The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

“She never knew how I loved her.” “He never knew what he was to me.” “I always mean to make more of our friendship.” “I did not know what he was to me till he was gone.” (x)

listen guys I know this quote of the day probably doesn’t say anything about s13 but I can still use it to my advantage to doodle angsty shit
(and please excuse the crappy photo my phone also broke and I can barely see anything on my screen)

a coda to 12.23 of sorts

the meaning of forget-me-nots: true and undying love, remembrance

Dean collects the earth containing Cas’ ash wing print to keep with him. Some might consider this on the wrong side of morbid, but after a lifetime of hunting, Dean’s no stranger to the combination of death and dirt, and he’d always been in awe (secretly in love) with Cas’ wings. They were something that were purely Cas, a part of Cas’ true angelic form, back from even before Cas had taken a vessel. So Dean takes the ash-stained ground with him.

Dean’s not sure what to do with this bit of soil he now has, but it seems wrong to place it in an urn and stopper it up; even in death, this remnant of Cas should be free. On a whim, he spreads the dirt in a planter and leaves it outside in the sun and rain—freedom, he muses.

To Dean’s surprise, something green begins to poke out of the soil. Over the course of a few days, he watches as the small greenery unfurls and blooms into sprigs of tiny blue flowers; forget-me-nots, he learns. Their varying shades of blue remind Dean of Cas’ eyes, and for a few minutes, he has to go inside, away, so he can feel like he can breathe again.

The flowers don’t need a lot of care, independent, much like Cas had been, but for what little he does do, Dean tends to them gently, as gently as he would’ve done with Cas if the angel had still been there. It’s strange, but the flowers simultaneously make his heart ache, yet ease the suffocating band of grief that’d been squeezing around his chest.

An angel’s grace brings new life and creation, and this is what remained of Cas’ grace, infused into the soil at the moment of his death, had brought Dean. “Still watching over me, huh?” Dean murmurs, brushing his hand over the forget-me-nots as if he’s stroking Cas’ hair.

i was just imagining how cas’ grace probably scattered like stardust when he died so for the following few nights after his death, the lake shore glowed with luminescent traces of grace

This fandom is getting out of hand, guys. The amount of PSAs she’s done just won’t get into some of your heads. These are REAL people with REAL lives out of this fantasy world they created for their jobs. I’ve been a fan of hers since her early days in YouTube. Never have I seen such toxicity in a fandom other than Undertale and to be quite honest, it’s not far from that fandom as well. That’s how sad this is getting. Every single one of these people work their asses off to get videos up for you every day of every week. Do not take that for granted.

Jess is an amazing story-teller. Their company is full of such talented people. The VAs they hired are not just employees, they’re their friends. This fandom has driven some of those friends away and it’s just sickening. Let them have their fun and don’t cross the line. They are real people, not fictional characters. Aphmau is a fictional character, you can ship her with other characters. Jess is a real person. She’s married with two kids. Get that in your heads. Please. Before this fandom falls apart too.


McDonalds “The Future Me (Part 2)” Japanese Anime Commercial [ENG SUB]

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Good work!
Cover for me while I’m gone, okay?
Don’t worry! I can take care of it! You can leave this place to me!
Just focus on your job search!
Excuse me.
Using the things I learned from senpai…
Please refill the fries before rush hour hits!
Not bad, newbie.
Using the things I learned working there…
I’m not sure if this integrates all our ideas, but how about a strategy like this?
Hmm, sounds good.
Thank you very much!
Those things will surely…
How’d the interview go?
Aced it!
Thank goodness!
I was so worried! I could barely focus at work, but I knew I had to fill your shoes! The manager even praised me yesterday!
Is that so?
Are you going to be able to come in next week..?
You bet.
Those things will surely connect to the future me!
アルバイト パート募集中
Your perfect work ethic is surely out there as well! Now hiring part-time positions!

Commercials are great, quick resource to brush up on your Japanese listening comprehension! Not to mention Japanese commercials are (barely) arguably the best in the world!