ABC Family’s ‘Shadowhunters’

What we *know* so far

General stuff:

  • The cast is quite literally perfection. I cannot fault Jonathan Clay Harris one bit; I am ecstatic about the racial diversity in the casting of Emeraude as Izzy and Isaiah as Luke, whatever anyone else thinks or says. The bottom line is, this brand new cast is so much better than that of the film. 
  • Contrary to initial rumours, the story will not be moved outside of New York City. Principal photography is, however, currently taking place in Toronto.
  • McG is directing the pilot, entitled “The Mortal Cup.”
  • The characters have been aged up by a couple of years, placing Clary at school graduation age. 


  • Clary is thinking of studying art in college and, at the start of the series, works as co-manager of her mother’s down town coffee house.
  • Simon is still Clary’s best friend and is an accounting student and a part-time indie rock musician. 
  • Luke works as a homicide detective in Brooklyn. Don’t worry! He’s still a werewolf and still acts as a father figure to Clary.
  • Magnus Bane owns the Pandemonium club where Clary first meets Jace. 
  • Madame Dorothea will feature more heavily in the series as a friend of Jocelyn.
  • Raphael will be in it!


  • The TV series will keep the basic premise of the novels, but will adapt the story for a new audience. This is not a bad thing, calm down. Us hardcore fans aren’t the only people the show is being made for, believe it or not. It’s a TV series first, an adaptation of the books second.
  • There will be 13 episodes, however it is unknown how much of the story will be told per season. 

Things we learned from McG’s periscope:

  • He is everybody’s dad
  • He loves us all
  • Magnus and Alec have an extraordinary love affair that’ll have highs and lows, he loves it ‘it’s gonna break our hearts take us high and low, we’ll be crying about’…like we’re not already. Plus Malec happiness, not gonna come easy…oh god. 
  • No comment on Sebastian 
  • We’ll talk about Maia 
  • Seelie Queen is coming 
  • Yeah we’re gonna follow the books, we love the books but the books are the books and the show is the show and we’re hoping the fandom by allowing you to have the books and allowing you to have the show they have a lot to do with each other but its all in the greater good’ bless this man
  • Season 2 is coming in January
  • They’re shooting just now
  • They pick up pretty much after the end of Season 1
  • Loads new characters coming!
  • He’s heading back to the writer’s room right now 
  • Clizzy - stand by! ‘It’s a huge part of what we’re up to in Season 2
  • Alec dropping the steele is a secret that he’ll use to torture us for months
  • Simon Lewis fight scene confirmed
  • If we really want Saphael we need to tell him
  • Parabati crisises ahead 
  • More Lightwood love 
  • More Max
  • Possible Jordan? 
  • Sizzy of course 
  • More Maureen, possibly?
This needs to end.

So this is it. I flipping lost it. I am so sorry for bringing this drama up but I’ve had it. It was too much for me to handle and I can’t stay quiet any longer just to not make anyone feel bad or just to save my ass from hate or something.

This stupid White boy hate needs to stop.

Matthew Daddario was attacked today by many fans on twitter because some random dude with really bad manners started saying things and liking and retweeting stuff that suggested that Matt isn’t a good Alec and that he should be replaced. This guy was a black man that the fans were praising mostly because “we need poc representation” “we don’t need another white boy”

First of all: Are you out of your flipping mind? How does it occur to anyone that saying those things is “cool” or “important”. You are not supporting people of color just because you wanna throw an actor to the trash just for being fucking white. Let me tell you something, and this comes from a person of color ffs, representation is important, but this is blatant hate and some of you are using this “we need representation” as an excuse to attack someone who hasn’t done any harm to you.

Most of the people saying this shit are white, and while is true that having the “majority” supporting poc representation is good because of the exposure it brings, you are being fucking hypocritical because most of you don’t care about poc representation. These are the same people that forget that Isaiah is part of the main cast. These are the same people that acts like we don’t have four MAIN characters of color out of the seven main. You guys aren’t slick nor cute, so cut it out.

Second of all: What is even the point of being this fucking rude towards Matthew? Season two is being filmed right now and guess what, they’re not throwing Matt out just because you don’t like the privileged white boy. If Matt were Idk, problematic or a bad actor I would understand. But this??? Hating him because he’s white??? I’m sorry but what you’re doing is not helping anyone neither poc representation. You. Are. Blatantly. Hating. And worst than that, you are hating on freaking Matthew Daddario, who is such a nice individual that brings his best to his character and loves and respects Alec as much as we do.

This Jaime person was rude and what he did was uncalled for, you didn’t need to encourage someone like this.

Third of all: How fucking dare you to tweet McG and say that “there’s still time to recast Alec”? Do you know what empathy is? Who do you think you are saying something like this? Do you think Matt is not a human being with feelings just because he’s white? Get out of my flipping lane you’re disrespectful and over all stupid to do something like this. Somewhere in the world this person is sitting and laughing about this, and I just wanted to let you know that what you’re doing isn’t helping anyone.

Fourth of all: Stop. Using. POC. Representation. As. An. Excuse. For. Being. An. Asshole. S T O P. You are not the voice of the community and what you’ve done is awful and harming and uncalled for.

I am so sorry about this but I’m so mad about this and I seriously hope Matt knows and sees that we really care about him, and that this person doesn’t deserve neither his time nor ours. I’m shook tbh. I don’t know how I’m not crying because this was rude af and I cannot deal with my emotions right now.


Shadowhunters Set Day 4 - May 28th 2015

+ A video of Katherine & Alberto singing
+ Jon Cor cast as Hodge Starkweather
+ Flashing Pandemonium sign