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Leaked lines from Stranger Things season 2
  • Troy: What's wrong, Wheeler? CHICKEN!?
  • *sudden music sting*
  • Mike: What did you call me?
  • Eleven: ...I don't get it. Mike's a person, not a chicken.
  • Will: No, in this case, chicken means "coward" or "gutless wimp". It's a bad word.
  • Eleven: Oh...OH!
  • *El breaks Troy's legs*
  • Mike: ...

happy 14th anniversary, mcfly!! (august 5th, 2003)

“For us, it feels like McFly is forever. It is the constant. We have all of these other projects but McFly is the one thing that we will never go away – in a good way! It’s always there for us and it’s always where our hearts lay. It’s nice now there’s no pressure for us to write an album every year; we can do it when it feels right for us. Because of McBusted it had been a long time since we did anything just the four of us and I think that people kind of get it now that we’ll always be around.” — Tom Fletcher


“When the new music comes, we know it’s going to be awesome. Awesome for us, of course, but awesome for the fans too. Which is the way it should be, because without the fans, McFly would be nothing at all.” 

text: the last paragraph of McFly - Unsaid Things…Our Story (2012)
images: Bad Vlogger | Dear Carrie (2017)

Someone should write BTTF its own highly quotable Infamously Bad Fic, one of these days. Like apparently there’s BTTF ties in My Immortal and such, but like, this franchise deserves its own My Immortal, I know several other fandoms have one.

The protagonist is from modern day, somehow ends up in the 80s. Maybe the time machine got lost there and she returned it. How did Marty and Doc get home with no time machine? We just don’t know. Cell phones and internet connection still work out of their decade despite not existing yet. Anachronisms are everywhere, from references to slang to clothes to technology. Everybody uses their catchphrases too much. Protag and Marty are dating, obviously, and Jennifer is suddenly Super Evil. Doc is also apparently evil, but not like properly mad scientist evil or anything like you’d expect, he’s just an asshole and there’s no adequately explained reason for why he’s an antagonist all of a sudden. The third film is kind of retroactively erased from existence because it never gets brought up, except when it is, and then that’s contradicted later. Cartoon canon is brought into play. Young Emmett is There for some reason and he’s not evil for some other reason, he probably gets killed off with zero timeline repercussion and then shows up fine later which is never explained properly. Causality is-… More of a shrug and a suggestion than an actual rule. People just end up in different time periods without traveling ever being mentioned. The plot is pretty close to repeating the films, except it all takes place after the films and it’s confusing. The author doesn’t seem to realize Biff and Trump are actually different people. George dual-wields guns in one scene. It crosses over with some rather odd things at times, some of which even also take place in the 80s.

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Nicknames : Em, Mi-chan, McFly

Star sign : Pisces 

Gender : Female 

MBTI type : INFP

 Height : 5'4.. in cm I think it’s 162  

Time : 20:21 / 8:21 PM 

Birthday : February 21 

Favourite bands : Daft Punk, Def Leppard, The Beatles, Hall & Oates, Genesis, Nazareth, Kool & The Gang, Blink-182, R.E.M, The Police, The Verve, Yes, The Jacksons and many more… 

Favourite solo artists : My favorite singer of all time is Michael Jackson, I also like Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Paul McCartney and more… and I do like Matsushita Yuya too! 😉 

Song stuck in my head : For All Time by Michael Jackson

Last movie I watched : Ghostbusters 2 👻 

Last show I watched : I don’t watch TV shows at all ;-; I’m more into anime and the last one I watched is The Royal Tutor.

 Other blogs: amanekazuho and tigeroflove

 When I created my blog : 2014 if I remember well

 What I post about : On my main blog, emymcfly, I post retro/vintage related stuff mostly from the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s, that can be movies, musicians, TV ads, sceneries, ect. I also reblog Japan related stuff, such as anime and manga, sceneries, Harajuku fashion, ect. On amanekazuho, it’s just seiyuu stuff, and on tigeroflove it’s all about Michael Jackson.

Last thing I googled: I was searching for a translation for a R18 otome drama cd… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Average hours of sleep: 7 to 9 hours..

 Lucky number : 7 

 Instruments : I played the euphonium back in high school… those were the good times. 

 What I’m wearing : A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas lol 

 How many blankets I sleep with : Only one

 Dream job(s): Hmm… probably a pastry chef but I honestly I’m still lost in this big world.. 

 Dream trip : Going to Japan

 Favourite food : Shrimps 

 Nationality : French-Canadian 

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1. imagine dragons - hopeless opus
2. 30 seconds to mars - closer to the edge
3. crosby, stills, nash & young - our house
4. destiny’s child - survivor
5. pink floyd - money
6. the weeknd - in the night
7. scorpions - wind of change
8. jason mraz - i won’t give up
9. foo fighters - everlong
10. mcfly - sunny side of the street

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Dougie Poynter and Harry Styles: Fashion Bros

Aka, Harry totally, most definitely, does not have a fashion crush on Dougie. It was a complete coincidence. every time.  

So I saw these pictures

and I was like, ‘I’ll make a post about the times Dougie and Harry wear the same clothes/ have the same hair styles.’

It will be funny and cute

and after all, how long can it be? 

they can’t wear the same outfit that often, right?

(Due to excessive length, the rest of this post is under the cut.)

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if you follow me on twitter you’re probably tired of hearing about it but im very serious about a fallout au with an 80′s aesthetic