izzyintheattic: Meanwhile…. DIY @juddymcfly #handyharry

izzyintheattic: When Lola was born @juddymcfly took a Polaroid photo of every family member and friend who came to visit us in the first couple of weeks. It has been so lovely tonight going back over the photos (how is it nearly a year ago!) and putting a collage together ❤️ …. p.s who needs a table when you can use a drum pad!

Harry is such a dad and he’s fabulous at it. Bless the family.

Unintentionally hilarious moments from the French dub of back to the future.

When I mean unintentionally funny, I mean unintentionally funny to an English speaker that can only understand and speak a few words of French.

I love the guy that dubs over Marty. He’s totally rocking it. I think they knew what they were doing when they cast him. Also, he has a higher pitched scream than Michael does in the English version, which I didn’t even know was possible.

Also note that in the French dub, Lorraine calls Marty “Pierre Cardin” instead of Calvin Klein.