Revenge is best served @

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by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)

The ESPN hockey anchors take a cheap shot. Bitty takes one back.

Words: 1894, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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By The Shore

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by Momoko1030

Summary: A family. Love. A forever home. What did all three things have in common? Keith never had any. He was almost 17 now and being sent to live with his very long distance, um, cousin named Kevin who happens to live by the ocean. Keith never liked the ocean. With all the mystery it holds, he finds it rather ominous. He doesn’t realize that just as the ocean can be terrifying, it can also be beautiful.

Words: 1604, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Awkward Turtle

Title: Awkward Turtle

Fandom: WWE

Rating: M

Character: Finn Balor

Length: IT’S OVER 9000(no seriously, it’s over 9000 words)

Summary: Your neighbor Finn deems you an awkward turtle, unable to seduce anyone. You decide to show him what for. All for the sake of a makeup case.

Warnings: SMUT, SMUTTY SMUT SMUT, daddy kink, whole lotta spankings, a sprinkle of some oral, and a whole lot of the word that rhymes with duck. Also a lap dance. A splash of unrealistic but it’s too late now. Also a name given to the Reader character.

Notes: Be gentle. I’m an inexperienced smut writer and this is my first time posting fic to Tumblr. I hadn’t planned on my blog featuring my writings, but then this stupid sexy Irish guy showed up. And now here I am, writing smut fic. Make of that what you will.

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Show You Mine, Show Me Yours

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by tyrionlannistre

Iris West is an ace reporter out to reveal Barry Allen’s secret after she discovers he’s the Flash.

Words: 1107, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Adorable, Reliable

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by angelsaves

Shiro’s taking advantage of some rare alone time when Lance walks in on him. Awkwardness ensues. They have to work it out somehow, for the good of the team.

Words: 2444, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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five times someone didn't know keith and lance were dating, and one time everyone did

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by Shorty

Keith shrugs nonchalantly. “I’m still mad about the whole ‘babe’ thing.”

Or, exactly what the title says.

Words: 4319, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Ride Or Die

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by slutpunk

Phasma had asked him to do her a favor: stay behind and let Rey’s cousin know that Phasma was taking her on a movie date and would be bringing her home in a couple of hours. Hux hadn’t been able to say no. He is a gentleman after all.

It helps, of course, that Rey’s cousin is fucking stacked. Six feet, two inches of broad shoulders and hard muscles covered up under layers of black leather, face always hidden by a black riding helmet. The first time Hux saw him it was like every porn, every wet dream, every fantasy he’d ever had come to real life.

Words: 4483, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Xavier Samuels is the troubled. He is seventeen  years old, and is the most challenging junior. Xavier looks a lot like Daniel Sharman and he is an taken role.

I don’t give a damn ‘bout my bad reputation. You’re living in the past it’s a new generation”

+ Intelligent, Loyal, Outspoken.

- Sarcastic, Violent, Cynical

| Personality

Xavier had always been the kid from the wrong side of town, the side your parents warned you about going near. The side that had the bad reputation and covered tv news stations all the time. However Xavier didn’t always live up to his area’s reputation, yes he knew how to a steal cars, win in a fist fight. He’d learnt how to smoke and do drugs and he even ended up in court on several occasions by the time he was thirteen but he also knew how to use him brain to get the best out of a situation. Xavier unlike the rest of his family realized the only way of his current lifestyle was do the best he could in school, being a straight A student in spite of his lifestyle.

However his smart and quick mind didn’t stop there. Xavier found himself scamming the people around him often tricking them out of their money, just so he could put food on the table when his parents didn’t step up. The problem with him though is he doesn’t know how to stop living the life he was born into or could he risk it. Although his tough guy act isn’t easy to see pass, Xavier tried to hide the hardships and struggles he faced on a daily basis. He didn’t want to appear weak and he certainly couldn’t loose focus of getting himself out of that kind of life. Xavier was never the type of guy to show any positive feelings always hiding them under a mask of ignorance.

| Background

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks was never easy, with a depressed mother and a crack addict and alcoholic father who wasn’t afraid of hitting his kid, Xavier didn’t have the best start in life living in the rough side of town. Yes his family had made the move from England to America when Xavier had been 10, but it didn’t mean he got any better of a life, in fact it got worse. His mother had gone from a normal women to one who had seen better days, she started shutting herself away moping in the dark when she should have been taking care of her son. And Xavier’s father was no better, he was hardly ever at home and when he was he was angry. His father would rather smoke a joint or drink a beer than pay attention to his son..

Xavier learnt from a young age that he would have to work hard in order to escape the hell he had called his parents and family. He had been the one going to school during the day and working long hours in the evenings and nights, to earn money and put food on the table and take care of himself He’d been sixteen when it had all changed though, having came home to find his mother staring into space a letter in her hands. The government had decided that with his straight A grades and a chance to redeem his behaviour they had decided that Barlow Academy would be the best place for him. So Xavier continue to work hard away from the bad influences around him.

| Relationships

  •  Is friends with Nash Caldwell as they both have things in common giving them common ground to stand on.
  • Is close friends with Marley Fox, Isobel Stryder and Cassidy Olsen.
  • Xavier often finds himself around Isaac and Robbie the Kitson cousins as they all have trouble in common.
  • Finds Draken Everett annoying but doesn’t mind being around him as long as he doesn’t talk to much.

| Additional info

  •  Is a member of the Lacrosse team after discovering his talent for the sport when he first arrived at Barlow.
  • Works hard to maintain his straight A grade, yet also knows how to let loose and have fun
  • Refuses to speak to his parents when they bother to phone or email, wanting them to be completely disappear from his life.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.

Reading Cosmo.

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by Striderella

A Rose x Greg smut fic. Rose learns about sex the way other girls do… through magazines.

Words: 1414, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 6 of Random requests!

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by teeeeeeth (obIiterated)

Saitama isn’t very quiet, but Genos doesn’t mind. The pros outweigh the cons anyway.

Words: 2475, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Good Boys

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by Jennypen

Keith searches the wrong thing on pornhub and gets a whole lot more than what he bargained for.

Words: 1222, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Cory Noah Carter is the kid. He is fifteen years old, and is a very adventurous sophomore. Cory looks a lot like Colin Ford and he is a taken role.

“Live every day like you’re gonna get your first kiss. And if you do, you’ll never lose the kid in you.’”

+ adventurous, curious, friendly
- loud, mischievous, quick-tempered

| Personality

Cory had always been the kind of boy who was to curious for his own good. Add that with an adventurous and mischievous side of him and you have the kind of boy who would of suited being a character in a children’s book such as Peter Pan rather than a real life teenage boy. His personality hadn’t been a problem when he had been a child as most of his friends were just like him. However when they all hit puberty they seemed to grow up and take an interest in girls and other teenage things where as he stayed as childish as ever. When they were serious he was still joking and messing around.

His young and childish soul made him loud and friendly, making him the kind of person who had plenty of friends and always seemed to have a smile across his face. There’s a kind of innocence about him. However Cory also had a temper on him which could come from nowhere, his temper had always been an issue no matter how he tried to control it. His mischievousness and temper often lead him into trouble and he looked to his older sister to help get him out of it. His curiosity made him very aware of what was going on around and he often learnt and saw things he shouldn’t have. The saying curiosity killed the cat was something he was very aware of, especially after what he once saw.

| Background

Cory had grown up in a dysfunctional family, though he didn’t really see how dysfunctional it was as his older sister, Rowan, tried to keep him out of it all. He had never been close to father and had feared him in his drunken state, so when he left the seven year old Cory hardly missed him. Though he did miss out on having the father and son connection like his friends. Cory had noticed the change in his mother’s behaviours as well and did his best to avoid her, often staying out playing till late or staying at friends houses and his sister trying to keep away as well.

For Cory his sister had also been the parent, his parent’s should have been to him. She had taken on the role after the families dynamics changed and he couldn’t help but look up to her. When he had been younger he had thought it had been normal however once he was old enough to understand he saw the truth. And though he appreciated what she did for him, he couldn’t help but feel guilty for relying on her so much. When Cory found out about his mother’s abuse towards his sister he had been watching a fight between the two of them from around a corner. What he saw had shook him up and he tried to block out, though he tried to be less dependent on his sister as well in hope of lightening her load. He never told her that he knew about any of what she had been trying to hide from him.

| Relationships

  • Best friends with Brandon Cooper and Tommy Andrews
  • Has a small crush on Erin Fray, as he finds her charming and sweet, even though she is a junior.
  • Ever since he met Lily Fox, Cory has wanted to pull the girl out of her reserved nature and make her experience more than just what happens in books. As their friendship grows so do their feelings.
  • Cory is somewhat friends with Benji Wales and doesn’t like how he gets treated. He tries to stand up for the boy, yet it never seems to do much. 
  • Michael Remington has proven to be a good friend to Cory, though the pair don’t hang out very often they both know that there is fun in having paint fights in the art rooms.>
  • Cory looks up to the trio, even if he doesn’t fully approve of their tactics he likes how they are treated as grown ups and wants that for himself.
  • Has a strong, laughter filled friendship with Ducky Nevins the pair often getting themselves into trouble though Ducky is the more innocent of the two.
  • He also looks up to both Ryder Cooley and Scamp Hudson
  • Loves his sister Rowan Carter and worries about being too much trouble for her. He doesn’t speak about what he knows, but is trying to be less of a hassle for her. Though it doesn’t always work. 
  • Tries to get Avery Wade to come out of her shell often by trying to lead the girl into some sort of mischief. 

| Additional info

  • Hates being seen as a little kid.
  • Tries to make sure his sister is happy and also tries to make sure that he isn’t to much of a hassle to her. He also keeps it a secret that he knows what their mother did to her.
  • Seems to always be in trouble for little things rather than big ones.

For the one who sows to his own flesh, will from the flesh reap corruption. | Barlow Academy.


Maddox Turner is nineteen years old and a Balcoin Warlock. He’s portrayed by Hunter Parrish and is currently TAKEN.

  • Charismatic and intelligent, if there was one thing he inherited from his father was his ability to charm those around him. After living in Chance Harbor for a year, he’s certainly made himself at home.
  • Does not trust Cassie or Diana.
  • Like the rest of his family, he’s determined to fulfill his father’s wishes and binding the Dark Circle.


LUX GIEGHL » Before it was discovered that he and Lux were one of the Balcoin children, they came from the same circle. They grew up together and have developed a close bond. Being so close in age, they’re much like twins and Maddox has taken on the big brother role in Lux’s life. Often when the Balcoin circle needs something done, Lux and Maddox work together.

GRAY BRANNON » A member from Maddox and Lux’s old circle and Maddox’s best friend. They were extremely close up until the point that Maddox broke from their circle and aligned himself with the Balcoins. Now, Gray’s in Chance Harbor and old wounds have been reopened.

CASSIE BLAKE » Finds her a bit of a nuisance  probably mostly Lux’s influence, and enjoys messing with her any chance he can get. He loves reminding her how inexperience she is when it comes to dark magic.

DIANA MEADE » Maddox has been given the task to convince Diana to join the Balcoin circle now that she’s back in town. He has placed himself in her life at every turn and is developing a small relationship with his new sister.