mcfly [3]

okay so we all know about Marty’s calculator watch, from such timeless scenes as Try Not To Make The Cafe Owner Think You’re A Russian Spy Or Something.

But the thing is, Marty’s awfully invested in coming off as a total coolkid (even tho we know he isn’t). And if I recall correctly from the 80s, those calculator watches were basically KING DORK accessories. Like, wow, if you wanted to get beat up by assholes at school every day instead of just once a week, that was a good place to start. So WHY DOES HE WEAR IT? IT IS A MYSTE–


Oh, Marty, baby. That’s adorable, but I gotta say, your big secret hero worship crush is showing, just a little.


I had the privilege to attend Laika’s 3-D Film celebration, Laika brought some on screen figures and prints from each on their films for viewing. It was amazing to be able to see the attention to detail that goes into every piece up close. #Photography is Important 

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