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astrophysics, bloody hell. I applaud you and your intelligence. I'm not nearly half as smart as that. For the time being I'm think a Communication degree. I'm not entirely sure what I want to do, I kind of want to do it all. Ultimately I'd love to have some sort of charity or do philanthropic work, like with UNICEF. I really want to help others, who can't help themselves, especially women in developing countries, who feel worthless in or like they're a burden because they're a woman.

Brilliant. I’m an extremely selfish person. I accept it, though, and that’s why I’m so amazed when people are so willing to give to and help others because I know it’s something I’d never do.

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& I'm finding it increasingly difficult to find scholarships, because I'm not in the top 10 % of my class, or of Hispanic heritage. The school that I'm planning on going to university isn't ridiculously expensive, but I really want to study abroad and I'm one of five kids, in a lower middle class house hold, so I don't exactly have money to blow.

I totally understand. I’m lucky enough to be in the top of my class, so I'm holding on that I can get some good scholarships, especially if I go to A&M which can get pretty expensive. But I definitely can’t just spend money on whatever. 

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Well for starters which categories to you compete in? I'm trying to do the prepared speech for individual and then a broadcasting news team. I'm excited for it, but I'm a bit apprehensive because I've never done anything like this before. I'm such a perfectionist and if I fail after all my hard work I don't know what I'd do with myself. Teach me master.

Omg, I’m literally cracking up right now because my friend did individual prepared speech and she went in the contest room at regionals and I was sitting outside the door waiting for her and she literally didn’t even practice her speech at all and like three minutes later she walked out as red as a tomato and was like ‘I forgot my speech so I just started talking.’ And so she got second to last place (the guy who got last didn’t even show up) but she was still an alternate and everybody from our region dropped out and she ended up going to state for it. It still makes me laugh.

And since I know you probably don’t care about any of that, I’ll just say that you should totally do Prepared Speech. Be sure that it’s long enough and you PRACTICE. And it’s usually really good to have some sort of prop thing, like a poster or something. The kids with posters and stuff usually get first. I personally just stuck with the kind of lame, really crowded events like Keyboarding Production. If you think you’re really creative and good with Publisher or even just Word, you should totally do Desktop Publishing. You get to make business cards and flyers and stuff. 

As for the News Broadcasting Team, I DID THAT LAST YEAR ALFHASJFH. Ok, few words of wisdom DO NOT PROCRASTINATE AT ALL. We waited until four days before regionals to start on our project and it wasn’t good… but we still got to state! I suggest getting access to a green screen and someone who is really good with that kind of stuff and is willing to help ya’ll with it. You could always learn how to do green screen and do everything yourself, but it’s just better if you can get a hold of a professional (like we did). Have a “fluff folder” which is basically just a nicely printed out script (in correct script format), a storyboard type thing (just like a page of six or so squares where you draw a picture of each scene with a little description underneath), a page of sources (if you did any research for your stories– in MLA format), and then all the important liability wavers and such in a neat little plastic essay folder thing. Oh and you’ll want to have one or two copies of your news cast on a CD (and you get cool points if you put it in a dvd case with a cool looking cover). Give all that to the judges. As for the newscast itself, make sure all your audio is LEVEL. We did some “field reporting” (which got us bonus points) where we interviewed people outside the “studio” but we didn't have an external mic so we got deducted for that. Just make sure everything is mic'ed when you’re recording. Make sure your stories are legitimate. And universal. I suppose you could go local but I would look at your stories more as a magazine article type thing. Like we did a story about the cyberbulling and cost of colleges. News is unbiased and strait forward  though, so make sure you’re not leaning a certain way. You’ll need transitions between stories, an introduction to the stories you’re going to talk about, and opening/closing music. I suggest (if you can) make you’re own cool sounding news music. We used a free 'news sound’ thing that came on our video making program and everybody else used the same thing; so if you’re able to do something different, it will put you ahead of the game. Have a weather broadcast. Those are cool. You can always just watch a regular news report and copy theirs. My group and I watched the beginning of MSNBC together and took notes on what we liked. MAKE A LOGO OF YOUR FAKE NEWS STATION AND PUT IT IN THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER OF THE ENTIRE VIDEO. ALSO, BOTTOM SCROLL BOXES ARE AWESOME. Oooo, also VOICE OVERS. Voice overs are the coolest things. Like, get tons of random video footage that goes with your story and then play those clips while you’re reading off the story in a voice over. It seems really professional and legit. We just used pictures for our voice over moments (like I said, we procrastinated a lot) but you should def get some video (graphs are okay, though.) And last but not least, you have to have your own speakers, computer, projector, extension cords and (maybe) a screen to project it on when you go in on competition day. PRACTICE SETTING UP YOUR VIDEO REALLY QUICKLY. You only get, like, five minutes to do it once you’re in the room and if you can’t get it to start for some reason, sorry bout cha. I suggest that when you’re in the hallway outside the competition room waiting to be called in (get there early) get your speakers and everything set up and play the video once just to make sure it’s working and projecting (another reason why it’s good to have lots of copies; last year, we had four copies and only two ended up working)

I know this is a lot of stuff but i just really wish i could redo the project again because i know we could have done better and this is all the stuff i would have done better last year. Some of this might not even make since yet but once you start putting everything together, it will.

If I can find the dvd with our video on it, I’ll post it so you can get an idea on what to do… but of course, you have to make yours 12 times better and get to nationals! xx


[Record 300:

I hate men, and I hate love.

Yesterday marked my three hundredth kill. Of course, I made sure to make it special.
After all, 300 symbolizes the victory of God over Satan.
Gideon had 300 invincible soldiers.
King Leonidas had 300 Spartan men in his army.
And so on and so forth.

Aidan McGilligan was a special kill indeed. All my previous records consisted of men I murdered the first time I got the chance. That is to say, my attempts have never failed. McGilligan, on the other hand, got away a number of times. Just when you’d think that the third time’s the charm, you’d be proven wrong by this fool. I attempted to kill him not two, not three, but four times – the last one being a success.

I will not lie. I had hoped that McGilligan had the potential to change. Not exactly because I was fond of him, but because I gave him a chance. And seeing my methods of catching prey, I’m not the type to do that. I meet you, I hear your story, I kill you. The next day, I won’t even remember your name. That is how it usually goes.
Yet it seems he added one sin after another, and it felt like a slap to my face. Why did I set him free? Why didn’t I kill him earlier?

Soon, all I felt for him was utter disdain.

My bladed chain whip latched onto him, piercing through his body. I heard it. The beautiful sound of blades piercing through flesh. As I’d like to think that I’m not as relentless as some people view me, I pleasured him before he died. Although this part of the procedure wasn’t foreign at all.
After that, I cut off his fingers, and then his toes. I tore off his tongue, then gouged his eyes out. A corpse he was, at that point, but I wasn’t satisfied. I chopped his limbs off, and then his head.

It seems boring, doesn’t it? I’ve had more exciting murders in the past.

However, what truly set this aside from the rest of my kills was my intentions for it. I hated McGilligan, but that is barely the reason why I pushed through with taking his life.

A trophy, for the three hundredth corpse.

All I thought about while killing him wasn’t resentment, but love. Love not attributed to him, but to a certain bandit from the Middle East.

I killed Aidan McGilligan to save Jafar’s life.
I’d gladly kill a hundred more men if it were just to keep him alive.

I’d kill a woman if it were to keep him safe.

As I dismembered McGilligan’s body, only one name rang in my head. Jafar.



It was just like that, over and over.

I am not sane. I am far from it. But I never did expect that my lunacy would go on because of love, and not hate.

It was an overkill, what I did to McGilligan. He was by all means dead and yet I continued to butcher his carcass. I understood it as a manifestation of all my rage and frustration.

My rage because Jafar loves someone else.
My frustration because I can never have him for myself.

Now I have three antidotes with me. Three.
But the trophy was just one of those three. The trophy was his life.

I am pathetic and I am weak. But I’ve stopped caring. I’ll be a complete wreck and give up all I have in this lifetime.
As long as he’s happy.

I hate men, and I hate love.
But you are a man, and I love you.]

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What are you planning on studying? English?

Once upon a time I wanted to be an English major. Now I really want to be an astrophysicist or engineer or something scientific. My dream would be to search for exo-planets and aliens all day long but that's really unrealistic so I’m looking into some being a professor for quantum physics or astronomy. I’m still playing around with ideas, though. What are you gonna go to school for?

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A&M is expensive, but it seems like a really nice school. My one friend is trying to get into their nursing program, but she'd number 12 in our class, so she shouldn't have much trouble.

Oh yeah, she definitely won’t. They accept top ten percent no questions asked. But you still want to make good grades are your SAT and ACT and apply for all sorts of scholarships. It’s one thing to get in, it’s another to actually pay for it. ug

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I know what you mean, ugh, college prep is killer. Plus, I want to get a head start on my portfolio, and I can't do that if I haven't got the Adobe Sweep, first world problems. TRUST ME, start college stuff now, because I'm currently losing my mind.

Hahaahahha first world problems. But seriously. And that’s what I’m trying to tell my mom; that we should start saving up and looking for financial aid stuff now because she’s always freaking out about paying for my college but shes not doing anything about it so were just going to be in worst shape when that time comes around. I know it’ll still be killer when the time comes but if I already have my computer and some money put aside, then that saves us thousands of dollars in two years and wont be as crippling.

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:c I'm sorry. I really want one to for college next year, but the price of the computer and all the software I'm going to need is going to cost a small fortune. Apple is going to take over the world.

It really is. And that’s one of the main reasons I want it: for college. I know I still have a year but that’s part of the reason I want to get a super good computer now, so it will last me through college but I won’t have to buy it along with all my other college funds I’ll be scraping out in 2014. But for real, Apple is the company of companies.

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Well it's refreshing to see that there are other teenagers that have similar views as I do. Oh! & in regards to the new Macbook, do you have any universities where you live, and know someone who goes to school there? Because they usually sell computers at like a 20 % discount.

I do know one girl who goes to the college here but she’s a sketchy fellow and then both my cousins go to Tech but I don’t know if they’d be willing to buy me a computer, even if I gave them the money… or how they’d even get it to me.  :(

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I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to egg you on. I see where you're coming from, and I HATE it when people are condescending,& when people assume that because I'm not an "adult" that my opinion is invalid, or that I'm ignorant and feeble minded. The fact of the matter is sex is a big deal, despite society's efforts to minimize it. & in my opinion, if you've had sex with someone, or multiple people it's not something you should broadcast to the world. you should respect yourself, and the other person.

no i know you werent trying to egg me on

but srsly preach it girl, youre speakin the truth

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Hunter, you PREACH! Jesus, why is it that if you have a more conservative opinion on anything, everyone presumes you're an idiot. I'm absolutely enraged right now. I agree with the majority of what you have to say, and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't go around being an ignorant fucking prick. Apparently we can respect everyone's opinion unless it "offends us", or if it resembles a religious view. I'm not super religious, but I was brought up in a house hold that was, & I am livid.

Thank you! I was brought up to make my own opinions. I was never forced to be religious even though my entire family is super Methodist  My mom let me create my own thoughts, learn from my own mistakes, view things the way I wanted. I have a very strong sense of morals (and I think that they just stem from my Old Soul) but I’m also extremely liberal on almost all major controversies. It just makes me so mad that people are implying things about me that are not even remotely true. Do not fucking tell me that I’m jealous of people or that I put down people because I have no self confidence. Oh, I’ve struggled with self confidence issues and even then I didn’t put down other people to boost me up. Jesus Christ. And don’t even try to imply I’m justifying rape. Don’t. You. Even. Dare. But what pisses me off the most is to be spoke to as if I’m so slow ignorant child. I’m extremely intelligent, probably more intelligent than the fucking prick who decided to speak to me as otherwise, because unlike this person, I don’t seek out people to attack who have differing opinions than myself. I see them and move on… unless you confront me. Then I will tear you apart, while maintaining that you can continue with your own actions and opinions. I’m not a black and white person even in the slightest. I can see where this girl is coming from but I think she has the wrong intentions  and she shouldn’t be attacking people who have an extremely common opinion on the subject of sex. Sex is viewed not as taboo anymore but is still as something special to most people. For her to be offended at such a thing is ridiculous  Ugh, I’m still mad.

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Hunter my dear, I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed reading your about me page, and that I can relate to about 90% of it. I would also like to state that ohmygoodness, your face is lovely. In addition, I wanted to talk to you about BPA, considering you've done it before. Okay, bye.

oh thank you so much, love C:

And I am a BPA professional so what can I help you with, ma'am?

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Oh will do. I'll cry as well. And while he's politely attempting to comfort me, when he least expects it, I'll throw one hell of a right hook, punching him in throat. My mantra will be for "hunter and all her pain and suffering. HUZZAH!" Once I've finished I'll sing his praises as a run out of the room.

Please. Rick needs a taste of his own medicine  Be sure to punch him in the heart too because that’s where he inflicts his torture on his poor readersRight in the feels. 

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We're basically the same person. I'm horrible, horrible, horrible at making friends. The only reason I have friends is because they started talking to me. My social skills are more than lacking. I haven't read The Percy Jackson series because the few people that I've talked about it to said it was a painful experience. But Rick Riordan is from the same city as I am and every year he does this big signing thing. I could troll him for you if you'd like.

I typically just avoid trying to make friends because I usually will just embarrass myself or end up putting people off with my sarcastic, dry humor and intellectual superiority. 

And don’t even get me started on the PJO Series, girl.

The Percy Jackson series has pretty much made my life a living hell since 7th grade. Whoever told you it was a painful experience was very, very right and sometimes (like now) as I’m fighting this post-novel depression, I wish I had never even gotten into them in the first place (especially had not made them my all-time biggest book obsession, topping even Harry Potter).

I am insanely jealous that you get to be in the same area as Rick, even if only once a year. One day I will meet him and… I’ll just have him take a seat and I'd discuss the constant inner turmoil he has subjected me to because of his silly “plot twists” he has thrown at my OTP, all the characters he destroyed, all the tears he has made me shed. I’d probably punch him a few times because how dare he create Percy Jackson, how dare Percy be a fictional character, and how dare Percabeth be so damn perfect. And then I’d probably kiss him because he is Rick, he is the creator, and he is the twisted king that I have bowed down to for over four years now. 

This is the sad life of a dedicated PJO Fan. 

And if you happen to meet him, politely tell him that he has destroyed my entire soul, being, and ability to read other books with his stupid perfect characters and stupid, perfect sense of humor. And be sure to tell him that if he fucks up my otp, he can guarantee to wake up without arms one day soon.