A Natural

Anon: Could I request a threesome with Zelo and Yongguk please? <3

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Zelo/Yongguk (BAP)/Reader

Word Count: 1,418

Summary: When your boyfriend, Yongguk, wants to help Zelo and wants you to be apart of it.

“Oppa I know I said I would be ok with this but…” I look up at Yongguk who was looking out his window. He turns to you and smiles softly. He comes up to me at the bed and brushes my hair back.

“If you don’t want to we can always call him. He will understand.” I sigh. I honest want to and it drive me insane that I do. I mean I watch Zelo in practice and his dance moves, well it turns me on. “Just think of it helping him out. And I will be here for all of it.” Before I can respond there was a knock on his door. He looks at me. “Can I get it?” I nod and he leans down and kisses me then walks out.

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Struck By Lightning

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By Maknatuna

Castiel gets struck by lightning. It has a weird effect on him and he’s forced to speak out his thoughts, feelings, and desires aloud.

Words: 7502, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

It was a stormy night. The wind was howling and the rain was pouring down like a raging ocean. Castiel was flying near the black, ominous clouds when thunder rumbled and rolled. Something flashed. It was a white, blinding light and the angel closed his eyes for a few seconds. Instantly he felt that something hit him and sent electric sparks through his body. Castiel lost his balance and plummeted down with a terrifying speed.

The Winchester brothers were staying in a small town called Hemingford, which is a little place nestled in Nebraska. There had recently been killings there, caused by a shape shifter, but the hunters already took care of that. They were still at the hotel and planned to leave in the morning.

It was 4 am and the brothers were in a deep sleep when something crashed down in their room, knocking the nightstand over and breaking a lamp.

“The hell?” Dean muttered, immediately sitting up in his bed and grabbing Ruby’s knife, which he hid under his pillow while he slept, just in case.

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Shy Boy

Anon: Got7’s Mark smut but with him being shy so “reader” take the lead and in the end he is not as shy as he looks something like that pleaseeee.

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Mark (Got7)/Reader

Word Count: 718

Summary: Mark becomes nervous when I walk out in his present.

“Oh absolutely.” He smiles and kisses me again. “But let’s not tell my brothers.” He smiles and we both laugh.

I chuckle as I look at him. He rubs the back of his neck. I was up to him slowly.

“Oppa?” He looked up at me. “Do you not like it?” I look down at my red lingerie nervously.

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Restless Nights

@missemthings : SHINee Minho x reader! And I don’t have a specific request but your guys work is always amazing so I’ll be happy with whatever!

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Minho (SHINee)/Reader

Word Count: 660

Summary: Minho can’t really sleep.

I groan as I roll over in the bed. I felt arms pull me back to their hot chest. I whine again and try to pull away. I hear a husky voice chuckle. I felt some kisses on my neck.

“Stay still babe.” I hear Minho say.

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that sense of je ne sais quoi - Phoenixstein - Beauty and the Beast (2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The surprise that gushed from his heart as he found himself being held by another man, is soon replaced by something different. LeFou has never felt so light before, maybe because not even in his wildest dreams he ever hoped to dance with a guy in a crowded ballroom.
But this is really happening to him, the tender heat of Stanley’s body so close to his own a reminder of the fact that he’s not dreaming. And this, to be honest, is better than any fantasy he’s ever had about Gaston.

Words: 1014, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

  • Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (2017)
  • Rating: General Audiences
  • Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
  • Categories: M/M
  • Characters: LeFou, Stanley
  • Relationships: LeFou/Stanley
  • Additional Tags: mentions of unrequited!Gafou

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Playfully Animalistic

Anon: Hey, scenario request with Xiumin from Exo?

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Xiumin (EXO)/Reader

Word Count: 1071

Summary: Xiumin gets a bit too playful.

I ran as he was after me. My breathing hitched as the door was locked. I could hear him chuckling behind me.

“Oh did someone forget her keys?” He was right behind me. I could smell his cologne.

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