NCIS Opening Credits | Friends Style Please Watch In HD

Dedicated to the NCIS Fans of Tumblr for being the most amazing people in the world <3


This is what I want for Season 11 (And I think mostly of NCIS fandom wants):

1- Tony and Ziva together. But… I don’t want the show FOCUS in that, I want beatiful tiny moments. Like… a breakfast together, a words in the middle of a case. I don’t want the change like Castle. I want Tiva be Tiva. Nothing have to change. Except for them are dating. I do not want them become Castle and Beckett, (it’s not the I hate them, I love them, but I think them don’t have the spark anymore.)

2- A girlfriend for McGee. Not Abby, i LOVE they together but I need to see Abby protect him, jealous.

3- More McGiva, more friendship between them. I need to see McGee protecting Ziva. Like, protecting her from Tony: I don’t care if you are my friend too, Tony. You hurt her, and I hurt you. Or something like that. 

4-Gibbs feels. 

5-Palmer’s history.

6-Ducky’s life.