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LISTEN, JACKSON IS SO THE KIND TO SEE THAT STILES IS SAD AND JUST LIKE AGGRESSIVELY CUDDLE HIM WHILE SAYING 'who made you sad, you lil dipshit, I am the ONLY one allowed to make you sad/angry waas it mccall, cause he's about to mceat all the mcbullshit he's mcsaying'

#Jackson Whittemore as Stiles’ new BFF 2k16

The Baking Problem

Whenever I was bored growing up, I would bake. I had been learning to bake since I was younger and enjoyed doing it. And with five other siblings and two parents, baking a batch of cookies wasn’t a big deal: they would all be gone within 24 hours. 

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But once I moved out this was no longer the case, I had less and less people that I could share them with. The first time I lived with an SO was when I gained 30 pounds. I would bake when stressed or bored, which means a lot of calories that have to go somewhere. 

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I didn’t originally bake because I wanted to eat a shit ton of cookies. I baked out of boredom. But as I began to struggle with issues like depression more, I started to associate sweets more and more with feeling better. 

Then over the past couple years that compounded when I was highly stressed and depressed. I would stress eat, a lot. 

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So now I suppose the idea is to do less of that. Which should be easier once I start my full-time job. 

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For now,

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