I like to think that the senior crew just fell into an impromptu cuddle pile in the lobby of Yorktown’s central plaza right after Jim, Bones and Spock landed.

It probably started with Jim dropping his weight by Bones’ side so that Bones sneaks his arm around him. Then it was Spock holding onto Jim’s shoulder and joined by Nyota who stepped into their circle, face close and breathing in Spock’s air with one hand slipped into Jim’s and the other clutching at Spock’s jacket.

Pavel would have walked exhaustedly towards his seniors and then faceplanted, still standing mind you, into Bones’ free shoulder. His bruised hand reached across to latch on Jim’s jacket. Hikaru would have taken a moment to lean on Pavel’s other side with one hand in his friend’s hair and the other stretched to rest on the side of Jim’s face. He can spare a minute of this with his siblings before running out to the civilian shelter to find his husband and child.

And then Scotty would come in a slight jog with Jaylah trailing behind, all security matters dropped to the Yorktown Commander. He slotted himself between Nyota and Jim, one arm around each of their waist. A bit of a snug fit, but it’ll do. Jaylah hesitates before Nyota reached out and pulled her in, Scotty shifting so that she can fit without it being too stifling for her. She doesn’t touch, doesn’t feel free enough to do it, but she basked in their warmth.

It’s pretty weird. You’re an officer running to and from the wreckage of the Franklin, but you slow down your manic sprint to stare a little at the huddled crew in the middle of the hall.

It’s weird, but no one bothers them. It’s a bubble of peace and relief amidst the bustling of emergency respondents and panicking civilians.


Star Trek Beyond Classic - Beastie Boys Sabotage

SpockFact #21

Once a week Spock teaches a class in sickbay in which he guides officers through a series of mental exercises and meditations designed to help crew cope with stress and mental illness. Nearly every member of the crew has attended at least one class including Sulu, Chekov, Uhura, and even Dr. McCoy.

  • Bones:Who thought that this was a good idea?!?!
  • Spock:Doctor I assure you I had taken every possible scenario and risk into consideration when planning our current course of action.
  • Bones:Yeah, but dos you take him into account?
  • Kirk:Hey guys, check out this weird flower, it keeps trying to cuddle my neck. I think it likes me.
  • Spock:.... I have no excuse.

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You asked for a prompt, bones/Darcy lewis. "We don't judge each other. We judge other people together."

For @melifair and @daughter-of-ophelia as well, who also requested Darcy/Bones. Thank you all for the prompts!

Science Officer Lewis gives the Captain her report from her station at the back of the bridge, as a huge yellowish planet looms on the viewscreen.

“Initial scans reveal a non-breathable atmosphere and potentially unstable tectonics. I wouldn’t recommend beaming down until we know more.”

“Then we’ll take a shuttle down. Suit up and go for a walk.” Kirk flashes a toothy grin around the bridge, looking for someone to support his suggestion.

“Idiotic,” Darcy murmurs to her console.

Doctor McCoy is a little more forthright in sharing his views. “Idiotic,” he declares from the seat beside Darcy, at almost the exact same moment.

McCoy glances at Darcy in surprise, but his smirk speaks of his approval.

“Hey!” Kirk whines. “I don’t need to be judged in stereo.”

Darcy is already rolling her eyes before she realises McCoy is doing the same thing.

“Ugh, fine,” Kirk pouts, swinging his chair back around to face the viewscreen. “Chekov, launch a probe.”

McCoy turns back to the console in front of him and Darcy returns to her scans.

“I knew I liked you for a reason,” McCoy comments, as he presses a few buttons. His overly casual tone belies the twinkle in his eye. They’ve only had reason to speak to each other a handful of times since she came onboard, but she’d always thought there was a spark of something between them.

He’s trying not to come on too strong, but Darcy has no such compunctions.

“Do you like me enough to have dinner with me tonight?” she asks, throwing a quick smirk his way as she taps away at her own console.

McCoy’s grin grows. “Yes, ma'am.” He outranks her, which is how she knows it’s a southern thing, not a Starfleet thing. “Seven-thirty in the mess hall? We’ll be just in time to disparage Jim’s food choices as we walk past his table. It drives him crazy.”

Darcy grins. “It’s a date.”

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Imagine: Reader x Leonard McCoy

Summary: Just another day on the Enterprise… or is it? When the reader and Dr. McCoy bump into each other in Medbay, it’s clear that something is going on. The whole crew seems to be coming in complaining of feeling lightheaded, when the unthinkable happens. The question is though, why is this happening? That’s what the reader wants to find out! 

Part 1

Edit: I apologize I’m not good at summaries. 

Need to know: Limited foul language. [Y/N] = your name. [Y/L/N] = your last name. 

“Don’t worry [Y/N] Bones is going to take good care of you!” Captain James T. Kirk said dragging you along by your good arm.

“Jim for the last time I told you I’m fine,” you pleaded trying to get out of going to the med-bay.

“Yeah right. When Mr. Scott has to request a Captain’s escort to get you to the med-bay we know something’s up.”

“Yea remind me to deal with that later,” you mumbled. You had been in the engineering room for all of ten minutes to deliver a message to Scotty when some stupid test had gone wrong causing an explosion. A piece of shrapnel aimed right for your face fortunately had been blocked by your arm. Bad news, it left a scary looking bruise and most likely a sprained arm. Everyone else got away with minor scrapes and bruises. Just your luck that you’d be the one to get sent to med-bay.

“You know Jim I could always…” You started, attempting and failing to pull away from him.

“No [Y/N]. Just stop you’re going to med-bay. We both know Bones would kill me if I didn’t make sure you arrived there.”

“Or you could just tell him I’m fine cause I am…” you suggested reluctantly. Your heart was pounding. Not only did you not want to face McCoy, you had an irrational fear of doctors offices. Kirk stopped a second to look at you, rolled his eyes, then continued walking taking you with him.

“Have you not seen your arm?” Kirk said.

“Jim please!” You pleaded, but he wasn’t having it. Before long you were stopped outside the med-bay doors.

“Are you going to go inside yourself or do I have to walk you to Bones too?” Jim asked staring you down. You scowled back at him, trying to show him he couldn’t push you around like this. It didn’t work, his stare was so full of serenity and concern that you walked through the med-bay doors in defeat. As the doors slid closed you caught a bemused smirk slide across Kirk’s face.

To your surprise, the med-bay was full of patients. Men and Women were scattered across waiting room chairs. Many of them clenching their heads and leaning them down between their knees. Reluctantly, you walked over to the one empty chair in the waiting room. For a while you went unnoticed. You watched the nurses shuffling around to different patients, many of them stumbling as they did so. Finally one came over to you with a clipboard.

“Name?” She asked sickeningly sweet.

“Err [Y/L/N] [Y/N]. Look if this is a bad time I can come back later I’m not-”

“Nonsense dear! Just wait a moment and we’ll bring you right back.” Said the nurse before shuffling away. After a couple minutes, a new nurse came over to walk you back to the examination room. Sitting you up on the exam table he briefly checked you over and asked some questions.

“The doctor will be right with you,” he said walking towards the exit.

“Are there any other doctors in today besides Dr. McCoy? I’d really like to-” but before you could finish your question he slammed the door shut. For several minutes you anxiously awaited the arrival of the doctor. To your dismay, Dr. Leonard McCoy came walking in looking down at his clipboard.

“Alright sweetheart what seems to be the prob-” looking up to see you he paused. “Thank god,” he said walking over to embrace you in a warm hug. It wasn’t the reaction you were expecting. “This place has been loaded all day. It’s good to see a familiar face.” Then the realization hit of why you were there.

“What the hell did you do this time?” He asked anxious. This is what you were worried about. Your natural curiosity of things led you to be quite accident prone. Thanks to this you had become very familiar with the med-bay and the good doctor. Though every time you ended up hurt, he always became overly concerned with your health.

“Leonard I’m fine,” you tried to assure him, but worry was plastered all over his face.

“Let me see,” he said glancing at your arm. Reluctantly you lifted it for him to look at. Gently McCoy rolled up your blue sleeve to examine the injury. The bruise had now turned a nasty shade of dark purple. Your arm had also began to swell up from your wrist to your elbow.

“Fine my ass,” McCoy mumbled. Shuffling in his pocket he pulled out his tricorder and began to scan your arm. As he carefully moved the machine over your arm you studied his face. There was something off about him. In the recent months Dr. Leonard McCoy had filled a special place in your heart. You knew him better than anyone and he you. Eyebrows knit together he intensely studied the reading on the tricorder.

“Well good news is your arms not broken,” he sighed. “It’s just a strain. A wrap and some ice will fix you right up.”

Walking over to a small freezer, McCoy pulled out an ice-pack to give you. When the door to your room creaked open. A nurse poked her head in through the door.

“Sorry to interrupt,” she said. “But we’ve got another one doctor.” There was a moment of silence. McCoy nodded to the nurse signaling he’d be there in a minute and she left the room.

“I’ll be right back,” he told you. “Keep that ice on the swelling.” Before you could reply he rushed out of the room. Worry began to fuel you about what could be keeping him so busy. Something was causing a dangerous influx of patients into the med-bay. After several long minutes, McCoy finally reentered the room.

“Is everything alright?” You asked worried. His face was beginning to turn a ghostly pale. Ignoring your question he went to grab a bandage for your arm.

“Leonard,” you said. It was now your turn to show concern for him.  

“I’m sorry [Y/N]. I’m fine. I’m just a bit preoccupied. People have been coming in feeling faint and light headed and we’ve just had two people pass out for unexplained reasons. All day I’ve been running over hell's’ half acre. There that should hold it.” You didn’t realize it happened, but your arm was now well wrapped up.

“Thank you,” you smiled at him. McCoy gave you a half hearted smile back. Beads of sweat had now formed on his face. He grew paler than you thought possible. Swaying, he placed a hand on your knee to regain his balance.

“Leo,” you said frightened. Closing his eyes he placed a hand to his forehead. Then stood for a moment rubbing his head.

“Leo,” you said again beginning to rise off the patient table. Within a second his eyes rolled back. You watched in horror as his body went limp. Jumping from the table you instinctively threw your hurt arm behind his head to support it. With a crash the two of you fell onto the floor. Relief filled you to see McCoy was breathing, but he laid motionless with his eyes shut. Throwing your arm behind his head had given him enough support to prevent him smacking it on the ground. As you rose to try and further help, a piercing pain shot through your arm. It wasn’t broken earlier, but it sure was now.

After things have wound down, after seeing that his crew is safe, after they’ve wished him happy birthday with warm grins and laughter, Jim slips his hand into Bones’ and they head back to their temporary lodgings at Yorktown. They take the long way, because they’re so used to only walking the same corridors over and over.  It’s different.  It makes Jim have to tell him.

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