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This Could Be the Start of a Plant-less Relationship

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For my Summer of Soulmates || 200 Follower Celebration :D

Request #1

This Could Be the Start of a Plant-less Relationship

Requested by: @thevalesofanduin
Fandom: Star Trek (AOS)
Relationship: Leonard McCoy x Reader
Soulmate AU: #12 – the one where you have their first words spoken to you
Sentence Prompts: #26 - “So MacGyvering this out of my tuckus right now.” and #50 - “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
Set the Scene Prompt: n/a
Other Notes: n/a

A/N: After nearly a month, I finally have the first fic of the celebration done!!! *tosses confetti and blows a party horn* This one is for the ever lovely Laura (@thevalesofanduin), who requested one involving the ‘Fleet’s top doc, Leonard McCoy! Now when I posted the information for the celebration, I made a note saying that for certain AUs, the sentence prompts wouldn’t necessarily be the Soulmate tell. As a quick spoiler, I couldn’t quite pass up the opportunity to use these as the tell ;) And as a bonus fun fact - #50 turned out to be a rather popular sentence request lol

Anyways, you can find the masterlist for this celebration here!

Other than that, enjoy! ♥

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Reader x Scotty - THE ART OF HEALING

Wound Healing: 

the restoration of integrity to injured tissues by replacement of dead tissue with viable tissue. The process starts immediately after an injury and may continue for months or years, and is essentially the same for all types of wounds.

Hello, everyone. My name is Y/N, Y/L/N, and this is the story of how my life was forever changed.

Stage One: Perforating wound

A penetrating wound which extends into a viscus or bodily cavity.

Scotty walks into engineering to see you dangling haphazardly from the ceiling.

“Ach!” he shouts without meaning to, feeling his heart race in his chest. He takes a deep breath and then calls in a much steadier voice. “You be sure the straps are tight an’ proper, lass!”

It’s one thing to repair the main warp generator, Scotty thinks.

It’s quite another to watch the love of your life do it.

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Comic-Con Confessional

Riverdale Season 2- What We Know:

•22 Episodes

•Archie is going a bit dark and shutting off because of Fred being shot.

•Kevin dealing with the breakup.

•Mr. Lodge is not approving of Varchie.

•Josie x Reggie may happen.

•Madelaine said that Cheryl is seeking help for her mental instability.

•Widowed Miss Blossom is in the hospital.

•An Amazing Josie & The Pussycats performance.

•Bughead in troubled waters.

•Vanessa Morgan is going to play a bisexual character in the Southside and apparently is going to be the female version of Jughead and they are going to hit it off very well.

•New Reggie played by Charles Melton.

•The Cooper/Blossom twin babies may be born sometime during this season.

•Okay but where the fuck is Nana Blossom?!?!

*Feel free to add on/or correct me if I’m wrong*


Prompt: @southernbellestatues Hi!!! I was wondering if I could have #36 on the list with AOS Bones? Pretty please! Thank you so much and CONGRATULATIONS!!! 900 is such a huge number and we’re all so lucky to have found your corner of the internet ❤️

Pairing: Len/Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: this…This wasn’t as fluffy as it could be, the original idea involved pregnancy. This…This is not that.

Word Count: 360 ish

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Riverdale cast in SDCC 2017 Icons + headers

Like if you save

Credit on Twitter: sharmanhc

For @beauty-grace-outer-space

It’s maybe not quite what you had in mind, and I couldn’t end it properly, but here’s a thing anyway. :)

It felt like he was pushing his way through a deep dark mass. Like swimming up to the top of the ocean against a current, He could see the light, where he needed to be, but before it was an obstacle trying to stop him, pushing back against him.

And just before he got to the light, he was hit with the memories held within the darkness.


Jim doing his best to hold back the pain as he knew he was dying.

Jim asking after the ship, the crew, making sure that the others were going to be okay.

Jim begging for Spock to help him through the last moments of his life and Spock being unable to do anything to help.



He remembers the rage that came after it.

He might have yelled and then it’s a mess of darkness and rage.

There was pain and darkness and that’s all he can remember.

And then he wakes up and reality is the same.

The pain he felt is there as he takes a deep breath like he’s surfaced from the water. But he’s in a room. A normal safe room. He doesn’t know where it is, where he is.

He can’t even tell if he’s on the ship anymore.

He left Jim’s body. He didn’t wait for the room to be safe enough to open the door, he’d just left.

Was he still there, then?

Did Mister Scott take the initiative to retrieve the body and send it to sickbay?

He didn’t even know.

His mind seemed so empty.

He sat up and took stock of himself.

There were bruises, deep ones, that he couldn’t recall. It took a lot to bruise a Vulcan and he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had ones so vivid.

What had he done to receive them?

The gaps in his memory concerned him greatly.

He pulled on the clothing neatly folded by the bed and left the room.

The noise and vitality, the brightness outside of that room had him staggering back towards the quiet darkness he’d left behind.

He realised now that the room was soundproofed and in that brief glimpse he’d had, he knew he was still on the ship. The door slid shut and blocked out the noise and brightness.

Holding himself steady against the bed, he recovered himself, trying to get himself together for another attempt.

He didn’t expect the door to open itself.

“I wondered when you’d wake up,” came the familiar tone of Doctor McCoy.

Spock felt an irrational irritation at the man’s voice, calm and measured as it was. But despite the press of emotions he felt, Spock said nothing as though he simply could not force words to come together.

McCoy’s hand clamped around Spock’s upper arm and moved him back to the bed, pushing at his shoulders until he was seated on the bed.

And Spock complied. He didn’t even know why.

McCoy was shining a light in Spock’s eyes and Spock turned his head away from the painful brightness. “Still light sensitive, huh? I can give you something for that.”

“Or you could allow me to return to my quarter,” Spock replied voice sounding weak from disuse.

“Do you know how long you’ve been out? Two and a half days. That’ll teach you to meld with a psychopath.”

Spock felt coldness settle over him as McCoy’s words sunk in. “I do not know-”

“Khan.” McCoy interrupted. “Once you were back on the Enterprise, Khan knocked out, you melded with him. God knows why. We almost couldn’t get you out of it. In the end, we just had to pry you off of him. We didn’t know if we’d do any damage to you but we had to do it.”

“Khan is in custody?”

“Back in his pod. Frozen where he needs to stay.”

“I do not recall-”

“It’s fine. Some of this might come back to you give a little more time.”

A moment of clarity then. His dreams coming back to him. Jim.

“Have I missed Kirk’s service?” he asks. He hopes his voice sounds steadier than it sounded to him.

McCoy’s face pales and he turns and leaves the room.

And Spock can’t help himself, rather than do anything else, he lays back down on the bed.

McCoy’s back in soon enough, though Spock has no idea how long he’d been gone, and he comes round and pulls him back up into a sitting position. Spock should object but he doesn’t feel as though it’s worth the effort so he makes no protest. “Come on,” McCoy encourages as he leads him back to the door. Spock hesitates, turns his head as the door opens, but realises the room’s lights have been dimmed and the noise of the busy room from before has been replaced by near silence. There are fewer people around but the ones there are busy working away and pay no attention to either of the men emerging from the room.

McCoy leads Spock across the room, across sickbay, and into another side room.

The intake of breath isn’t voluntary.

Jim is there.



Hooked up to all sort of machines, but he’s alive.

And Spock doesn’t know how.

“I do not understand,” he eventually says.

McCoy had somehow moved from beside him to the other side of Jim’s bed. “You went and got Khan and we were able to use his blood to save Jim. He’s not out of the woods yet, but it’s looking hopeful.”

“You saved him,” he eventually says, eyes transfixed on Jim.

McCoy shrugs. “I couldn’t deal with him not being around. What other choice did I have?” He watches Spock, surprised by his genuine display of distress at believing Jim was dead.

He had an urge to call Spock on the emotionalism of his reaction, but for some reason, that didn’t feel right. “We’ll be transferring him to a medical facility in San Francisco soon enough. And I want you to stick around. I-”

“I will not go anywhere,” Spock replied, eyes not leaving Jim.

“I want to make sure there’s no damage done from your meld with Khan.”

“Very well,” Spock said, dismissively. “Do you believe there will be long term effects?”

“I’m not sure. I know very little about Vulcan melds.”

Spock looked to McCoy confused. “I was referring to Jim.”

McCoy sighed. “It’s hard to say. It’s not like there are any other cases like this to refer too. We’ll keep an eye on him. It’s the best we can do. He’ll be out for a few days still.”