Yeah, I see it. It’s two bands, right? What does it mean?”
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Imagine Stiles and Scott secretly rate each member of the pack.

Isaac and Allison are both an 8 (thanks to Scott’s generosity and bias), Erica’s an 8, Boyd’s a 7 (but his sweet heart would make him a 9), Cora’s a 7 (she’s gorgeous but neither of them would date her), Lydia’s a 9, Peter’s a 2 (he looks good but his attitude brings him down) and - of course - Derek’s a perfect 10.

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(And Stiles is not the lease bit subtle. He can’t help but drool over Derek)

i’m giffing something and i’m at 3x01 scene where Derek is about to help Scott get a tattoo and it’s so endearing when Scott asks Derek if he knows what tattoo means and Stiles confidently says (+obligatory flirty wink!) “to mark something” and he’s so proud of himself, like yeah, look at me, impressing Derek with my knowledge but then Scott’s like i’mma do one better and goes “well, that’s in Tahitian. In Samoan, it means ‘open wound.’” And you can see that Stiles is impressed but also sorta insulted that Scott would sabotage his game like that.

So, it got me thinking of a McHaleinski college au where Derek is The Hottest Nerd™  and Scott and Stiles are very much the same Best Friends 5ever (Who Also Secretly Pine Over Each Other) and both of them have enormous crushes on Derek. So they just do EVERYTHING to impress him (but they are not dicks to each other about it; maybe just teasing a bit because hello, they still have feelings for one another!). And they just keep wooing Derek competitively until Derek, bless his soul, says “didn’t you two figure out that all three of us could be dating each other?” and they live happily and polyamorously ever after.

Fic Recs!

@queerlyalex​ tagged me to share my favorite fics with under 1K kudos. I have so many tabs open right now it’s obnoxious, but I just have a lot of love for fics okay?

(also tagging: @damnfancyscotch​, @whatthehellisahoechlin​, @petals42​, @notenoughgatorade​,and @tattooedsterek​)

I’m going to attempt to sort these by ship, but other than that they’re in no particular order. Also I’ve recced some of these before but they deserve all the love :)


The Curse of The Green Thong by twice_shy ( @notboldly​)

Mature, 6.5K Words

After finding a thong in the communal washing machine, Stiles makes some hasty assumptions about what his roommate does for a living. (Mistaken-for-a-stripper!AU)

As you will see after reading this list, I am such a fan of ridiculousness, especially when it comes to sterek. This is just a very cute and fun little fic where Stiles makes a lot of assumptions about Derek based on a pair of underwear he finds in their apartment’s washing machine. One of my pick me up fics!

The Principal Thing by fuchs ( @fuchswrites​)

Teen & Up, 4.2K Words

Out of everything wrong with the world, out of everything horrible that has happened to Stiles, out of kanimas and werewolves and sociopathic hunters and batshit insane high school students, Stiles had thought that his eventual and inevitable demise would be slightly more dramatic than this.

OMG. I love Hannah and I love this fic SO MUCH. Stiles is SO dramatic and the pack is so GREAT and everything is amazing and I laugh my way through the entire thing. 

Better Than Deep-Fried Twinkies by  shift ( @shiftsideways )

Explicit, 7.9K Words

There’s a guy sitting cross-legged in the hay, seemingly unconcerned with the cow excrement almost certainly contained within it; Inara’s laid down in front of him, and he’s leaning forward, her huge head cupped tenderly in his hands, his cheek almost touching hers. He looks completely enraptured, staring into her eyes intensely and rubbing her cheeks in slow circles, leaning into her with his whole body like she’s precious and beautiful and everything he ever wanted. It’s weirdly intense, and should really be off-putting, but Inara looks sleepy and calm and happy, and Derek is way too distracted watching the guy’s hands, long-fingered and beautiful, massaging her face tenderly.

In which Stiles hits on Derek’s cow, then hits on Derek. Also in which Stiles’ eyelashes are favorably compared with those of a cow.

COWS OKAY. No but honestly, my biggest kink is anything involving Derek Hale working with animals/dirt/driving a truck and wearing a cowboy hat. FOR REALS. Anyways, I love the way Clara writes, with the perfect mix of humor and just wonderfulness. (look I’m bad at putting feelings into words just go read the thing). 

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@scerek i don’t even know, don’t look at me.

Scott sees them both as soon as he walks into the main hall of the event. He knows it’s physically impossible for him to see them both at the same time, with how they’re standing far away from one another, but his eyes gravitate towards them as soon as he enters like they used to all those years ago.

It feels surreal.

It feels like he’s looking at something that happened a lifetime and a minute ago at the same time. His head feels dizzy.

Because there, in one corner of the room stands Stiles Stilinski, his highschool sweetheart and in the other stands Derek Hale, his college boyfriend.

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