Monte Cook Games Update:

Yesterday Monte Cook Games made THIS response to our petition. I merely call it a response because there was absolutely no hint of an apology. Monte Cook continues to do minimal efforts to pass as both respectful and professional. They continue to publish false information on their social media pages to control this conversation and use rhetoric in their statements for the sole purpose of defaming Native/NonNative voices who do not agree with their RPG game “The Strange” which includes the game at issue: “Thunder Plains” (pictures below).

The above images are comments which have been left on the petition. I think it’s extremely important to demonstrate that we are not the only ones who think this is offensive and also give some variations in our perspectives.

For those of you interested in learning more I would suggest the following links:

——————->Petition to MCG <———————-

*Please note I will be posting further details later today or tomorrow detailing the actions of both parties in this ordeal*

*Please do not just reblog, but take the time to sign the petition itself. It only takes minutes. It is extremely frustrating when our posts regarding MCG get hundreds of reblogs but we do not get signatures.*

GF fan theory

So, I’ve been thinking about the Mystery Trio lately and what it might have been that caused McG to leave. 

We know that his laptop was found in the bunker where the Shape Shifter was kept, and that the Shape Shifter was found as a mysterious egg.

What if the first time the portal was opened an egg came out, and after it was discoverd that the Shape Shifter was too dangerous they decided to put it into cryostasis until they got the portal working again. As we can see in the episode “Into The Bunker” one of the cryo-tubes is broken open. Maybe that was the thing that went wrong. 

McG didn’t want to help with the portal anymore because he was afraid of what other horrifying and dangerous creatures could come out of it! Sadly, without McG and his expertise in engineering, Stanley and Stanford may have made a few miscalculations and the portal became too powerful, eventually leading to the events of July 4th 1982. 

The date that was probably chosen so that the lights and sounds coming from the portal could be mistaken for the fireworks of Independence Day.


Mechanicsburg High School colorguard presents their 2015 program “Every 40 Seconds” at their KIDA home show on March 14, 2015.  

Side note: This is currently an unlisted video, so please do not post on social media. I’m okay with you sharing it with a friend over a private message, but don’t post it on twitter/facebook/whatever until after WGI finals.