I found the Pantskat of Hetalia.

It’s name is McFishy.

It is, in fact, just the OC of two random fans, but I keep seeing it everywhere, drawn by a lot of different artists, and have for a long time, so I finally looked it up when I found a fangroup for it. A lot of people draw it… I though he was just a USUK lovechild like Roxel to the KH fandom, but it is so much stranger than that…

England get lonely and decides to make a new America, one that still likes him. But all he has to work with is a McDonald’s fish sandwich. He magics it to life, and it becomes a small America with one blue and and one green eye who follows England around, since it’s half England’s magic and half America’s food. When he gets angry or scared, McFishy reverts back to speaking Fish language, as he is still fundamentally a fish in a boy’s body, and is afraid of Alfred, who still thinks he’s a McDonald’s sandwich and keeps trying to eat him.

I do believe the most (insert ambiguous feelings) part of this is that it’s actually sorta really kinda adorable. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Quality internet is quality.