mcdonalds firing

the signs as things i've heard on my bus
  • aries: "i'm tagging our band instructor in this, what's mr. neisler's instagram"
  • taurus: "yum, big macs and divorce"
  • cancer: "china should be a continent"
  • leo: "go do a burpee"
  • virgo: "i can feel myself reverting into a fetus"
  • libra: "you absolute smurf"
  • scorpio: "dude, look at this nasty fucking lizard" "hey that's my son you're talking about"
  • saggitarius: "y'all wish you were this crusty"
  • capricorn: the entire back half of the bus singing "september" by earth, wind, and fire
  • aquarius: "from now on i'm signing my emails with 'first national skank'"
  • pisces: "ugh, i hate my pencil" "that's so mean, say sorry"

Poor Ronald McDonald, he is NOT “loving’ it.” I always thought that new Happy Meal mascot was creepy from day one; they looked like they would eat you! Thus, one thing led to another and this crazy apocalyptic picture!

Ronald McDonald and McDonalds characters owned by McDonalds 

awkward-but-nice  asked:

what does everyone do for valentines day?

Vanessa and Nina always find the shittiest/nastiest Valentine’s for each other and gorge on chocolate together.

Benny and Usnavi always go buy cheap candy the day after Valentine’s Day and make shitty raps about how Valentine’s Day sucks (when they’re single, that is)

Sonny rants EVERY year about how stupid Valentine’s Day is and it’s a capitalist bullshit holiday, and EVERY year, Pete buys him a big bag of candy and a teddy bear or something and Sonny gets Pete pretty bouquets and they have fancy candle lit dinners of McDonald’s on the fire escape.

One year, Pete is really distant and he’s just been working and Sonny’s frustrated and he’s pretty sure Pete is going to forget about Valentine’s Day, and then around noon he sees Pete again, and he’s grumpy, but then Pete tells him that he’s been doing all these commissions day and night to get more money and Sonny can finally get top surgery like he’s been wanting and Sonny is like??? omg??? He cries he loves Pete so much

When Sonny’s in elementary school, Usnavi helps him make Valentine’s for everyone and has to tell him, “Yes, you have to give a card to everyone. I don’t care if you think Max is gross, you have to give him a card!!!” Later they just share candy and watch shitty television together

Sonny always gets Nina a lil box of chocolates!

Usnavi gets Vanessa big ass bouquets and makes her dinner and covers in sof kisses, and she’s not the best at romantic gestures, but she buys champagne and makes him breakfast. Like, she’s not a big Valentine’s Day person, but she knows Usnavi is.

Oh gosh, Benny and Nina. They’re so annoying on Valentine’s Day omg. They’re ALWAYS together and holding onto each other and kissing a bunch. Benny buys Nina those giant ass stuffed animals and big bouquets of flowers and Nina always takes Benny out to dinner and they cuddle so much jfc. When Nina’s out at Stanford and can’t make it for Valentine’s Day, they Skype and text the entire. Damn. Day. Benny stays up late for her!

Daniela has never enjoyed Valentine’s Day, but Carla LOOOVES it, so they usually go to dinner together and buy makeup or jewelry for each other.

Camila and Kevin usually just have a nice dinner out, and Kevin buys Camila roses. They also get Nina a lil teddy bear every year! When she’s at Stanford they mail it because their daughter needs love

Abuela Claudia hasn’t had anybody to celebrate Valentine’s Day with in a long time, but she gives roses and hard candies out to anyone who comes by.

Things that happened when I made the Always Sunny gang in The Sims 3:

  • Charlie kept carrying a keyboard around with him and playing it everywhere
  • He also chased a cat several blocks
  • Dennis tried to give Mac flowers resulting in Mac slapping him in the face
  • Dennis also flirted a lot with Charlie (I told him numerous times not to do so), actually he flirted a lot with everyone
  • They were all terrible to Dee

I swear I didn’t make them do any of this, they just acted really in character.

“McDonalds has fired back stating that their burgers will indeed decompose if given “enough time.” But just how much time has yet to be determined. Based on private experiments, like the one in the video above, two decades is still not enough time to make these burgers and buns disappear by natural means. Folks, wholesome food is “live” food, and the hallmark of live food is the fact that it will wilt and decompose. The fact that these burgers, buns, and fries do not decompose, even after a decade or two, is a clear sign that it’s just not real food, and serves no beneficial purpose as part of your diet.“


Laquan Mcdonald Shooting Uncensored

Laquan McDonald didn’t appear to pose a threat to the people around him as he haphazardly ran down a Chicago street, allegedly carrying a knife but keeping his distance from the police cars parked around him. But a video released Tuesday, more than a year after the October 20, 2014, incident, shows a police officer nonetheless approaching McDonald from at least 10 feet away and firing 16 shots, even after the black 17-year-old fell to the ground.

According to the autopsy report, 16 bullets struck McDonald. The charging documents claim Van Dyke spent 14 or 15 seconds shooting McDonald. Van Dyke continued firing for 13 seconds while McDonald was on the ground, according to forensic evidence.

But McDonald never seemed to threaten the officers, and in fact appeared to move away from them before Van Dyke opened fire. Still, Van Dyke’s attorney told that the officer feared for his safety.


These bastards have allowed us to see the shooting only now! After more than a year! Apparently, they were hoping that we’ll forget about this incident and our outrage will not be so massive!
But they were wrong! I hope our brother wan’t leave this mess without attention! I really do not understand why the cops hate us so much! They do not need a reason to kill us! They just kill, that’s all explanation we have!

Don’t leave this case without attention!


#Laquan McDonald