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Spiked Oreo McFlurry🍦

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Shit Broke Guys Say...

“Money isn’t Everything”

“I thought you already ate?”

“Can you loan me $$$”

“I won’t have the money until Friday…”

“Yeah I guess you want one of those baller types huh?”

“When you gone pay me back?”

“Baby this relationship is a partnership. You hold me down and I hold you down.”

“We just having fun. Why am I giving you money?”

“Oh you a prostitute?" 

"I gotta buy my kids some shoes this weekend so we can just chill at my spot”

“I dont like going out to eat, I like when my woman cook for me”

“You want me to break bread for some CHIPOTLE but I cant even come over yo house”

“I gotta pay rent over here.”

“I got my own bills to pay…”

“Where your folks at?”

“Ask that other nigga for some money…”

“Those guys might have money, but are they HAPPY?”

“You chipping in on gas??”

“i’m trying to get back on my feet.”

“b****** are superficial. ya’ll just go out looking for niggas wit money and those are the niggas that hurt you”

“Aint no man gonna take care of you! Times have changed its a recession!”

“He might give you money but it’s only because he wants to f*** you, I love you”

“How about we chill at my crib for the first date and watch Netflix?" 

”My car is in the ‘shop’“

"I’m living with my momma while my house is being built”

“You shouldn’t leave a note on a man’s luxury car”

“I’m following my dreams while living with my mother”

“I’m waiting on some money to come in.”

“This child support & rent keep setting me back”

“For some reason the government is garnishing my wages”

“If you wasn’t a gold digger you would be there for me”

“All you are about is money”

“Let’s go out for icecream at McDonalds”


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