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I just wish Darren could see all of thoughts. If he does troll, he should see all of this. This isn't about shipping, it's a about a clunky campaign that isn't doing him any favors. Mia could very well be his girlfriend but that doesn't change the fact that the straight party line is completely overused. Once or twice was enough.

Exactly this. 

To be honest, I don’t really care if M is his girlfriend or not. Although, I am inclined to believe that she isn’t, but if it turns out that she truly is, then more power to them. If they want to ask him about his “girlfriend,” that’s one thing. But to continue to assert the straightness, it’s utterly ridiculous. Relationships are about so much more than sexuality. Regardless, I still ship CC. I think there has been too much fuckery and bullshit involved to cover up a simple friendship. These two could’ve been so much like McGustin, but then this train wreck happened and now we’re left with all of this mess.

The str8 campaign is annoying as hell. I understand the need to address it if that’s the message that you (or your team) feel that needs to get out, but the urgency to address it in EVERY fucking interview - that has crossed the line of ridiculousness. Frankly, it’s exhausting. Why not talk about Darren’s music? His upcoming album? His plans for post-Glee? Starkid? The other projects he’s working on? Instead time and energy has to be wasted on addressing his sexuality over and over and over again.

I do not give a fuck if D is straight or gay or bi or pan, etc. At first he seemed like one of those people that transcended sexuality. He has the potential to make such a bold statement in hollywood - who gives a fuck about sexuality, you love who you love - but the straight shit is getting in the way of all that. I will give Darren credit though, he did make some amazing comments in that Wendy interview in regards to Blaine and Klaine - such as (and I’m paraphrasing) “I don’t even think of Blaine as gay anymore” and “You don’t even think about these kids being gay. You just think of these kids that you like, they like each other, they should be together.”

THESE are the types of comments that can really propel Darren into having a huge impact in his fucked up world of Hollywood. We need much more of this and less of the straight shit. 

Reunited And It Feels So Good || McGustin

Grant was pumped when Kevin said that he’d come spend the holidays with him. He figured that he was joking at first, but Grant was pretty serious. He hadn’t seen Kevin in a long ass time, especially since he wasn’t on Glee anymore and he missed one of his best friends. They’d hang out whenever they got the chance, but with Grant getting the role as Flash in Arrow, it left him with zero time all the way in Canada. Having a break for a few months now, Grant took the opportunity to spend some time with his family in Virginia, missing them when he’s always so far away.

Grant knew his family wouldn’t mind if Kevin stayed for a few days, already treating him like another son. He was glad that they got along so well, especially since Kevin was hilarious and Grant was always in a good mood around him. He was hanging out in his room with Jett and his brother Tyler, waiting for Kevin’s plane to land so he could go pick him up from the airport. Finally when he got the text, Grant grabbed Jett and got into the car, heading to the airport. “You ready to see Kev and Soph, buddy?” He asked, ruffling the top of Jett’s head. Once he entered, Grant searched for the correct gate and texted Kevin saying that he was there, excited to see his buddy come out and join him.