Outlander Hiatus, Week 3: Supporting Ladies

A tribute to the lady characters of Outlander, and the nuanced performances by the women who portray them.

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“Richard III” by William Shakespeare

Almeida Theatre, 2016

Starring Ralph Fiennes, Vanessa Redgrave, Susan Engel, Joanna Vanderham, Joseph Arkley, Finbar Lynch, Joseph Mydell, James Garnon, David Annen, Simon Coates, Joshua Riley, Tom Canton, Scott Handy, Aisling McGuckin


Yay it’s back online!!
MUTINY! The Last Birthday Party. April 1983 recording sessions for the final Birthday Party EP, Mutiny!

You can really tell how broken they were back then…sigh

“He was at the controls while everyone else [was] in states of total depression. Blixa was keeping everything going.” Mick Harvey

“Nick had made best friends with Blixa and they were hanging around and all of a sudden Rowland was just sort of in the out”. Genevieve Mcguckin.

Women in power

Today the UK woke up to its second female Prime Minister. To mark the occasion we’ve come up with some powerful women of our own. 

1. Cymbeline

As the Queen of Britain, Cymbeline has both the royal blood and the political responsibility. Unfortunately, her husband is a bad influence who leads the country to war, but she manages to resolve the conflict peacefully in the end.

(Gillian Bevan as Cymbeline, photo by Ellie Kurttz © RSC)

2. Gertrude 

Hamlet’s mother might not directly rule Denmark, but her thoughts and actions affect both King Claudius and Prince Hamlet. 

(Tanya Moodie as Gertrude) 

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