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CB AU Completed: Like Clockwork

Title: Like Clockwork (Part 7: Rebellion)

Fandom: Back to the Future: The Game (with references to Trilogy)

Characters/Pairings: Marty McFly & Emmett Brown (eventual Marty McFly/Emmett Brown); Emmett Brown/Edna Strickland; George McFly/Lorraine Baines McFly; Biff Tannen and Tiff Tannen; Jennifer Parker/Leech; Douglas J. Needles; Einstein (eventually); Goldie Wilson (eventually); Original Characters

Rating: Explicit (NSFW, shift as predicted ca. Part 5)

Word Count: 30,370

Notes: All that you really need to know for this particular AU / timeline is that I’m assuming that the dystopian version of Hill Valley seen in “Episode 3: Citizen Brown” from Back to the Future: The Game is straight-up reality. Forget everything else you know about the game and concentrate on that framework as a setting for this story. As per usual, I’ll be drawing characters and references over from the Trilogy, and I’ll also be making use of OCs, in whatever functions I imagine they’d occupy in this world, that you’ve seen in some of my other BTTF timelines. I’ll release this installment by installment as I write them.

Summary: “Hey, Doc,” Marty’s voice crackled, instantly recognizable, “let’s get ready to blow this joint.”

(Read it @ AO3)

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I’m not sure how many of you will be interested, but on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night I saw McFly on their Anthology Tour, where they’ve played three shows in four different cities, playing every single one of their studio albums (show one: Room on the Third Floor + extras, show two: Wonderland + Motion in the Ocean, show three: Radio Active + Above the Noise).

I’ve seen plenty of albums played in full by various bands over the years, but not every single album by one band over the course of a few consecutive nights. The fact that I got to experience this with my very favourite band was so so special and we were all so so blessed.

It’s no secret that McFly are my number one’s and have been since the first time I ever heard them (actually, I loved them before I’d even heard their music or seen their faces, because Busted told us we would). I was 14 when McFly was born, and we have all grown up together ever since.

The tenth anniversary shows at the Royal Albert Hall in 2013 were so special, but the last few years have been tough for McFly fans, what with McBusted taking over and everything being so up in the air.

But the last few nights were how it was always meant to be, and Tom made that quite clear when he changed the lyrics to one of their songs to “McBusted is over, McFly is here/There’s no where I’d rather be than here.” and I mean the place went WILD. Like hysterical screams. Because they didn’t love McBusted, and neither did we. It was a money-making scheme pushed onto them by their management. It was a bit of fun that got carried away. It never should have turned into what it become, and I resent that it robbed us of three precious McFly years.

But a lot has happened in those three years that isn’t just McBusted-related. We now have three McFly babies - Buzz, Buddy and Lola - and it’s so exciting that they can see what their dads do. The footage of Buzz at soundcheck with McFly made me cry because it was so beautiful and special.

I’ve seen McFly live almost 30 times (I need another tally up!) and these last three shows are up there with some of my favourites of all time. The second show was my favourite, and I almost lost my voice from just singing so fucking loud and just making up for lost time!!

My love for McFly is the most pure and precious love and nothing I ever feel for any other band will even begin to compete because what we all have is unique. Growing up together over the past 13 years, watching them go from awkward teenage boys into gorgeous young men, husbands, fathers…honestly it fills my heart with the biggest pride and joy, I love them all like they’re my brothers and my sons and my best friends and any time I have known any of them are sad it has literally hurt because they are a part of me. They’re a part of who I am.

This post is a mess but I hardly ever talk about anything truly personal to me on here anymore, and this is a huge part of me. They are everything!

Also…to be totally shallow…I know Dougie is literally a model now (because DUH) but…FUCK. It’s been a little while since I last saw him in the flesh and SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL. Stunning. Like literally stunning. He is a freak of nature. I know he’s a literal super model but sometimes it just copletely floors me how good looking he is I mean bloody hell.

Anyway…if you bothered to read this then THANKS. I suppose, in a nutshell, if there’s one thing you ever need to know about me it’s that things come and go, people come and go, obsessions come and go…but McFly are always there. Always.

HEAR: Rising Russian production/DJ talent, Gambino Sound Machine, drops off an excellent new original track with “Love Killah.” With EECii McFly on vocals, Gambino Sound Machine has succeeded in created a really effective and catchy house track, utilizing elements of deep house and electro house. I love the plucky melodies used in the breakdowns to set a nice, ambient soundscape, before building into sharp, electro drops complete with perfectly designed bass stabs and laser synths that are widened brilliantly to hit your ears just right. Be sure to grab your free download of this one below and turn loud:


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