mcdonald miller


~The Bureau of Balance~

In the Group Pic Left to Right it’s:

Garfield the Deals Warlock, Lucas Miller, Angus McDonald, The Director, Davenport, Johann the Bard, Avi, Killian, Carrie Fangbattle, Leon the Artificer, Robbie aka “Pringles”, and Brad Bradson

apologies to Noelle fans I didn’t have it in me to design a Big Ole Robot


i’m about to head into finals, but here’s a bunch of stress relief adventure zone doodles, a few of the boys and some of my favorite npcs

like okay dang I love this podcast

also i love lucas miller? i get the feeling he’s not a super popular npc (i am behind and haven’t been on the interwebs much lately so idk what the Discourse is on Anything) but he’s my Favorite Character Hands Down

also i really love drawing taako so here’s a bonus fashion taako (he uses magic to give himself a mad cute ombre)


I’m still trying to catch up.  I’m only about halfway through Crystal Kingdom so far.  I know a good handful of spoilers from future stuff though.  I’d LOVE to be caught up in time for the next new ep so that I can react in time with the rest of the fandom, but That’s still like 20 episodes away haha.