mcdonalds chicken nuggets

McDonald’s has their 20 piece chicken nuggets on the 2 for $3 menu right now. You’re supposed to mix and match items, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting 2 orders of them for $3. Which means, for the low, low price of $9.63, I just got 120 chicken nuggets. The lady asked me three times if I was sure I wanted that many, and then when I rolled up to the window, she looked in my backseat like she expected to see four kids there, but it was just me. I took my 120 chicken nuggets home and ate them all, and I gotta say, this is what life is all about.



Google always finds a way to be a shit-eating jerk whenever Dark and Anti try to have fun with him.

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the signs as things my friend has said
  • aries: i'm gonna get your mom to dab
  • taurus: i'm EMOTIONALLY a hoe
  • gemini: maybe i love herpes
  • cancer: it gets a lot less romantic when you say it's gross
  • leo: (to our english teacher) want to see me eat an entire clementine in one bite
  • virgo: *chuckles quietly* i'm thinking about the aha music video
  • libra: don't put this on the list of stupid things i've said
  • scorpio: flip flops? are you shitting me? FLIP FLOCKS AND SOCKS?
  • saggitarius: how many chicken nuggets make up a chicken
  • capricorn: your dad is a michael cera cloning machine
  • aquarius: i am syphilis
  • pisces: my stomach's a high maintenance bitch