mcfly shipping

so I had a dream last night that went like this

So last night I dreamt someone cloned Marty McFly to use as a spy to get secret research from Doc Brown and Clone Marty didn’t realize he was a clone so he escaped thinking he needed to go help Doc, but found his home and it was For Sale so he looked himself up and found his new home and seeing Real Marty (an adult with a wife and two infant sons) fucked him up REAL GOOD cause he was like fuck that’s not me what

but he had Marty’s memories but they only went up til the 1980s and he had the appearance of teen marty

things got sorted and the whole research thing was Okay but by the end Clone Marty had nowhere to go so Doc was like sure I’ve actually got a spare DeLorean just take it pls be responsible LoL BYE

So he went into the FUTUREEEE,  generations ahead and found browns descendant Emerson who was basically just Doc Brown with better hair and then they

Fell in love and BRAIN WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ON I DIDN’T EVEN GET WASTED BEFORE BED  Look brain I never gave u permission to ship Michael j fox and Christopher Lloyd as babs this is nOT OKaY Back To The Future is now inextricably ruined, THANKS SUBCONSCIOUS FUCKKKKK

It was at this point @meimikana was like “okay but what if you write this all down as fanfic INCLUDING PORN SECTIONS”

and i weep softly as i draw/write shit for this goddamn crack!pairing that I’m slowly becoming more and more actually into