Ok :3 So here is my first ‘follow forever’ because I feel confident enough to make it. Ignore the picture a just pay attention to the blogs I’m going to put here.
Some of then are not just awesome blogs, they have been extremly nice and friendly with me, so I want to thank them.
In no particular order:

cozyprisonmcflyereditssilvieetommfletcherfollow-the-spidersmethisgirlfuckyeah-poynterpoyntertasticmcflydoitbetterc-fletchertranssexualtransylvania  ● ninasdobrevtheholyspoynteritborn-t0-rundougiepoyntergame-lovershauni-poynterdanielle-jones12thmarchpoynte-rmcflygifspone-stomfletche-rmcflys-weirdowithfivecoloursov3rdressedandunderage-dannyjonesmychainsarebrokensingitoutfortheworldwhoisyourl0verraiimcfly

If you’re not following them, then you should, now. Sorry if I forgot someone beacuse I feel like I probably did, but since this is my first follow forever I apologize :(.

- Thanks for being amazing :3

#LOL , i love her, but she's a little liar.

Me: I posted my pics, akhsjkdghf you can laugh with my face and with my ugliness, ok? be careful to don’t get blind or stop loving me because of the pics! mahsdjkfb i love you~

Carol: OMG, you’re so beautiful my love<3

The words ‘you’, 'are’ and 'beautiful’ can’t fit in on the same order if you’re talking about me.

mcflyzone asked:

can you tell me how you put those christmas effects on the top of your tumblr please ? thank you xx

I added an above bar… which is easy you can find it on google. and then I put the garland image is it. I also found the image on google too.


sorry, i know that you’ve spent a lot of time trying to make me learn to make a gif. But i guess i’m almost giving up (i’ll just try some more latter). Thank you so much! but i’m getting angry and sad trying to do it. Really, i’ll never make a good gif or edit, and they’ll never be like yours. You’re awesome, surely the best girl that i’ve ever met here :)


-i don’t know if you’re going to see it, but.. this needed to be said(it’s in english because more people need to know how nice are you).

Carol’s awesome blog

**weird to say that, we barely know each other, but the time was enough to know that you’re kind and attentive. I’ve never seen someone like you, we just met and you already have helped me a lot!

my english is terrible, but i hope you understand.