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I can not multiship for Hanzo or Jesse either my ass is owned by Mc//Han//zo

YEAH… and its sad cuz like i actually really like mcgen//ji! i really so i think it’s super cute and a fun ship and they have great chemistry but thanks to me being goddamn balls deep in mchan//zo, mcge//nji always feels to me like mccree is just banging his bf’s brother which is nasty so like … gg @my god damned self

I didn’t want anything confirmed ever. Even my extreme mchan shipping ass. There’s already so much needless bullshit and fighting between the ‘ship fandoms’ and this is just more fuel to the fire.

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honestly yaoi fangirls sometimes make me ashamed of liking m/m ships bc like. i just relate to the characters and i wanna see mlm like me being happy and now i cant go into the mchan/zo tag w/o seeing thousands of straight girl porn fantasies

they’re the ones who should be ashamed

cloudwitches  asked:

thank you so much for your recent two mchan/zo pieces oh my god im crying about mccree fawning over hanzo ;v; i was having a stressful day so i came to ur blog and u fuckin delivered my guy!!! thank u for my life jay

im glad i managed to help a bit w your stress :’))) and aaAA… i like to thinl they fawn over each other a lot lmao theyre so fucking embarrassing n old… swhy i love em

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I kept staring at your mc/han rocky text posts whispering "what does mchan have to do with the rocky mountains" anyway i just yelled OH, THE MOVIES!

BAFFLED!!!!!!! i dont even know what the rocky mountains ARE

I change my last Follow forever, this is the new hehe Thank you so much for following my blog, it means so much, i love you all and those that follow me even though i dont follow you thank you!!… 




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