anonymous asked:

i don't understand, if you switched this to your mcfly blog why are you not posting mcfly?

This blog (actual mishiacollins) used to be mcflyworld. Since mcflyworld was a primary blog and I used the multifandom one way more than the other one I decided to switch. ‘mcflyworld’ does now appear as hoarded url, but it’s because I havent had time to find a good theme and restart it. I’m not posting McFly here because McFly is my favourite band ever and I think they do really deserve their own blog. It’s just that I needed the main blog to be multifandom. So, if you are following me for the McFly posts, you can unfollow this one and follow mcflyworld that will start to be used again very soon. If you’re curious about all the stuff I like stay, or you can follow both. Sorry if the switch bothered you, I really needed the multifandom blog to be the main one. Thank you for your ask, it was useful to explain what’s going on :) x