mcdonalds filet o fish

I ate McDonald’s Filet-o-Fish twice in the last eight days. 

Once with a Shamrock Shake (gross) and once with a coke (gross.)

I want to say I hate myself. I typed that, but deleted it. 

Tonight I made scrumptious veggie fried rice. 

One step forward, one step back. 


Why does nobody ever talk about how weird Maryland is? 

Nobody ever talks about Maryland, period. It’s like they forget it’s a state. There’s no real stereotypes about people from Maryland, because it’s right in the middle of the east coast, EXCEPT everyone from Maryland is obsessed with crabs and Old Bay seasoning. You may think I’m exaggerating, but my friend’s brother used to actually drink Old Bay straight. The only time I ever saw my boyfriend look at me with anything other than pure love and respect was when I said that I thought crabs served in the shell were overrated. McDonalds in Maryland serves Filet-o-Fish WITH OLD BAY SEASONING. Once I saw a production of The Little Mermaid in Maryland, and the actor playing the chef sang “now some Old Bay!” instead of “now some flour,” and the audience burst into rapturous applause in the middle of the song. Old Bay is as essential to Marylanders as flour.

The official state sport of Maryland is jousting. No joke.

And once, I went to a McDonalds’ down the road from Camp David while George W. Bush was staying there, and there were free-range chickens who lived in the parking lot. It made me uncomfortable.

Edgar Allan Poe, John Waters, Frank Zappa, and F. Scott Fitzgerald are all  from Maryland. Oh, and John Wilkes Booth. Something weird is in the water there. My money’s on Old Bay.

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Rules: Answer 11 questions, ask 11 more

1. Do you have a really niche interest which u feel very passionate about?

Yes, dance! I’ve been dancing (multiple styles) ever since I was 3 and it’s been my creative outlet for the past 18 years! I don’t compete anymore and I’m not in a studio since I’m in college but I am part of a team on campus and I’ve had a lot of fun choreographing my own routines and performing at our spring showcase! It’s hard to believe this year’s will be my last show. ;_;

2. Is there any food very typical in your country that you can’t stand?

Yeah. I really hate American Cheese, mayo and cream cheese and most times people put those three on EVERYTHING. Every time I get a Filet O’Fish from McDonald’s I have to beg them multiple times to make it without American Cheese. I love cheese in general but American just grosses me out…

3. Do you prefer tv shows or films?

Well, being that I’m a Television Production major, I’m kinda obligated to go with the first one lol. But it’s true! I don’t have the attention span for films. And I love the “journey” that goes along with binge-watching your favorite show OR waiting every week for the new episode. It brings the audience in in a way I feel most films can’t…

4. What type of characters are “your type”? by this i mean which type of traits makes u almost always fall for a character

  • Tough guy but a teddy bear on the inside (Butch, Havoc from FMA, etc.)
  • Brotherly “mama bear” type (Brock)
  • Witty, intelligent, gentlemanly, a teensy bit on the arrogant side (Cilan, Tamaki lol DON’T HATE ME JANE)

5. What has been the best thing that happened to you this week?

I already told my squad about a hundred times but I got to meet the CEO of a well-known limousine service and he gave me and the other producers free bottles of wine! What a nice guy! Saving the wine for a special occasion.

6. Which type of clothing do u wear normally?

On campus I wear my sorority letters a lot and I’ve been wearing a lot of business casual clothing too for my internship. Other than that my standard go-to outfit usually consists of jeans, boots, long cardigans, occasionally a vest or scarf depending on the weather…hopefully it warms up soon here. T_T

7. Favourite 2016 meme? 👀

A cross between all the “We Are Number One” remixes and the distorted Mr. Krabs meme. I love Spongebob and I grew up watching Lazy Town, what can I say. 

8. Which animals do u think are the best pets?

DOGS (I like cats too but I’m highly allergic to them unfortunately). I want an English bulldog puppy so bad. ;_;

9. Whats your fav music genre?

I like all kinds! I have one of the most eclectic iTunes playlists ever. Pokemon OST, heavy metal, Christian rock, Top 40, Broadway musicals, alternative, 90s hits, classical music…you name it, I probably have it. The only thing I don’t really “do” is country. 

10. Do you go often to the cinema?

I go when I can, usually during summer or winter break. I’m not heavily invested in films unless they’re part of a franchise I like, like Star Wars or Disney or occasionally Marvel. I’d like to go more once I graduate, though. Right now I have neither the time nor money so sadly I haven’t been in awhile. I think the last movie I saw in theaters was Moana, right before New Year’s.

11. Share the youtube video that never fails to make u laugh:

OH GEEZ I dunno uh…I love all of Joe Santagato’s videos, especially the Mad Libs series he makes with his brother Keith. I’m a sucker for Mad Libs so watching other people play it make me crack up every time. 

Most of my followers are those Jane already tagged so I’m not gonna make up new questions or tag anyone but I encourage anyone who sees this to do it!

  • Pisces, as described by horoscopes: dreamy! so cute! always cry! your super power would be hydrokenisis! your color is blue! your plant is seaweed! your mcdonalds menu item is filet o fish! you are fish! water water fish! so deep! so emotional! so sensitive! so nice!
  • me, a Pisces: go light yourself on fire and inhale sand.
Signs as things you'd get at McDonalds
  • Aries: Quarter Pounder
  • Taurus: Apple pie
  • Gemini: Shaker fries
  • Cancer: Filet-O-Fish
  • Leo: Big Mac
  • Virgo: Sausage McMuffin with egg
  • Libra: McFlurry
  • Scorpio: McCafe Iced Mocha
  • Sagittarius: McSpicy chicken wings
  • Capricorn: McWrap with chicken and bacon
  • Aquarius: Premium Southwest Salad
  • Pisces: Hotcakes
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Drive-thru Drive-by...

Today I drove by a McDonald’s. The sign said that Filet-O-Fish was on sale, 2 for $3. Filet-o-Fish is my favorite thing at McDonald’s. I REALLY loved them.  In the past, I would’ve whipped in there and gotten four of those babies! And fries … and maybe a shake, ya know, to round out the food groups. I would’ve sat in my car and eaten them, then hidden the evidence or tossed it before I got home. Like, if no one sees you eating it or sees the wrappers, then it doesn’t count or something.

I can honestly say, sitting here right now, I can’t remember the last time I ate at a fast-food restaurant. I know, for sure, it’s been over 3 years. I can also say that the Filet-O-Fish, fries and a shake, which had such power over me in the past, has none now. 

This is to anyone who is sitting there thinking they can’t do this. To everyone who thinks that they can’t change, that they can’t get healthy:


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‘The Great Fish Swap’: How America Is Downgrading Its Seafood Supply

From our interview with Paul Greenberg, author of the book American Catch: The Fight for Our Local Seafood: 

“What I think we’re doing is we’re low-grading our seafood supply. In effect what we’re doing is we’re sending the really great, wild stuff that we harvest here on our shores abroad, and in exchange, we’re importing farm stuff that, frankly, is of an increasingly dubious nature.

We export millions of tons of wild, mostly Alaska salmon abroad and import mostly farmed salmon from abroad. So salmon for salmon, we’re trading wild for farmed. Another great example of this fish swap is the swapping of Alaska pollock for tilapia and pangasius [catfish]. Alaska pollock is the thing in [McDonald’s] Filet-O-Fish sandwich; it’s the thing in that fake crab that you find in your California roll. We use a lot of pollock ourselves, but we send 600 million pounds of it abroad every year. And in the other direction, we get a similarly white flaky fish — tilapia or pangasius — coming to us mostly from China and Vietnam. They fill a similar fish niche, but they’re very different.”

[Originally broadcast in July 2014. American Catch is now out in paperback]