EVENTUALLY (a year and a haaalf, Rachel, when will they leave me in peace???)

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Top 3 vacation destinations

  1. Australia!
  2. Maldives maybe? oohhh that’d be nice! 
  3. I’d love to just go on an all-over-europe road trip tbh, that’d be so great! 

Top 3 christmas movies

already answered, but I’ll mention other goodies bc CHRISTMAS MOVIES! 

I always watch harry potter during christmas, so yeah those needs to be mentioned! ANNND Christmas vacation omg! AND THE GRINCH (okay I’m getting way to excited haha)

Top 3 kinds of candy

  2. honestly that’s it, everything else falls short if it isn’t licorice lmao 
  3. okay I’ll say strawberry flavored candy bc yes, good. 

Top 3 kinds of tea

(what really is making my heart swell is that YOU READ ALL THE Q’s, it’s so obvious, bc you’ve customized it greatly to fit me ❤) 

  1. yogi has an amazing licorice tea!
  2. Himalaya is great, also by yogi I think?
  3. and oh I once had this great mint tea, but I don’t know the brand, but that was honestly the best tea of my life

Top 3 taylor swift songs

  3. 22

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What happened to my apostrophe?! Put it back right now!

I was hungry so I ate it ;)

Or maybe I deleted it due to confusion (someone I follow is reblogging like every TGW S1 gifset I ever made.. That’s quite… I don’t know the right word… disconcerning ;D)

But you for sure didn’t forget the apostrophe. You would never ;)