Mean Bikini goes to France…

30 ans apres sa 1ère édition au Havre, réunissant la crème du garage anglais (THE CANNIBALS, THE MILKSHAKES et les STING RAYS), la NIGHT OF TRASH refait surface !

Un évènement à ne pas manquer pour tous les fans de garage !!!!!

L'affiche 2013 sera constituée de :

*** THE CANNIBALS (Mike Spenser’s Kings of Trash • UK) ***
Les Kings of Trash, emmené par le légendaire Mike Spenser, reviennent dans leur ville de coeur pour une date unique (la dernière date au Havre était en 2002) !
+ de 30 ans de carrière, des tournées à travers toute l'Europe ainsi qu'au Japon, les Cannibals continuent de nous embarquer dans un trip psychédélique à coups de guitares Vox et de Trash attitude.
“… and the Lord said : LET THERE BE TRASH !!”

*** MEAN BIKINI (All girls garage/low-fi • UK) ***
En direct provenance de Londres, ces 5 nanas nous balancent un garage/low fi des + sexy !!!!

*** THE AGARTHA SEEKERS (Garage/Rythm'n'Blues • Le Havre) ***
Ce sont les havrais d'AGARTHA SEEKERS qui ouvriront la NIGHT OF TRASH avec un set énergique composé de reprises de garage et de rythm'n'blues.

+ d'infos bientôt !

Prix d'entrée : 7€

I protested on the streets of London that day because, like at least 63 per cent of the population, I didn’t ask for five more years of austerity and I won’t accept it. The main parties want us to think that casting a vote for one of them every five years is democracy. The fact that they all support some level of austerity reveals this choice to be an illusion. That’s why we march. Our society is more than the parties in power and we need to our voices to be heard.

Fashion film ‘Boreal Sky’ for Olga Noronha featuring Kevin McDaid 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖

And I am Iron Man

“Listen up - there’s no war that will end all wars.”
― Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore 
House of the Rising Sun - The Animals  // King -  Lauren Aquilina // Toxic (Britney Spears Cover) - Jayme Dee //  Work Song - Hozier // Heartbeats - José González // burn my shadow - unkle // Iron - WOODKID //  Give up the Ghost (feat. Johnny McDaid) - Rosi Golan // The Wating’s over - Raised  by Swans // And If My Heart Should Somehow Stop -  James Vincent Mcmorrow // Win Some, Lose Some - You Me At Six  

anonymous asked:

Who would you say is the top stunter, tumbler, jumper, and dancer on your team this past year?

Ooh this is fun it’s like awards! Everyone on my team killed it this year so I’m proud of them all anyway. Girls that really shined though?

Tumbling - Karen
Jumps - kiwi
Base - Cait Mcdaid. Also everyone just turned into beasts this year but shout outs to shelbi for just being thrown back in and killing it and linds for pushing past fears and being thrown into a main part in a level six routine last minute and doing her job.
Back spot - Lauren and heather - they also held the two high lib pyramids. Beasts.
Flyer - coop because she was new to level six this year and picked it up fearlessly and with ease, and her body positions are beautiful. And megs for joining our team halfway through, new to level six, and killing it. All of our flyers were amazing this season though. Bron and Jenna got their layout full baskets too!
Dancer - Magee.