So it’s come to my attention that a lot of the younginz around here haven’t seen Heavenly Creatures (or as I like to call it, Roleplaying Murder Girlfriends), directed by Peter Jackson, which has been my favorite film since I was a wee middleschooler trying to figure out my gay feelings.

Allow me to tell you the mostly true story of two intense(-ly gay and murderous) RP partners in the 50′s in New Zealand.

This is Pauline. She is shy and very creative.

Meet the new transfer student, Akemi Homu—Er, Juliet. 

She is also very creative. 

The two begin an intense friendship, bonding over their childhood illnesses and love of fantasy AUs of their favorite celebrities, complete with self-insert OCs so they can bang their faves. 

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headcannons and rambles

Ok, so I have several headcannons and fanfic ideas swirling around in my head, yet no will to post/finish some of them. So here’s what i’m thinking.

I’m going to post my ideas and snips of stories and if anyone wants to expand on them or craft them into real fanfictions, be my guest.

All I ask is that I be linked to it so I can bask in its glory, or some such. Also I would like to be credited. 

Here’s the first one.

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As someone who went into “The Sword and The Spirit” genuinely thinking that Stiles would be the reason Lydia woke up (and that’s not silly! MTV totally tricked us into that), let me tell you that I am thrilled it was Malia instead.

The reason why is that I feel like this show, being mostly written and created by men, places a disproportionate amount of emphasis on the relationships that the men have with each other and with the women on the show. In the early days of the show, Allison and Lydia were more defined by their relationships with the boys than they were by their relationships with each other. Everyone goes on and on about their great relationship, but honestly most of it was behind the scenes and implied. I mean really, it’s not like this show passes the Blechdel test on a consistent basis.

Now, like the rest of you, I was annoyed when Kira and Malia immediately took over the roles in the story that Allison and Lydia previously occupied. But most of my annoyance was centered around the fact that they were treating women like they were just interchangeable pieces. Kira and Malia’s roles in the story weren’t defined by their personalities, but rather by their statuses as Scott and Stiles’s love interests.

In Season 5, that all changed. Kira and Malia were both pulled away from Scott and Stiles to have their own storylines that had nothing to do with the boys. Lydia spent more time interacting with the pack and less with Deputy McCreeper, and still got a kickass storyline about her finally coming into her own as a banshee.

Most importantly, the show starts putting more focus on female friendships. We’d already seen Lydia and Kira’s, and Kira and Malia’s friendships develop in Season 4. In Season 4, we’d also seen Lydia and Malia’s friendship develop from annoyance to fondness. Now, their bond grew deeper. The scene in 5x03 where Malia looks so upset and shocked about Lydia’s injury, not wanting to leave her, was a great contrast to her line “If she was weak and injured, yeah” in 4x01. Having Malia then be the reason Lydia woke up in 5x14 is the culmination of how strong their bond is - not the tenuous, grudging respect that everyone assumed it would be because they were “fighting” over a boy, but a friendship and love that transcends a mutual love interest, because female friendships are beautiful and wonderful things.

Also, this is a HUGE MARKING POINT in Lydia’s character development. She used to be so cold and closed off, only caring for a couple of people, and even then hardly ever showing it (being bitchy to her parents, Jackson and Allison). As she becomes part of the pack, she begins to let her walls down and open her circle. Season one Lydia would not have become friends with Malia, the girl she was annoyed with for taking all of Stiles’s attention. But Seasons 4-5 Lydia did, and I loved that this episode finally took the time to showcase their bond, which has been developing since the beginning of Season 4.

So even though I’m a Stydia shipper, I’m really happy that Lydia woke up for her friend rather than her love interest. Personally, I think we have tons of scenes showcasing the bond between Stiles and Lydia. I’m happy that we now have this epic one showcasing the bond between Malia and Lydia as well.

The Girl Who Cared

Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester, Castiel
One Shot
Warnings: Language, Angst, Fluff
Note: Based off Anon writing prompt request < “Go ahead, laugh at the girl who cares too much.” Sammy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!> Hope you like it!

You had been hunting with the Winchesters for 3 years since you parents died and they saved you from being abducted from demons. They boys had taught you a lot and you were a pretty fast learner Dean was like a big brother and Sam well Sam was another story entirely. Dean had the Mark when you met him so he was always angry and kind of cold towards you in the beginning. Sam, on the other hand, was always kind and caring. He was only a year older than you. You two would stay up late watching movies and reading books or just telling stories. He was your best friend but you wanted him to be more. You were so scared he didn’t feel the same way. The guys were about to go out on a particularly nasty hunt and Sam was trying to convince you to stay behind. 

“Y/N, Please, I’m begging you. Please just stay here. Dean, Cas, and I can handle this.” He gave you those puppy dog eyes. “OOOH, I get it. So all the men can handle it but I’m a woman so I should stay here.” You scoffed. You knew damn well that’s not what he meant. But you also knew how to push Sam Winchester’s buttons. “Y/N!! That is not what I meant! I just don’t want you to get hurt! You’ll be safe here.” “DEAN! Tell Sam that I am quite capable of taking care of myself!” You looked pointedly at Dean knowing that he knew better than to stand against you. “Man, she’s got this. She’s helped us take down a vamp nest before!” Dean smirked at Sam. Sam in return threw Dean his best bitch face. “Plus Cas will be there to heal me right up if anything happens! Right, Cassie?” You hugged Cas’s arm. “I… I don’t feel comfortable contributing to this conversation.” Castiel stammered. “Come on guys! You know you need a chick to break up this sausagefest you got going on!” “I don’t understand…” Cas started only to be cut off by Dean. “That fucking settles it! She’s going! End of discussion!” You jumped and clapped your hands excitedly and threw a smirk at Sam. He just clenched his jaw and pushed past you. You knew he would be a little upset but not that mad. What was he so pissed about? 

If he only knew the real reason you wanted to go on the hunt was just in case something happened to any of them, especially him. You were in love with him and he had no idea. If you only knew that he loved you the same way. Since discovering his love for you he has been trying to leave you behind at the bunker on hunts to keep you safe. He couldn’t lose you. 

Everyone grabs their bags and weapons and jumps in the impala. Dean behind the wheel of course, Sammy riding shotgun, Cas was sitting behind Dean, and you were behind Sam. The car ride was disturbingly quiet except for Dean’s music on the radio. You could cut the tension with a knife. You leaned up to Sam’s ear that was closest to the door, “Why are you so pissed at me, Sammy? You never used to mind when I would go on hunts. If you hate me and just don’t want me around anymore, all you have to do is just say it.” You voice cracked and you tried to hold back the tears. As you slowly pulled your hands off the top of his shoulders he grabs your hand and turns to you. You see him smiling and is he holding back laughter? “Are you fucking laughing Winchester?” Your face was burning. Here you were opening up, feeling hurt and exposed and this ass was laughing at you! “Y/N! I’m sorry! I just…I..” He couldn’t finish because he was laughing. “Go ahead, laugh at the girl who cares too much.” You snatched your hand away. 

At this point, you were stopped at a Gas and Sip and Cas and Dean were inside. Sam got out of the car and climbed in the back with you. “Move over.” When you didn’t listen and just sat there arms crossed across your chest, he simply scooped you up in his arms and pulled you on to his lap. Your heart was racing. “I was laughing because it is hilarious that you would think that I could ever hate you. The reason I’ve been trying to keep you out of the hunts is because I care about you and I don’t want you to get hurt.” He cupped your cheek and put his forehead to yours and closed his eyes. “I’m in love with you y/n. I have been for so long. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck and buried your face in the crook of his neck. “The reason I’ve been such a pain in the ass about coming on these hunts is because I’m in love with you Sam Winchester. And Dean and Cas are like family. If something happened to any of you and I could’ve been there to prevent it, I would never be able to forgive myself.” “We kinda suck at that whole communication thing, huh?” Sam smirked. You went to reply but were cut off. “You think?” Dean’s amused but agitated face in the window. “Whoah McCreeper! How long have you been standing there?” You shot at him. “Long enough to be nauseous. Let’s roll. Cas get in the car!” Cas looked really confused. “You can ride up front this time Cas!” You winked. Cas smiled and jumped up front. Dean burned rubber out of the parking lot and off towards the case. You could not be happier surrounded by your boys. Your two brothers up front and Sam Winchester, the man you loved with his arms wrapped around you in the backseat.

*****Hope you like it! Xoxo