mcdanno hugs


I am not a writer at all. I have read tons of McDanno fic, and I cannot do any of what my favorite writers can do. But, I had some thoughts about that amazing picture of Scott and Alex being muddy huggers so came up w/ this ficlet. I apologize in advance for how ridiculous it is. But thanks to my lovely dear SheppardMcKay for taking a look at this and giving me some advice. I love your writing and wished you still wrote McDanno because you are one of the best writers in the fandom, babe! :) See the picture above so you know why I could not not write something however silly. :)

Danny wiped the mud off from behind his legs. He was glad the team survived the Tough Mudder competition against the HPD team and even raised some money for the Wounded Warriors charity. Win win. Except for the mud. Everywhere. There was mud in places that mud shouldn’t be. He took a good slide in the mud, and it went in his shorts and a bit too close to comfort elsewhere. He saw Chin and Kono talking to the HPD team good naturedly and smiled to himself. His Five-Ohana is pretty damn great. He rested half sitting against the railing around the competition area and was lost in his thoughts.

All of a sudden, he felt the squish of mud and solid muscle against his back. He detected a hand at the top of his thigh. And then he sensed a chin against his shoulder.

“Hey, Danno.”

“Steve, seriously? You couldn’t just be like a normal person and wipe the mud off on a towel? You had to use my back as your towel? Did they not teach you good hygiene in the Navy?”

“Well, you looked way too clean, Danno, and I couldn’t help myself.”


“Well, more like you looked too ridiculously hot, and I had to mark my territory by leaving my mud on you.”

“Babe, you are such a goof. My muddy goof.”

Steve’s muddy hand reached around Danny’s right shoulder, and all Danny could do was chuckle and grab at it. The mud was running through their fingers. Peeking behind him at Steve, Danny finally saw how caked with mud the SEAL was. Steve was basically a mud pie with a head on top. Shaking his head at the silliness of it all, Danny quietly trembled with laughter. Steve’s chuckle caressed his neck, and he knew they were probably grinning like idiots.

Then suddenly Steve breaks his muddy cuddle around Danny, moves to the front of Danny and slaps him solidly on the left pectoral with his right hand, leaving a muddy hand print.

“Better, D. Now, my territory is properly marked.”

Danny was still a little shocked by that slap but recovered his senses enough.

“Steve, you are so…”

But Steve ran off quickly turning his head and yelled back at him, “Catch you in the showers, Danny!” Using that damn Navy stride, Steve was beyond reach.

Danny just shook his head and thought about where he would be leaving his soapy hand print next. With a smile on his face, Danny jogged to catch up with Steve while plotting his soapy revenge.


OKAY THAT WAS PERFECT!!! PERFECT EPISODE!!!! I loved the mcdanno family moment when the bad guys were taken out. Steve calling for Grace and the two of them hugging. “Pick a base” followed by a mcdanno hug. Then Danno hugging Grace and pulling Steve close. AND THE THREE OF THEM WALKING OUT TOGETHER IN EACH OTHER ARMS!!!! SHIPPERS DREAM!!!

What if… Steve doesn’t cry at his wedding, come on, he can finally call Danny his husband, from that day on he can smugly tell everybody /exactly/ how long they’ve been married, to the second. More importantly his best friend agreed ‘til death’ and Steve has a nice record of keeping Danny alive, so huge grin and laughter all around. Then Clara goes 'Heey,’ *finger-wiggle* 'I can call you son now! Do you want me to call you son?’ at which point, yeah, ok he starts crying when she hugs him.

McDanno-things that make me happy <3 :

  • Bickering, a.k.a foreplay
  • People asking how long they’ve been married
  • Steve opening doors for Danny
  • Steve sneaking into Danny’s apartment like a lovesick puppy
  • McDanno-hugs
  • Danny leading Steve by the shirt/arm
  • Danny seeking Steve’s attention with casual touches
  • Steve’s mile wide protective streak over Danny
  • Cohabiting 
  • “Babe”
  • “Danno”
  • Zero personal space when walking side-by-side
  • The way they look at each other like the world disappears around them
  • Size difference
  • Possessiveness: