‘Spaceflight is a serious business’ - Gemini crews having fun with photo-shoots.

Descending order, Gemini 4 commander-pilot James McDivitt, prime and back-up crew of Gemini 7, prime and back-up crew of Gemini 8.

G4-James McDivitt, Edward White. G7 Prime- Frank Borman II, Jim Lovell; Back-up- Edward White, Michael Collins. G8 Prime- David R. Scott, Neil Armstrong; Back-up Charles Conrad, Richard Gordon.

On this day, Sept. 17, 1962 …NASA officials announce selection of 9 new astronauts, The New Nine….Back row: See, McDivitt, Lovell, White, & Stafford. Front row: Conrad, Borman, Armstrong, & Young … the cream of the cream of the crop

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It is cold outside. If you’re in the United States. you’re likely experiencing near record-low temperatures and wind chills right now. Since you’ll likely be stuck inside for a few days, we have provided a handy guide of fun activities to do indoors:

1) Make pancakes

2) Create an elaborate exercise routine with a towel

3) Make newspaper hats, for yourself and for your pets

4) Play an Extreme round of Jenga

5) Finally teach yourself the chords to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”

6) And, of course, hang out with your puppy and cat.

Apollo 9 Performs First Rendezvous & Re-Docking with LM Ascent Stage (7 March 1969) — The Lunar Module (LM) “Spider” ascent stage is photographed from the Command and Service Modules (CSM) on the fifth day of the Apollo 9 Earth-orbital mission. While astronaut David R. Scott, command module pilot, remained at the controls in the CSM “Gumdrop,” astronauts James A. McDivitt, Apollo 9 commander; and Russell L. Schweickart, lunar module pilot, checked out the “Spider.” The LM’s descent stage had already been jettisoned.

June 3, 1965 Gemini IV astronauts James McDivitt and Edward White walk towards Pad 19 at Cape Canaveral. Note that Mc Divitt wore an Omega Speedmaster chronograph on each wrist, while Edward “Ed” White wore a pair of Omega Speedmaster 105.003-64 chronographs on his left forearm. The Gemini IV astronauts were the first to wear an American flag on the shoulder of their spacesuit.
(Photo: NASA)

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pros & cons of community college?

Here are the pros and cons of attending community college:


1. COST: You can finish your core and get an associate degree for the fraction of the cost of a university. The average tuition and fees for one year at a community college is about $2,500. At private schools, the average tuition and fees for one year is $30K. For in-state public schools, it’s almost $9K a year, and for out-of-state public schools, it’s $22K a year, according to College Board. The cost will take some of the pressure off while you experiment with different classes and industries. This will prevent you from sticking with a major you don’t like just because you already paid for the classes or because you can’t afford another semester.

2: PROFESSORS: A lot of people think professors aren’t as good at community college, but this Washington Post article discredits that idea. They found some classes are even more challenging because professors are motivated by their students, who often display more drive than those at four-year universities. Community college also often have smaller student to faculty ratios, which gives you more time with your professor.

3. SUCCESS: Here’s a list of super successful people who went to community college: Tom Hanks, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Walt Disney, Calvin Klein, Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, astronauts James McDivitt, Eileen Collins and Fred Haise, and MasterCard founder Melvin Salveson.


1. TRANSFERRING:Don’t take any additional classes than your core curriculum. Oftentimes advisers will sign you up for everything under the sun, which could waste your time, money, and possibly not transfer to your university.

2. CAMPUS LIFE: You will have to readjust to your new campus and friends. If you were really active in clubs, you will have to start over at the new campus. You also may not get that “big school” atmosphere if you go to a small community college, but I think you can get everything good from that environment in two years.

Hope this helps!