Shadowhunters 2x10 Winter Finale Promo

  • my friend, after watching me finish Dishonored 2: you know that Delilah's witches are actually the bad guys right. they'd be terrible for the society and economy of Gristol.
  • me: oh yes. yes of course
  • my friend: good. *leaves*
  • me: *singing to myself* ...After sparrows/Three times called/After gull does/Three times fall
  • Come, maiden, mistress, mouse and hen/Come, fisher, farmer/Frog and wren

eugene declaring for all the world to hear that rapunzel is his best friend and the love of his life is enough to literally kill me bye

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tfc as more things i've said:
  • Abby: can we make a mutual agreement that u'll stop saying fight me every time u open ur mouth???
  • Betsy Dobson: we all need a lil help and someone to say "yikes"
  • Riko Moriyama: *looks in mirror* lol who is that? they look like a prick
  • Jean Moreau: Nobel Peace Prize goes to me for peacefully putting up with your bitch ass.
  • Jeremy Knox: i didn't realize my conditioner had glitter in it but here we are and now i'm even more shiny than usual
  • Tetsuji Moriyama: i would ask u to shut up but that would require acknowledging ur existence.
  • Ichirou Moriyama: look if I had a say in things?? oh wait i do, ahaha i'm in charge and now ur screwed...
  • Nathan Wesninski: i mean, yeah i should probs stop being a jackass but wheres the fun in that?

anonymous asked:

How the mercs would act if they find their SO is cheating on them? What if with someone else on the team? :0

No matter who or what team the person is on…


kinda snaps. i mean hes already snapped… kinda… but really fucking snaps. kills SO. kills their new partner… and has no chill about what he does with the bodies. and they probably met their gruesome fate in his lab… he would scream and fight with his SO through it and call them names and try and convince himself that killing them is what he wants… he would regret it later of course… and probably just wipe the memory of them from him mind…


He just doesnt understand why… its not meant to happen that way. they were meant to love him and be with him… forever… thats how it works… so why did they go off and hurt him and be with someone else… Soldier doesnt act in the loud angry way… he is quiet and hurt and sad… he retreats and doesnt look at or talk to anyone.. he doesnt eat… finally his EX will come and apologize… only so that he will no deteriorate and get sick


At first he rages. not at his partner in general but at the situation he found himself in… and then at the intruder… he wouldnt hurt them physically… he would terrify them though… so that they never go near his Ex ever again… and that they end up alone. Of course he wants to take them back and forget about it… but in the end they cheated because they dont really love him or want him and Heavy knows hes better than that.


this is when Demo gets mad. no crazy ‘ill kill you mad’ but ‘wtf why you gotta be a ho’ kinda a mad. He trusts and loves wholeheartedly… he talks with them seriously… or tries to… he wants a logical reason why and he wants to be an adult about it and not burst into tears. he blames himself of course and it really fucks up his self esteem and he doesnt feel like doing much anymore…


how FUCKING dare they betray him. hes the spy! hes the one who betrays! he convinces himself that he doesnt care and that hes glad they are gone but when he goes to bed alone at night he is aware of how cold it is without someone else and how empty his bed is… and how the pillow smells of them… he shows up at their house late at night, drunk and sobbing… begging them to come back to him….


Goes home to his mother. hes really mad at everything and it starts a long string of Scout going out and fighting and getting beat up on purpose and fucking random other people. he goes back to SO drunk and angry yelling and banging on their door. it wont stop until he has broken their partners teeth on the curb


really just fucking betrayed. would retreat into himself and go into full stalking mode, watching his Ex and their new partner thru his scope until he makes the choice to shoot or just forget them forever.


His SOs new partner is going to die SAW style…. while his SO watches… then he would tell them that they can never leave him or they will die too. and that they should feel lucky that he is so good and kind to them.


Looses their fucking mind and burns the shit out of everything. cant hurt SO… but will scream and cry and destroy everything else in sight.