I received an email from our dear MGL who told me to tell everyone:

“RL has simply swallowed me up and taken away all my interwebs fun times. I’m sorry that I’ve slacked off on my fangirl activities and duties, and I miss the Clann :’(

Please relay my apologies and *huggles* to our dear Clann.”

So know her absence isn’t by choice and that she misses us as well!!!

*group hug*

mcgannlibrary replied to your video: And here it is!! Mumblingsage was brave enough to…

You both are PAULTASTIC for doing this!! ;) It’s a bit of video perfection, really…quintessential *Paul* response…love it! :D xo

I’m so glad everyone’s enjoying it! I was terrified the horrible quality of my camera might have ruined it… But really mumblingsage is awesome for having the ability to go up and ask him… My own interactions with him were severely less dignified…