McDeadpool Update

McDeadpool is presently attempting to juggle two situations. One is dealing with the Alternate Universe Loki situation and trying to get him out of this universe. The second is accepting Director VINNIS’ mission so that she will not be a target. Her present target is iVin.

however she has no actual intention of finishing the mission and is instead conspiring with a couple of non-operatives

tumblvengers it’s me again.

i’m in a reall tight spot right now. i’m hiding in the basement of a storage arehouse in a city i think is close to our base.

i’ve dropped the laptop tice so now neither of the  or  kes ork. the poer is also prett lo, so i don’t kno ho man more times i’ll be able to send ou these messages. but fuck i could reall use our gus help.

i don’t kno if i’m in an alternate universe or the future or hat, but no one has heard of the tumblvengers here. hat’s orse, loki is actuall king.

get shit under control gus. i’m tying to see if i can find our old base, if it even exists here.

take care of pinkie pie.

mcdeadpool out

Hey, 'Venger Buddies.

I’ve been watching what’s been going on for a while now, and I’ve been seeing a lot of Drama Llama’s. I know you guys are working on something to brighten everything up, but I’m kind of bored with all of it. So, I’m leaving the group and going freelance. You guys are great, but I think it’s time I try something new. If you ever need my help, though, I’m game to do a bit of work for gratis.

Thanks for all the great times, guys.

FatassMcDeadpool and Pinkie Pie

((In other words, I’m not really going to be participating in the Tumblvengers role plays unless my character is required to be there. I might rejoin after a while. But right now, with college starting up and trying to get a job, I haven’t got a lot of time to spare. But I will be watching when I can ;D ))

i hope this message makes it through. i’ve got working internet, so fingers crossed. i found this dusty hunk of junk laptop on the side of the road. the shift doesn’t work, but otherwise it functions

tumblvengers, sorry for leaving so suddenly without a trace. i don’t know what happened. this weird portal opened up in my room after vinnis went awol and the power and internet went out. next thing i know i’m in this weird, deserted desert area. i’ve been following a dirt road for a couple days, when i found the laptop and later this abandoned diner with a back up generator. as far as i can tell i’m the only person out here. i’ll take the laptop with me, maybe i can make it to another power source. 

the generator has stopped working. the next chance i get, i’ll send you guys another message. i’ve got to conserve the power on this puppy. good luck with that loki shit, sorry i can’t help.

take care of pinkie pie.

mcdeadpool out

Shots of the Elusive McDeadpool

Here, we see the elusive McDeadpool in its natural habitat.

She seems welcoming and friendly after our offering of cheap Mexican food and Red Vines. So welcoming, that she even presented us with her prized possession; a Pinkie Pie toy.

However, when one of our cameramen wandered too close to the toy, the McDeadpool became defensive. She said the following.

“Pinkie is off limits. Only I get to touch her. If any of you yahoos touch her…”

“I’ll fucking kill you and make it look NOTHING like an accident. Just so people know not to fucking touch Pinkie Pie.”

We were forced to evacuate the area after the McDeadpool became hostile.

tumblvengers i’ve found our base

none of our big stuff is here so i still don’t kno if we’ve never been here or e cleared out. ith loki in charge, it’s still a coin toss, but i have an idea.

i ant ou to get m to katanas and put them in the special storage box belo the floor boards under the rug under m bed. the passcode is mllhkg102010. if i don’t find them, it’s an alternate dimension. if i do, it’s the future. and if the later is true GET OUR SHIT TOGETHER GUS OH MY GOD.

i felt it necessar to use caps this time

i ill check hat ould be m room tomorrow.

take care of pinkie pie

mcdeadpool out