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kazoomirata asked:

Answer ones I wouldn't so easily know (these also are more specific i.e. not generalized or broad): Tranquil, Paper, Box Office, Treasure, Whisky, Eau de Toilette, Hiccup, Anomaly, Cedar, Balm

Tranquil: Who do you laugh the most with?
-I’m not quite sure if there’s one specific person, but if there’s somebody that I’m close enough with that I can act stupid around I find myself laughing a lot more than normal

Paper: What is your favorite novel?
-It would either have to be “The Giver” or any of the “Fudge” books by Judy Blume, they have a special spot in my heart from childhood

Box Office: What is your favorite film?
-Either Juno or Youth in Revolt, Michael Cera is just a gem in general

Treasure: What is your brightest characteristic?
-That’s a good question, probably something you would ask other people about to find out, but maybe how selfless I can be?

Whisky: Do you drink alone or socially?
-90% of the time it’s socially, I feel weird drinking alone

Eau de Toilette: What is your favorite scent?
-That smell after it stops raining, it’s such a calming scent, especially after a heavy and uncomfortable storm

Hiccup: What makes you nervous?
-Life, attractive people, haircuts, public speaking, pressure, waiting to be picked for a team, talking to new people, roller coasters, doing something new, etc…

Anomaly: What do you find unique about yourself?
-****casually draws a blank****

Cedar: What is your favorite season?
-Probably spring. Last bits of snow, spring showers, it starts to get warmer, flowers and plants start to bloom, and symbolically it represents love, renewal and all that

Balm: Who was the last person you kissed?
-This one girl from my college orientation during a game of truth or dare, I forgot her name, honestly.

kazoomirata asked:

April, May, October, December

April: Favorite hair color & favorite eye color
~Unnatural dyed hair colors are always my favorite, and as pretty as blue eyes are I like green and light brown eyes, super bonus points if they’re mixed with both the green and brown

May:  favourite manga & favourite anime
~Manga: Nisekoi, Anime: this is super difficult to answer, but one of them is Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your lie in April)

October:  favourite game
~Final Fantasy 4 (I really want to play the After years but I can’t find it anywhere :///)

December:  random fact about me :)
~I’m very often nagged at for speaking too softly or mumbling, but it’s because whenever I talk I feel like I’m being ridiculously loud. So the volume I speak at actually sounds like the same volume that I hear people talking to me in, but I know it’s not and I’m actually working really hard on bettering myself with my soft-spokenness 

What if puberty was just like Pokemon evolution. Like you reach a certain age or finish a certain task and on the 17th day of the 8th month of your 14th year being alive your body starts glowing and this random aura surrounds you and there’s a bright flash and you’re suddenly more grown up. That’d be crazy.


This really just made my morning. I was going through my /onthisday on Facebook and saw that two years ago was when I did the Miss Relay pageant during relay for life so I decided to comment on it and bump the post for laughs. Then my uncle commented on it saying that he basically supports any decision I decide to make for myself, even if it’s dressing up in drag and what not. It’s really just a simple gesture, but it can go a long way and mean so much.