mcdonalds happy meal toys

Really? Mcdonald’s? (With Sehun)

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genre: angst?, def some smut
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summary: after sehun finally admit to liking you, after 15 fucking years, he decides to bring you to happiest place on Earth: McDonald’s

The afternoon is ruined by the same person you thought was going to be beyond amazing, exceeding expectations, but apparently you weren’t special enough to take out to a normal restaurant.

Instead of the romantic candle lights and classical violin music playing in the background of a fancy restaurant, you’re hanging out at a McDonald’s with Sehun who’s playing with his happy meal toy.

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If you are a 90’s baby or kid like me, these were your favorite places; McDonalds because of the Happy Meals which came with a free toy and Toys R Us! Toys R Us was like…heaven for a 90’s baby! When the doors opened up, it was like you can hear the harps of lil baby angels singin and somewhere in the store you would find baby Jesus playing with hit clips and action figures.

I got most of my toys from Toys R’ Us. I got hit clips, Furbys, Beanie Babies, board games, actions figures, toy cars, and the whole nine. The Lite Brite was one of the many things I got from there. Yo, I would spend hours on this thing. I remember getting this as a Christmas present; I was so happy to get it that when I unwrapped it, I forgot about the other presents and started playing with it.

Lite Brite had like this monitor looking thing with where you would stick the multi-colored translucent pegs inside the paper. All you needed was a light bulb. When you put the pegs inside it looked similar to LED. You can make all kinds of art with it and it looked tiiiiighhtt!!

I can’t relate to any of the ChiRe aesthetic (?) stuff cuz I never actually had any kid toys or baby shampoo johnson&johnson brand stuff and it all seems so fake and too good to be true for me and any memories of toys I have come from friends houses so I just feel gross and fake looking at stuff like that