Sweet, sweet McDonald’s, embrace me in your greasy arms and lure me into a deep depression that will rival only the depression that I am currently facing

Dear Nobody,

Today was far beyond amazing. Fuck father’s day, fuck all that shit. Today was happy. I left home and went down to the Stone Arch Bridge Arts & Music Festival with most of my crew ( kinda-awkward-foxtails, demonkid666, imeangofuckyourself, glitchfaerie, sadly not lunathewhitewolf ) And my wonderful Datemate and we had pretty great time. We saw some cool art and got to chat with some friends of mine along the way. The entire day was spent with the people I consider to be my family and I couldn’t possibly ask for anything better. We went through the train yard and stopped by Insomnia Cookies and McDolans and went back home and it made me remember what I loved about these people. It’s never the place, its those people I spent my day with that make the world feel like home again. Thank you…