Getting my recruit classmates together to go down to the station, especially on a day we don’t have class, is like trying to get a child who is shy to say hello.
They know they should, but they’re too intimidated to.
Then there’s me, who wants to go down and just hangout all day at the fire station, even though I can’t go on calls yet.
Anyone else have this issue when they were in academy? What is your station like?

Today in recruit academy we did some hands on with the hoses and trucks. This is the turning point where we stop killing ourselves with powerpoints and start doing real Firefighter stuff. Being able to drag the hoses around, learn different preferences on how to unload, flake, roll and unroll was beyond helpful. On the other hand it’d help more if the previous Firefighters had loaded the truck beds correctly. First time even seeing the 5" supply hose today and we had to clear all 1,000ft off the bed and then lay it correctly.
I’ll be having nightmares about it for the next week or so.
All in all though I had a blast and can’t wait for more hands on classes like today’s.

Living so close to the station, but still being in the academy, is killing me at the moment. I get a notification for a call, then a moment later I hear the sirens go on and the truck pull out. The irony of it, is I’m studying the homework right now and it’s only making me want to be certified more.