Hi, hello, yeah. I was tagged by my soulmate tellthemblockb for the 20 beautiful people tag (thank u ily, ur the best) and these are honestly my two most recent pictures of me because I don’t take many pictures of myself lol pool

Anyways, tag, you’re all it: thecountryofhearts, rozl, tyga, uhzoomiiiiiii , kazoomirata, watdyousayalyza, satisfide, thatssomickey, ayeecob, itstricia, krnjsn, queen-katherinee, rochelluswallace, jollibaee, hoy-jason, getthedamon, str0ngerthanoceans, plutogk, lilsqueeb, zehvvy

At one point of time I was super self conscious about my lips, I was so used to seeing thinner smaller lips be defined as more attractive and bigger, full lips being less attractive. This actually led to me smiling differently and sucking my lips in more in pictures because I felt embarrassed that I bigger lips than normal. So I’m actually really glad now that the beauty standards are changing and things like fuller lips and melanin are being more appreciated than they were.

I’ve been single for so long that I learned a lot about myself and I feel super ready to like date somebody again.

At the same time, I’ve been single for so long that I can’t remember how to flirt or read people anymore and am not super confident in taking that initiative.
Do they think I’m cute? Nah they’re probably being nice. Is that flirting?! No they’re just being nice.. BUT WHAT IF THEY ARE FLIRTING? THIS SHIT MAEKS NO SENSE ANYMORE

yano, it honestly makes me really sad when people that were highly active and passionate about Key Club drop from the Kiwani’s family once they graduate from high school. Especially when they end up attending a college/university that has a CKI and they don’t even bother to give it a chance because it’s “not the same” or what have you. I mean, they’re all free to do what they want and all, it’s just kinda upsetting to see them close a chapter in their life with this organization and not start another one.

I’m at this weird point where like I’m ready to date somebody and I want to date somebody, but I don’t wanna date anybody solely because I want a significant other yano? Like I want things to kinda just happen naturally since I don’t even really have anybody in mind, even though I do find some people near me very attractive and i just idk but yeah that’s a thing with my current mood