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Yeah I can't help myself from reblogging, you post a lot of it. :( You were at 30% in my crushes once because of that, everyone else at 2%... I get what you mean, it makes sense that you would get like that. So you prefer a small community for scooper? Also you are one of the few people that I follow that posts scooper. You should tell me other people that ship them, please. I need more on my dash.

Heh omg that’s awesome. And, yeah. Personally I think the best sub-fandoms are the small ones, because it’s more like a family and it’s great :3

People that ship scooper:

um um um I’m terrible at remembering who ships what oop so if anyone reading this also ships scooper then you should like this or reply to it or send me a message or something and I’ll add you to the list k

scottwhittemoresarchive asked:

I don't know if you recognize me on this blog, but here you go... The sad thing is that it isn't a really big ship, so because you are the one that started it you are the only one that writes for it and such. There is not enough scooper out there! :(

Oh, it’s you! Hello! Don’t worry, I recognise you. And I’ve seen you reblogging my scooper stuff so heh this makes sense :3

Part of me is like “I wish scooper was more popular.” and the other part of is crazy protective and I don’t want it to get big because then people will start ~shipping it wrong~ aslkdaljd I’m really fucking obnoxious about scooper omg I’m not usually like that with most ships but I’m just really protective and yeah idk I kind of like the ~small community~ of scooper shippers that we have right now because it’s basically just me and a bunch of friends and followers that I recognise/talk to anyway.

And I guess I don’t really notice the lack of scooper material out there because I roleplay it pretty much every day, and when I don’t, I still talk with friends about headcanons and it’s pretty much in my head 24/7 but yeah I guess there is quite a lack of scooper stuff out there. There’s enough in my head to keep me content though, personally.