I always thought (and I still think) that Rick Riordan might eventually do a series with the main characters of his previous series, which would be Percy, Apollo, Magnus, Carter and Sadie, and I was fine with that. I was really fine with that I mean can you imagine all of them going on a quest? That would be AWESOME (and kinda dangerous because of Percy and Sadie being in the same place) and they would either finish the quest quicker than you can say Bad Boy Supreme or destroy the world, but then I realized…

the gods

…they would have to unite too in a way, I guess right?

Odin and Hecate would be magical bffs and talk about their apprentices Hearth and Hazel but can you imagine Ra and Zeus trying to have a conversation? And Percy and Carter are in the background debating which one is crazier

Michael was the classic fuckboy. One main girl and 12 other side girls, he would never settle for one. You’d know the boy since middle school, but had never tried to make a friend out of him. He just wasn’t the type of person you thought you would get along with, and you had done a pretty decent job of making that clear. If always hanging out with his exes wasn’t enough you made sure to not get any classes with him in high school. Your plan was flawless, except for one terrible, stupidly planned birthday party. 

Your friend Victoria (another one of Michael’s exes) had invited you to go to a small ice cream shop on the outskirts of town for her 19th birthday, and like any good and well mannered human you agreed to go. At first, the celebration went off without a hitch, and then Michael and his oh so famous posse decided ice cream sounded like a great appetizer. They walked in clad in leather jackets and black skinny jeans, but before they even made it to the counter the tears started.

We rushed to get Victoria out before the boys saw, but to no avail. Michael was the first to speak

“Vicky, long time no see hon,” He opened his arms as an invite for a hug and even though I gripped her arm she still fell into his embrace, wiping her tears on his shirt in the process.”I didn’t forget about your birthday, you know, I even got you a gift.” She looked up at him in awe.

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a golden necklace, you couldn’t tell if it was real or fake but you were almost positive Michael wouldn’t spend that much money on a girl. Victoria held it in her hands for a moment before thanking him profusely and telling i’m how much she loved him and how she told him he could change. After their uncomfortably awkward exchange he invited her to sit with them. She agreed and began begging me to stay as well, of course by this time all the other ‘friends of Vicky’ had left, most of them were also previously in a relationship with Michael so it wasn’t that surprising.

His mates had already chosen a booth in the back and left 2 seats open, leaving you to sit in a chair on the end. It was quiet at first, with the noises of Victoria and Michael making out filling the silence. Then the black haired one spoke up.

“I haven’t seen you around before, do you go to our school?”

“Yeah, yeah I do, it’s a pretty big school though so.”

“I mean if you call 550 kids in total ‘a big school’ then sure”

I laughed, and then abruptly stopped, I wasn’t supposed to get along with these guys, they weren’t my friends. I had purposefully avoided Michael and them and yet here I am sitting in a ice cream shop laughing at a joke one of them made. I quickly picked up my jacket and said my mom wanted me home.

The black haired one caught up with me before I could get out of the shop.

“Can’t let a pretty girl leave without her number in my phone,now can we?”

“Thank god i’m not pretty then.”

You opened the shop door when a hand grabbed your wrist.

“I’m sorry, that was cocky, look you are pretty and seem like a cool person, give me a chance, eh?”

I rolled my eyes and reluctantly gave him my phone. He typed in his number and name and snapped a silly picture before handing me the phone back.

“Just so you don’t forget what I look like.” He winked before strolling back to his friends and jumping right back into the conversation,

I had reached my car by the time I pulled my phone out and looked over his information.

“Calum.” It was a nice name, easy to say and a cute ring to it. If only I would had known how many times I would say that name in the future.


A/N: Part 2??