Come Back to Me || Fangs Fogarty

request: Hi! Could you maybe write something about Fangs? Like maybe he was best friends with the reader before he was a serpent and then he slowly stops talking with her and then one day her mom calls him and tells him something happened to her and you can go from there?

requested by: anonymous

a/n: I might be open to a part 2 for this?! But idk, let me know if you want one. I had way too much fun writing this. I also made it so that Pea, Fangs, Toni, and the reader were all best friends growing up.  I hope you guys enjoy and please check the warnings before you read! xx, aubree.

warnings: mentions of blood, a car accident, hospitals, tubes in places, description of injuries & cussing. angsty af (at least I think it is)


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So, if

a) Karl Urban plays Doctor McCoy in Star Trek AOS, and

b) Karl Urban played Cupid on Xena, and

c) Cupid’s father (or at least father figure, depending on who Venus had an affair with) was Vulcan, then

d) Both AOS Spock and McCoy have played a character who is half-Vulcan, a fact that

e) would probably annoy both characters to no end.

Just a thought.

Hesitation || Toni Topaz

request: Hi how are you (: was wondering if you could do a Toni topaz imagine where she thinks the reader is ashamed to be dating a serpent because they’re very hesitant when Toni asks to meet their friends/ or family

requested by: anonymous

a/n: Hi guys! I hope you like this little drabble.

warnings: none.

word count: 293 (I’m sorry it’s so short!)

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“Y/N” Toni’s soft voice filled the room as she smiled at Y/N who was perched at her vanity doing her make up for a Northside party she was going to tonight.

“Hmm.” Y/N looked over towards her pink haired girlfriend and away from the makeup sitting in front of her.

“Since we’ve been dating for a while, I was thinking, maybe, that I could finally meet some of your friends and maybe your family.” Toni fiddled with a string poking out of the sheets on Y/N’s bed.

Y/N looked down as she hesitated to give Toni an answer.

Toni stood quickly, anger filled her small body, “Are you ashamed of me? Is it because I’m a serpent and you don’t want your friends to know you spend your nights with Southside trash.”

Y/N turned so fast she could’ve blurred. She got up and approached her fuming girlfriend, “T, you are not Southside trash. How could you think that?”

“Because you don’t introduce me to anyone.” She huffed, “I brought you to the Whyte Wyrm and introduced you to everyone. Every single person I know. For christ sake, I introduced you to Sweet Pea and you know how he feels about Northsiders.”

“I merely hesitated, Toni. I was thinking.” Y/N snaked one of her hands onto Toni’s hip, the other tucked the pink hair behind Toni’s ear, “You’re right. I haven’t introduced you to anyone. So grab your jacket and let’s go to a party, shall we?” 

Toni smiled up at her girlfriend and pressed a kiss to her lips.

As the two girls walked into the party, Y/N took Toni’s hand in her own and placed a kiss on her fingers.

Y/N approached her friends, “Josie, Veronica, this is Toni Topaz, my girlfriend.”

Fandom Challenge Day One: Leonard McCoy

Bones is dating you, a science officer. At the end of your shifts, you convene in your shared quarters to have dinner and share stories from your day, and then get ready for bed. He loves you and you love him, and that is not something that will ever change.

McKeller Family Headcanons

- Kevin tells Josie he’s secretly dating Fangs before he tells either Sierra or Tom, and Josie keeps his secret and covers for him when he’s out on dates.

- Kevin and Josie are really enthusiastic Christmas people who go all out decorating the inside and the outside of the house, baking cookies for everyone they know and even people they don’t, going Christmas caroling, and then throwing a big Christmas for all of their friends and their families on Christmas Eve.

- With Sierra and Tom working and Josie performing, most of the cooking falls to Kevin. He really has complete control of the kitchen, and always makes sure he has great snacks or a phenomenal meal ready for when guests come over.

- Josie really likes vacationing on the beach, while Kevin really prefers hunting/fishing/camping or some other sort of outdoor nature activity. However, they usually just end up being dragged along for a conference of Sierra’s and then getting stuck a hotel for a couple of days. But even so, the two of them always try to make the best of it.

- Sierra and Tom often can’t make it to Josie’s performances and Kevin’s wrestling matches due to their jobs, so they try to take them out to a nice family dinner the next night all of them are free.

Who You Really Are || Jason Blossom

request: Can you please do an imagine with Jason Blossom based on In The Dark by Camila Cabello?

requested by: anonymous

a/n: sorry if this is shit! I hope you guys like it :) xx, aubree

warnings: underage drinking

word count: 722 

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T’Pau: Live long and prosper, Spock.

Spock: I shall do neither.  I have killed my captain and my friend.

Another piece of old-fashioned fan art done with paper and paint.


anonymous asked:

I really need to rewatch Star Trek, especially now that I'm old enough to realize what they're talking about. Bones is and always will be my fav though probably. Scouty is a close second