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The Absurd Way McDonald’s Expects Workers to Treat Burns

On Tuesday, McDonald’s workers throughout the U.S. protested the corporation’s unsafe working conditions, claiming they were instructed to treat workplace burns with condiments like mustard and mayonnaise. The protests come after McDonald’s workers announced Monday that they’ve filed 28 health and safety complaints in nearly 20 cities against the company. Read more.

The Biggest Fast Food Strike in History Was About More Than a $15 Minimum Wage

Just after 6 AM on Wednesday morning, hundreds of protesters flooded onto one of Brooklyn’s busier intersections outside a McDonald’s, chanting and marching for $15-an-hour wages. It was the first of a daylong series of demonstrations against low wages that organizers were calling “the most widespread mobilization ever by US workers seeking higher pay"—a mass coordinated action that was expected to spread across more than 200 US cities and include some 60,000 demonstrators.

It was the largest effort yet for the campaign known as Fight for $15 , which began in 2012 with a fast-food employees strike in New York City and has since expanded into a broader economic justice protest movement, encompassing a range of low-wage workers, from Walmart cashiers to home health care aides and adjunct professors at universities. In the last three years, the crusade has picked up momentum globally, backed by millions of dollars from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of America’s largest labor unions.




On May 15, fast food workers across the world – in more than 150 U.S. cities, and 33 countries - will hold the first and largest strike/protest for a living wage of $15 and the right to organize.

COME OUT & STAND UP for the rights and dignity of LOW-WAGE WORKERS!

This affects all of us! Whether you have a job or are jobless; whether you are a student or retired person; a member of a union or have no union. The majority of working people in this country make less than $15 an hour which means that thousands upon thousands of workers live either in poverty or close to the edge – while the corporate elites, the 1% are reporting billions in profits.

Join us in this action to say WE DESERVE BETTER!

This is Roger Aragon, a home healthcare worker who makes minimum wage

I’m here to support everybody who isn’t getting paid what they’re worth. This is important not just for the groups represented here but anyone making minimum wage.

Let’s be honest the minimum wage has not been able to keep up with the cost of living for a very long time and it’s about time we get this straightened out. 

It’s not about getting paid extra, it’s about making sure we get out of poverty.

I am not from LA, I’m part of the delegations from the high desert but it’s the same story.

The Fight for 15 isn’t just for fast food workers. Sign the petition to raise the minimum wage.

All the workers at one of our local Mcdonalds went on strike.

I can understand not wanting to work for minimum wage($7.25 an hour), but going on strike at Mcdonalds? That shit ain’t gonna work. They will have NO PROBLEM replacing a minimum wage worker. 

Plus, they are demanding $15 an hour. These people are crazy. If you expect to get anything more than minimum wage, don’t work at a fast food place.


Philadelphia: Striking low-wage workers march for $15 and a union, September 4, 2014.

Eleven Philadelphia fast food workers and home health care workers were arrested as part of a national protest in 150 cities on Sep 7. Over 100 protesters marched a mile from a McDonald’s at Broad and Girard to a second McD at Broad and Arch, chanting and holding signs demanding “$15 and a union”. The rally ended with the arrest of 11 workers who refused to get off the street despite police orders.

Photos and report by Joe Piette

We know that #McDonald’s sets rigorous operating standards for its franchisees, from menus, to uniforms to employment practices. And we know that they monitor and enforce those standards at the corporate level. So when these practices appear to break the law, accountability should start at the top.
—  Michael Wasser, policy analyst at the worker group Jobs with Justice,

Feds Accuse McDonald’s Of Violating Workers’ Rights