M13 by Don McCrady
Via Flickr:
M13, the Great Hercules globular cluster, taken through the SVS130 and STL-4020M. 3 hours total exposure, 1 hour per red, green, blue filter. Processed in Maxim/DL and Photoship CC. Final image upsampled 2x.

How the companions sleep

Hey this wasn’t requested but I thought it would be fun to do so here you go.

Cait: Sleeps on her back or side with her hands underneath her pillow. Generally has her shot gun underneath it too. Gets really hot at night and kicks all the blankets off.

Curie: Loves to cuddle something usually has a pillow she puts her head on and one she throws one of her legs over when there is not a person there. She suprsingly gets really cold at night so she has tons of blankets.

Dogmeat: Tends to lay by Soul’s feet or the edge of their bed if they are hot.Is probably the deepest sleeper in the world.

Danse: A huge bed hog. Will lay spread eagle on the bed taking up 90% of it, no chance if you want to cuddle him will be respectful of your space until he is asleep. Overheats very easily and sleeps in his boxers or nothing at all.

McCrady: Makes a huge nest out of pillows. He sleeps with about twenty pillows at his house in a circle on two twin beds. When his son has nightmares he let’s him in his bed and reads comic books to him until he falls asleep. He loves to snuggle people and keeps his arm protectively over them.

Hancock: Heavy sleeper. He will take a bit of day tripper before bed to give him crazy dreams, but if he is cuddling someone he cares about he will watch them until he falls into a deep slumber.

Nick: Does not really like to sleep and normally stays up working on a case, bit if someone wants him to he will stay with them until they fall asleep.

Piper: A lot like Curie and will cuddle people. She gets really hot and has a hard time falling asleep. So she will read old books until she does drift off.

Strong: Sleeps on the floor because he breaks every bed he tries to sleep on, also a snores as loud as a train.

Deacon: Has rocket ship pajamas and matching slippers. Loves to sleep on his side facing a wall. Sleep talks and one time said mutt-fruits were taking over the Commonwealth.

Preston: Sleeps in a small ball with a teddy bear named General. He has the most adorable sleeping face.

X6-88: Like Nick he doesn’t like to sleep but when he does he lays straight as a board on his back. Sometimes sleeps with his eyes open to creep Soul out.

Thanks for reading and if you see any errors in grammar please tell me I would appreciate it. ^-^


M3 by Don McCrady
Via Flickr:
M3 is a fine globular cluster in the constellation Canes Venatici. It is approximately 40 thousand light years distant from us, and like all globular clusters contains many elderly red stars. This is 40 minutes each of red, green, and blue through a Stellarvue SVS130 and SBIG STL-4020M. Processed in MaximDL, PixInsight, and Photoshop. The final image was upsampled 2x.