The Last Jedi by Rian Johnson

Fandoms: Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Rating: Teen And Up Audiences

Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply

Categories: F/M

Characters: Rey (Star Wars), Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Ben Solo | Kylo Ren, Finn (Star Wars), Poe Dameron, Rose Tico, Leia Organa, Phasma (Star Wars), Armitage Hux, Snoke (Star Wars), BB-8 (Star Wars), BB-9E (Star Wars), C-3PO (Star Wars), Chewbacca (Star Wars), D.J. (Star Wars)

Relationships: Kylo Ren/Rey, Finn/Rose Tico

Additional Tags: Canon Compliant, Force Link, Redemption Arc, Character DeathUndercover, Dual Protagonists, you thought i wouldn’t do it, all your tropes in one fic, Emo Kylo Ren, Finn vs. Phasmapoe gets slapped, Porgs, kylo loves his mom, rey and luke don’t get along, snoke is a pasty rich old dude, who the fuck is dj

7 Days of our Life. Day 1

Rating: gen
Category: F/M
Characters: Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka
Additional: izuocha week 2017, fluff, comedy
Language: English
Words: 1678

Seven days from Izuku’s and Ochaco’s together life - from the beggining of their relationship till their old days. A compilation of short stories, based on IzuOcha Week 2017 Prompts.

Ochaco’s and Izuku’s first day and little quirk fail following it. Written for the 1st prompt - firsts.

This is the first chapter of a serie! You can find all:

Chapter 1

{Also available on AO3}

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