Modern AU where Jean loses a close friend and occasionally texts or calls their phone just to hear their voice or talk to them because it makes it hurt juuuust a little bit less. The phone number ends up belonging to one Marco Bodt (who of course wears pastel sweaters like a dork duh) who ends up being an awesome conversationalist and friend for Jean :3

A Christmas present for @pololotp who tolerates my weirdness and sends me pictures of his plant ARMY. I love you husbando!! Enjoy the super late Jeanmarco 

back in the early days of kinkler’s blog I designed a bunch of the alternate suits he wore in his business days, aka fancy get-ups he’d wear for galas and special events, which were undoubtedly far more ridiculously extravagant than his standard work suit

I never really saw the chance to show the designs off on his blog, and I lost the original files with them so here’s a redraw of his favourite showstopper outfit