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What if Jim threatens to quit one day because everything feels like too much and his crew/family is there for him? + Mckirk?

  • It doesn’t happen often, but Jim is just so tired. After everything they’ve been through, sometimes it’s just too much. He remembers the names of every crew member who died under his command, and though he’s okay on most days, there are nights when these dead crewmembers haunt him. Relentlessly, all night, keeping him awake. The one thing that calms him down is when Bones turns around in bed, and Jim finds an arm around his waist. Most nights, finding Bones press himself against his back is enough to have him calm down. But sometimes, that still doesn’t stop him from staring out the bedroom window at the passing stars, guilt bothering him until morning.
  • It all goes spiraling out of control when the Enterprise is under attack again the second time York Town is under fire by a violent alien race - hellbent on destroying that “giant floating snow globe”. It’s not just his crew that suffers, a lot of people die that day. They save the city, but it’s a hollow victory. Being called a hero doesn’t feel genuine when so many people didn’t make it. Jim Kirk’s not a hero, he just happened to stop the bad guy. A little too late, but he stopped him nonetheless.
  • “I got a job offer in York Town,” Jim says. Bones is reading a book next to him. “You get job offers all the time,” Bones says. “I’m thinking about taking it.” “Sure you are,” Bones says, and Jim frowns. “I’m serious.” “Uh-huh.” “Bones,” Jim stresses, “I need you to take me serious, here.” At last, Bones puts his book away and sits up straight. Studies Jim’s face for any sign of a joke, or something. “Why would you want a stationary job?” “Too many people died. I think maybe I’m not fit to be a captain anymore.” “What? Jim, none of those deaths were your fault.” “You say that,” Jim says, “but we suffer so many more casualties than any other ship. Maybe it isn’t a coincidence-” “You’re damn right it isn’t. It’s because we keep being assigned to the most dangerous ones, since we’re among the only ones standing a chance of actually making it through in one piece.” Jim smiles lightly at that, and Bones leans in to kiss his forehead. A gentle gesture, but one Jim really appreciates right about now. “If you really want to resign, then you should. But think about it, first. Make sure you know what you want.“
  • Spock is surprisingly gentle with Jim their next shift, and that makes Jim wonder whether or not Spock and Bones talked. Bones loves that kind of gossip, after all. But as endearing as Spock being gentle is, it doesn’t feel home. Not until he says something so illogical that Spock kind of bursts and lectures him about his leadership choices for at least an hour. Jim’s initially annoyed, then thinks about how hard it would be to give this up for a desk job somewhere safe.
  • Bones has a night-shift and leaves Jim by himself one night, but then Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu show up in his quarters and refuse to let him sleep early. The four of them drink and watch movies together, though they’re mostly gossiping about husbands, boyfriends, and, in Chekov’s case, whichever alien he’s dating now. Sharing popcorn, stories, and watching old clips filmed by Uhura and Chekov, seeing as both of them like to record even the most mundane things. From Sulu teaching Spock and Uhura gardening skills, to Uhura catching Bones and Jim quietly enjoying a beer in the bar. “I know you are all doing this to keep me here,“ Jim says, and Chekov shrugs. “No,” he says, “we are to spend time with you, in case you do leave.” “What are you going to do exactly when you resign?” Sulu asks. “Admiral,” Jim replies. “That’s not a bad position to have,” Uhura replies, “Pike was very good at that job. You’ll be, too.”
  • Jim thinks about Uhura’s words later that night when he’s in bed by himself. She wasn’t begging him to stay, just… knowing that they’re there for him, regardless of what he chooses to pursue in the future. And just that is comforting to know, though it simultaneously makes the decision making process much harder. He doesn’t want more deaths, potentially​, but he doesn’t want to be without his crew, either.
  • He pretends to be asleep when Bones gets back, just because then he can quietly enjoy the sight of Bones tiptoeing around, getting undressed and freshening up for bed. Only when Bones slips in bed with him, Jim turns around to look at the other. He smiles lightly, sliding an arm around Bones’ waist. “Long day at work?” “You’ve got no idea,” Bones says, “if I have to listen to Spock complain about my methods one more time I might throw him out of an airlock.” Jim laughs at that, smiling fondly as the other cups his cheeks and kisses him. “So,” Bones continues, “we arrive in York Town tomorrow. What are we going to do?” “We?” Jim asks. “If you resign, I relocate to a stationary position in York Town, too,” Bones replies, “you don’t think I’m going to go out into space while you’re out here, enjoying faux-fresh air, real food, and bars that don’t run out of alcohol?” He asks, and Jim huffs. “You belong on the Enterprise, Bones.” “No more than you do,” Bones replies, “home isn’t where I am, it’s who I’m with.” “You’re so cheesy,” Jim laughs, running a hand through Bones’ hair, before settling in a comfortable position, closely pressed against the other.
  • “Have you given our offer any thought, Mr. Kirk?” Commodore Paris asks him when Jim’s arrived at her office. He’s been looking around, taking in her office. He could own the same thing. Windows overlooking the city, a big desk, unfamiliar stats running down her PC screen. “I have,” Jim replies. “I understood you were more considerate of our offer this time.” “I took my time thinking about it,” Jim says, “too many deaths have been on my account-” “Even more might have been, had you chosen a different profession, James. You can’t blame yourself for situations you’ve got no control over. That won’t change in your new position, should you choose to accept it.”
  • Standing up, in front of the window, Jim glances outside. The bustling city life, still there because the Enterprise put itself between the space station and the enemy. “Do you think you could feel at home here?” Paris asks, and Jim smiles lightly. Thoughts of Bones, and Spock, of the nights with Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu. How Scotty drives him nuts on most days. But he really wouldn’t have it any other way. “I couldn’t. Home isn’t where I am,” he says eventually, “it’s who I’m with.”

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OMG ALEX FOR Holding hands and staring out as the world ends

a/n: okay so i sort of made this a hank x alex x reader fic whoops

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The new that a meteor would hit the earth, one bigger than the one that killed the dinosaurs, came out two months ago. The world had quickly gone to shit after that. There were many missions to destroy the damn thing before it hit but all of them failed. It feels like those cheesy movies. 

People lost all fear, did anything they wanted. There only fear left was the end of the world. They looted and robbed, but it wasn’t like the law was being upheld anymore. Nobody gave a shit anymore.

You sit up with your friends, the only ones that couldn’t get out in time to go home, Hank and Alex on the couch and watch the static on the TV screen. Broadcasts as networks had stopped as the world’s impending end came.

Both of their hands lay in your lap and you clench them, trying to bring something to relax you. The anxiety of waiting for the end was becoming too much. You don’t know how the both of them could stay so calm.

You can’t take the silence and you press yourself up to kiss Alex roughly, Hank watching in surprise before you drag him towards you and Alex.

None of you thought much of it. Why would they? It wouldn’t last long anyway.

That’s how you spend the last few days you have together, making out, having sex where ever you can and trying to push back tears.

When it comes to the last day, it’s not as fast as you think. The day goes slow and you just want it over and done with.

Hank leads the both of you out onto the patio as the sun begins to set and the three of you huddle up together under blankets, exchanging kisses and tearful embraces.

“If we’d done this years ago, we could of had a better future.” Alex says, nudging his nose against your jaw.

“I love the both of you.” Hank wipes away both of your tears and places soft kisses on your noses. You squeeze both of their hands, reassuring them and yourself.

There’s a white streak in the sky and you can hear screaming and crying and you can’t think of a more peaceful way to go, tucked between your boys and a beautiful view. 

“I’ll see you both in another life.”

A flash of bright light and a strong just of wind and the slight sting of pain is the last thing you feel.

A night on the town, part 3

Pairing:  Leonard McCoy x Reader

Word count: 1572

Warning: Angst

A/N: I hope everyone is enjoying the series as much as I am enjoying writing it.  Thank you for all the wonderful comments and support.  

Part 1 Part 2

You stood looking at the group of Enterprise crewmembers as they were saying their goodbyes to York Town. The “orders” Jim has spoken of was the rescue mission of a vessel close to the Klingon border.  Their shore leave had been dramatically shortened and would not be rescheduled to come back anytime soon.  Leonard finished speaking with Commander Spock before coming back to hold you just a few more minutes.

“I am going to try everything in my power to get back here long before they say.  I swear it.”  He leaned his forehead against yours.

“I know you will, but you know how stubborn Starfleet is.  Especially with one of their shining star doctors about the most important ship in the fleet.  I will be waiting for you either way.  This is too important, Leonard.”  He kissed you lightly then pulled you tight against his chest.

“We will message every day. I will be thinking of you constantly, darlin’.  Don’t forget that.”  You nodded against his chest as you tried to keep the tears from falling.  The two of you hadn’t had the chance to spend any more time together since your first and only date the night before.  But that only made this all the more bittersweet. You knew you were falling for the handsome doctor and there was not a thing you could do to keep him here.

You pulled back looking up at him.  “Stay safe, please.  I need you coming back in one piece.”  He smiled back at you.

“I’m the sane one on that ship, remember.  I will come back for you. Always.”  Jim made a noise from behind Leonard hating to break up the two of you.

“I hate to say it, Bones, we have to go.  There is a time table on this mission.”  Leonard nodded kissing you one last time.  He stooped to pick up his pack and moved towards his friend.  Jim smiled at you.

“I’ll keep him in line. But I may have Chapel sedate him if he gets to talking about you too much.”  He winked at you as Leonard scowled at him.  Jim pulled him along by the arm towards the docking area.


The days following his departure, were torturous for you.  You missed him so much but he messaged you every day as he promised. There were some days you were able to talk in real time.  Others you both played tag sometimes missing each other by mere minutes before or after shifts.  The old Earth adage “distance makes the heart grow fonder” was certainly true.  The feelings for Leonard grew with each passing day.  Everyone you had contact with could tell you were a different person since meeting him. Your grandfather, whom had raised you since a child, was adamant that he would meet “the lad” next time he returned to see you.

A week after he left you received word from him that the mission had been successful and the Enterprise and its crew were safe.  From there on it would just be mission after mission.  No time to come back to this side of the quadrant.  Unless Star Fleet needed them. You and Leonard started improvising dates over through the telecoms. Sometimes you would talk long into the night.  He wanted to introduce you to his mother sometime and make sure you got to try some of her peach cobbler.  Plans were being made to take a private trip to the mountains in Maine so he could see where you were born and grew up before medical school and Star Fleet. Leonard even mentioned that he had spoken of you to Joanna.  She wanted to meet you some time as well.  It was all wonderful and you were happy.  Leonard made you happy and though you missed him and ached for a night alone with the man, you would not trade a moment of your long distance love for any time of not knowing him.  

Of course, you had not told Leonard that you loved him, nor had he said it to you.  You felt like it should be something you said face to face. Not through the damn screen.  Over the course of the months, it became more frustrating.  As much as you spoke it felt like it was obvious that you loved him and you were fairly certain he felt the same.  However, neither of you said it.  After your shift at the medstation, you took a walk through the same park where you and Leonard had kissed that night.  It was the last place that felt real to you and the whole relationship.  

You stopped just short of the bench where he had confessed his past.  All the pain and hurt in his life, he told you.  He told you that first night, trusted you enough that he opened his heart and shared it all.  “Ugh I am so selfish and stupid.”  You called out to the night sky.  The man gave you his heart already and here you were feeling sorry that you could not see him every day.  It was then you rushed back to your apartment and messaged him, telling him how much you missed him and that you had something important to tell him when you spoke with him next.  Off the message went, and you waited for a response.  It did not matter what time the response would have come you waited.

A response did not come that night, or the next day.  In fact, days went by with no word.  You sent several messages in the span of that time with nothing in return.  The worry was starting to creep from the back of your mind.  Leonard said he would always message you if they were able to.  What if they weren’t able to?  What if he wants hurt or worse?  You heart pounded again in your chest as you walked into Doctor Baush’s office on the fifth day of no response.

“[Y/N], something I can do for you?”  He had looked up from his desk.  You nodded, as you bit your lip.  Concern crossing his features, he motioned for you to take a seat.  “What’s the matter, my dear?  You look as though the galaxy is ending.”  A short nervous laugh escaped you lips.  He grew more concerned.

“I need a favor.  I… have not heard word from Leonard, Doctor McCoy, in days.  I’m afraid something is wrong.  Can you please…?”  Doctor Baush held a hand up to stop you.

“You want me to use my connections to check into the status of the Enterprise.  Ensure they are safe.”  The color had drained from your face as you nodded.  He smiled standing from the desk, walking around to sit in front of you. “For you, I will do it.  I will speak with one of the admirals that owes me a favor. I will report back to you when I find something out.  Take the day off and go home.  You need the rest.”  He ushered you out of the medstation and sent you home.

You did not hear from him for another day and that was only to tell you Star Fleet had no contact with the Enterprise since you had.  Command was already working on why that was.  Doctor Baush said they would let him know as soon as they found something and in turn, he would tell you.  Thanking him with a hug was the least you could do.  You promised you would work hard to not let your emotions get in the way of work.  But that was easier said than done.  The days turned into weeks and the weeks into a month.  

By the end of the month, you were a shell of who you were.  The whispers of the disappearance of the Enterprise turned into full talk and there was no shortage of theories.  You cried every night when you went home.  Maggie had tried many times to reassure you and be there for you, but after a while, she realized it was not going to work.  You needed word, whether he was alive or dead.  Not this void that you were living every day.

You were sitting in your office going over the last of the day’s notes when Doctor Baush entered.  A look of exhaustion and sadness etched on his features.  “[Y/N], they would not tell me why, but I have been told to have you report to Admiral Kaelen.  I think it’s about the Enterprise.  He has been my contact this whole time.  I tried to get him to tell me, but he just said it’s classified.”  Your heart dropped into your stomach as you stood from your chair, you could feel the blood leave your face.   “Do you want me to go with you?”  Shaking your head, you pulled off your lab coat.

“No, I need to hear the words on my own.”  He understood, letting you leave on your own, though it hurt him to do so.  You made your way to Star Fleet Command.  A nervous looking ensign had been waiting for you.  She escorted you back to Admiral Kaelen’s office as soon as you entered the building. ‘That can’t be a good sign’ you thought to yourself.  The Admiral motioned for you to take a seat before he spoke.

“Doctor [Y/L/N], we have something we need to discuss.  It’s about the Enterprise.”

(Part 4 later this week. :)  )


Terra Nova  ~Part Ten: The End~

[See my Masterlist for earlier sections. I’d link them, but for some reason that negates the tags]

WE’RE HERE! :D Part Ten of Terra Nova - the last chapter. I’m so glad you guys are enjoying the story, it’s been so much fun to write. <3 

THE STORY SO FAR: You’re in a tunnel, somewhere below the surface of the planet, searching for your lost ‘exhibit-mates’, while Bones and the rest of the Enterprise desperately try to get you back. 

Pairing: Reader X Bones
Words: 3,614 (told you it would be a long one!) 

Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of explosions, tension, secondary character death

Tagging: @medicatemedrmccoy, @outside-the-government, @kilismaiden, @gerardwayisapotato, @yourtropegirl, @malindacath, @imaginativefanatic, @flowerfairies101, @arcticbubby, @oxymoroniccat, @phanofmanythings and @loverbug1123. Let me know if you want to be tagged in my future posts :) 

           The tunnel was cold. A shiver ran down your back and you pressed your body into the wall, waiting as footsteps slowly faded, becoming one with the soft vibrations that filled the space. You let the air settle for a moment, then crouched low and moved off into the darkness once again, listening hard for any sound beyond your own heartbeat. You shuffled over to the nearest door and pressed gently against the metal. With a soft whine it gave way, and you peered in to find the walls lined with bottles, and the floor filled with boxes.

           Moving inside, you scanned the labels around you, searching for anything that might be useful, but there was no point – you couldn’t read the local language. Your eyes fell on the crate just in front of you, and in a last-ditch attempt to salvage anything before you reentered the tunnel, you pulled off the lid with a loud snap.

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Mirror!Bones - 11

requested by @bkwrm523

“Are you trying to turn me on right now? Because it’s working.”

           “Not my fault that uniform doesn’t leave much to the imagination, doctor.” As you walked by, Leonard grabbed your arm and slammed you against the wall and pressed himself against you.

           “I didn’t ask if it was your fault.” You bit your tongue when he slowly grinded against you. You closed your eyes, enjoying the faint feeling of him against you. “Do you like that nurse Y/L/N?”

           “Yes Doctor.” The smirk that crossed his face added with the scar, made him look ten times more dangerous.

           “Be at my quarters in a half hour or you’re going to learn the full extent of my abilities to torture.” He grabbed your ass having you press flat against him before pushing you away smacking your ass.

           The next morning you woke up completely sore all over and a message on your PADD telling you to rest but that you would be working the night shift… With Doctor McCoy.

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is anyone else confused by josie? like, she was marketed as a main character in all the promos along with the core four and cheryl but she...hasn't done anything. her storyline only existed for a few episodes and it didn't relate to jason or town politics at all. is she actually going to become important or are the writers just extremely bad?

Jules’ Birthday Challenge

In the spirit of the many lovely folks doing birthday challenges, I thought I’d join in on the fun!

My birthday is June 23rd, which is also, coincidentally, angst appreciation day, which kind of takes the wind out of my sails.  As such, I’d like to open up a challenge with some lighthearted prompts, and a few potentially darker ones tossed in for those who just cannot help but write angst.

Since I’ve been obsessed with Star Trek over the last few months, I’d like to celebrate my love of TOS/AOS in this challenge - more specifically, I’m going to celebrate my love of Leonard McCoy and Christine Chapel!

Here’s how it’s going to work:

  1. You can choose to write a fic for Leonard McCoy, Christine Chapel, or both.
  2. It can be TOS or AOS - the choice is yours!
  3. It can either be reader insert, a canon pairing, a non-canon pairing, or simply a story about the character themselves.
  4. Check out the list of prompts below the cut.
  5. Send me an ask including which series you’re writing for, which character you’d like to write, and the prompt number.
  6. Post your fic(s) anytime between now and 11:59pm on June 23rd, 2017.
  7. Make sure you tag me and include #Jules29thBirthdayChallenge in the first five tags of your fic so I can find it easily.

All fics will be collected and posted in a challenge masterlist for easy access and reading once they’re submitted!

Thank you all SO MUCH for sticking with me on this crazy fandom journey - you guys are amazing and I love and appreciate every single one of you.  You always make me smile and bring me so much joy.  I hope that I brighten all of your days a little bit, too.  You guys have become like family to me, and I hope that I can get to know even more of you soon, and that the friendships I’ve formed with all of you last a lifetime!

Now, without further ado, check out the prompts below!

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RIP Archer McCoy

You were one of the first characters that I ever started storytelling with, meaning you’re one of the characters I have the most memories with. You were quirky, funny, and one of the best guitarists I’ve ever had in my game. With your headstrong ways and determination, you quickly found a place in my heart that will never be forgotten. You were the best husband and father, even to a child that wasn’t yours to begin with. I’ll miss you so much.