mcdonald's play place
Trapped in a PlayPlace
Opening song composed by David O'Brien (

The newest vid from me and some of my best buds- the always awesome Intergalactic Crew!

Only 90′s kids will remember!

Prepare to have your childhood ruined as a fully grown man loses both his body and his mind inside a playplace technicolor nightmare labyrinth meant for small children!

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anonymous asked:

I like to imagine that King has a McDonalds Play-Place that he calls "My Castle"

This is absolutely true and there is no question about it whatsoever. Bless you for this image.

He even has a throne at the very top, and the whole “palace” is super huge, basically takes up his whole floor so you could definitely get lost in it. There’s even smaller pipes and climby things for his little subjects to crawl through and different compartments that can only be reached by the squirrels are full of nuts and things for them to nest in.

King will invite Egos over for Royal Tea Parties which are Alice-in-Wonderland styles of crazy when the Egos are involved and someone always gets shoved off of a high place and Doc has to patch them up.

And whenever King gets sad or scared, he hides deep in the maze of pipes and slides where he feels safest, and one of the others, usually Doc, is designated to go looking for him and comfort him.

mbti types as monster factory boys
  • ENFJ: a fun-lookin', fun-havin' dirty boy
  • ENFP: perfect sword boy
  • ENTJ: a benjamin button baseball boy
  • ENTP: the original pizza boy
  • ESFJ: justin's special boy
  • ESFP: just a rowdy, dirty boy.
  • ESTJ: a mcdonald's play place of boys
  • ESTP: a field with 30 ghost boys
  • INFJ: a couple of genuine wrassle boys
  • INFP: burger boy
  • INTJ: nervous little punk boy
  • INTP: a cream faced business boy
  • ISFJ: softboy
  • ISFP: a spacefaring kiss boy
  • ISTJ: a perfect boy. a boy i could get into.
  • ISTP: garbage boy stink man
The Last Days of Late Great Orlando, Florida (Flash Fiction)

The Last Days of Late Great Orlando, Florida
story by ShaunWrites / art by Judyta

Orlando, Florida: the year one million. The Pope is at it again. Disney World has deployed the Buena Vista shock troops to keep Her pointy-hat goons out of Epcot Center, but it’s no use. Everything is fucked: organized religion, the government, big corporations.

And individuals who think for themselves are like *totally* S-O-L. And the only remedy to all this shit can be found in a secret room, at the end of a secret tunnel, inside the world’s largest McDonald’s Play Place on International Drive. If you want to know, I’ll tell you the story of what I found there…

Chapter 1: Here’s what’s up

There’s one plastic tube in the world’s largest McDonald’s Play Place where if you crawl down it just right, it’s not like the other ones. Because when you get to the end of this one, there’s this torch-type thing.

And the only way you can see it is if you’re crawling through it with a lit cigarette in your mouth like a flashlight kinda like I was. So you light the torch-thing with your cigarette, and after that you’re good to go ‘cause that’s like the signal.

Somebody pulls back this little hatch, and they ask you for a password. So the first time I was there, I was thinking, what password???, so I just said the first thing that came to my mind: “Fuck Applebees.”

So I said that, and the guy tells me, “Right on” and says I got it right and lets me in. He tells me, “Welcome to The Resistance,” and gives me a beret and signs me up for a Tumblr account.

And now, here I am.

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