Exclusive Interview: Sherlock’s Louise Brealey

She answered to my question !!!

I can’t get over how cute it is that, in wlw literary circles, all your faves are huge fans of all your other faves.

here’s Patience and Sarah, introduced by Emma Donaghue:

Carol Ann Duffy did an intro to Mrs Dalloway:

Val McDermid introduces this version of Carol:

and look at The Secret Diaries of Miss Anne Lister!! The whole gang’s here!!

Louise Brealey as Jude McDermid (Clique) picture in a slightly better quality. Description from the BBC site:

 Jude is a hot-shot economics lecturer and philosopher at University in Edinburgh. Her motivational books are airport bestsellers. Jude’s feminist philosophy is a hard kind of pragmatism – do what it takes to get ahead, stop complaining and use what’s in your arsenal. Whilst flawed, it seems a refreshing and appealing alternative to debates over gender-neutral children’s toys and pure semantics. To put her philosophy into action, Jude began the Solasta Women’s Initiative alongside her brother, Alistair McDermid, CEO of Solasta Finance. The initiative selects a small group of girls each year and places them in elite bespoke internships at Solasta. The girls live in a beautiful house in New Town where they are mentored by Jude, so they can bypass the time-wasting dross of the usual undergraduate experience and be taught how to live and work as young women. [Source]