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anonymous asked:

I know it’s a little far fetched but what if the noodle dragons could imitate sounds they hear (not so much speaking as copying)- much like parrots or ravens- and they seem to greatly enjoy confusing Jesse and sometimes even Hanzo.

This is McCute! & could lead to some hilarious scenarios. We have a parakeet that’s picked up the phone key-tones, our dog’s barks and we swear a phrase or two so i could totally see the noodles picking up tones like that. Maybe they start imitating the com alert noises or maybe Jesse’s spurs?

How Stiles and Scott Met?

Word Count~ 859
Rating~ cute
Warnings~ none, just fluff
Pairings~ none
A/N~ guys, I have like three Liam imagines XD. I hope to be writing all day so send me random questions in my ask. I don’t even care what they are, I’ll answer them all. Or do whatever they say. IDK. Just enjoy =)
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Request~ Anonymous said:
Could you do a Scott and Stiles based of the video on how they met (if you type in on YouTube “how Scott and Stiles met it will be the first one) and the reader is one of there older sisters you can choose and she takes him to the park. Could you use Tyler’s and Dylan’s version of the story please. Thank you.

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when you’re trying to have a good time and mind yo business and a ““scoot mccute defense squad member”” has to come in and ruin it. i mean i love scoot but his fans just drive me crazy some times. like. i can criticize scoot and other characters? it’s a Bad Show and all the characters are problematic because the writing is shit. but whatever i don’t wanna get involved in this garbage.

HUGE fitzsimmons fic rec list

in honor of fanfiction writer appreciation day, as well as this being the second part of my 1k followers surprise, i created a huge fitzsimmons fic rec list for you guys to enjoy :)

okay for starters i am going to say that i am terrible at explaining things, so the brief explanations / premises of these fics that i wrote are terrible, but all of these fics are amazing and these writers are all so talented so you should read their work. this list is really long because i just kept adding and adding and adding and before i knew it my word document was 4 pages long and counting so it’s going to be under the cut

it is divided into 3 sections, multichapter fics or a fic series, one shots, and AUs

for the multichapter and AU section:

* = mean it is a multi chapter fic that is finished

** = means it is a multi chapter fic that isn’t finished yet

the fics aren’t ordered in any specific ranking or anything, i just added a fic on to the list whenever i read a fic and liked it :)

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anonymous asked:

Hey Tiddie, what if Jesse was a prankster and has pranked everyone these last few months, right? But then he hears that a new member has joined so he plans to give them the "welcome to the team" kind of prank something simple that he's done before. Exploding little bags of pepper on the newcomer to make them sneeze. When the day comes Jesse learns that it's genji's bro joining them he thought that fact to be hilarious. That is until the prank goes off and he learns that Hanzo is extremely (1-)

Allergic to pepper so they have to rush him the the medical bay. In all that time (Hanzo being unconscious) McCree stays next to him, helping anyway he could, feeling guilty. Genji of course scolded him and when Hanzo wakes up Jesse appologizes like a 100 times under a minutes. That if he had known he would’ve used something else and Hanzo laughs at that and when Jesse asks him why he’s laughing he says “you would have still done it” and McCree’s like (2-)
 "Well of course. I like pranking people not hurting them" and that’s how they became the bestest friends and maybe later on lovers. Fin! (3-3)

This is funny and McCute!
I’m so here for prankster McCree –i’m also a full supporter of secret but legendary prank-master Hanzo who totally gets him back. ;D

anonymous asked:

Ugh. I'm sorry the infamous Scott McCall/Tyler Posey Delusional Squad hijacked your incredibly clever, fitting, logic, beautiful post just to spam it with their own extremely delusional self-insert pro Scott anti Derek & Stiles bullshit. Just block them and let those trolls keep drowning in their eternal desperation, bitterness and pathological butthurt. Hugs<3

Yeah, I’ve already blocked the person who reblogged my post and added a bunch of ‘scoot mccute defense squad’ stuff to it cause I don’t have time to deal with that lol. I don’t understand why I can’t criticize scoot and stiles for their behavior in seasons 1 and 2 without making people mad, but whatever. That’s the fandom life. Thanks for the hugs, nonny!! Right back at ya!! <3