I truly believe now that Jim being shorter than Spock is a universal constant. no matter who plays him, they are always going to be shorter than their co-star playing Spock. No mattter the gender. Chris Pine is six foot tall. Zach is six foot two two (and I am just saying this because I looked to check up how tall Jenny Mills is for a short strip of text) and it came to me that since AOS McSpirk is all in the six foot range that  TOS McSpirk would be making fun of the situation.

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Prompt: From anon: Hey, first of all, I love your stories! ❤️ Could you maybe write a Leonard McCoy Imagine with the Reader being selectively mute and he somehow manages to “make her talk to him”, if it’s not too much? I am selectively mute so it’s quite difficult and most of the time even impossible for me to socialise. Would be really cool :) 
Word Count: 1814
Author’s Note: I know this was a specific Bones request, but Spock hasn’t had a lot of action on my dash ever, and I felt he needed to be seen a little. Hope you like the fic, Nony!

“Y/N, do you have the samples ready for processing?” Spock stood beside you, looking over your shoulder. You nodded, and handed him the tray of vials. He nodded his thanks and stepped away, heading to the mass spectrometer. You were so grateful for the quiet way Spock just accepted you. He’d never questioned why you found it so difficult to speak, he just adapted his communication style to meet your needs. His messages to you were clear and concise and he’d commented on how well you expressed yourself through writing, which made it easier for him to just keep verbal communication to questions that could be answered with a nod or shake of the head. He might not completely understand your condition, but he respected your mind, and ensured you felt like a valuable and appreciated member of the Science division.

You checked your duty list, and proceeded to the next task. You were going to be working with some volatile chemicals. Spock seemed to assign you those duties a lot. He’d explained once that it was a question of logic to do so. You didn’t engage in social conversations while you worked, and therefore were less likely to be distracted by the other crew in the lab. This made your safety precautions more effective. You didn’t really mind. You knew that being diligent with your tasks would eventually lead to a promotion, which you’d never really considered when you first joined Starfleet, but you’d begun to realize was a very real possibility under the fair supervision of Spock.

It was nearing the end of your shift, and the captain had announced shore leave around the midpoint of the shift, so the crew was feeling distracted and rowdy. You knew you had enough time to get the investigation started, and once the chemicals were mixed, they needed nearly a week to sit before you could progress. Having shore leave in the mix was going to make the progress of the investigation feel a lot faster. You really wanted to have those first steps complete before you got on the shuttle to Risa. As you poured a particularly caustic chemical from its container into the measuring beaker, you got jostled by another lab technologist, and splashed the chemical on your arm. In surprise and pain, you cried out. It was the first time anyone in the lab had heard your voice, and Spock was over to you in an instant. He didn’t need to hear any explanations from the other crew member to know what had happened, and he led you swiftly over to the shower, rinsing the wound thoroughly. He drew the shower curtain to protect your modesty, and took a pair of scissors from the hook in the shower, cutting away your uniform with a cool indifference that made you feel safe, despite your nudity. He continued to focus the spray of the shower on the red areas of your skin, keeping one eye on the timer and another on your burns.

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so everyone remember’s that scene in the next generation where scotty is back on the original enterprise bridge, imagine if william shatner was actually put in the fourth star trek movie and, ignoring the details because anything is possible in star trek, jim kirk prime ends u back on the bridge, or seeing the bridge on a film with his old crew mates (ie: mccoy and spock prominently) and he smiles brokenly and says that he’ll be joining them soon

  • McCoy Prime: where am I? I am not familiar to these surroundings. Where is everyone? *looks around to see unfamiliar faces around him and is terrified, lonely, and scared*
  • Spock Prime: *Pops up*
  • McCoy Prime, every time: *lights up* SPOOOCKKKK! *Crashes Spock to the ground in a hug with a thud*
  • Spock Prime, internally: Hinek, taluhk nash-veh k'du. :)
  • Spock Prime, externally, hands on his husband's back: Ow.
TOS Ages for McSpirk


Kirk: 2233.03.22
Spock: 1st 2230, 2nd 2285
Bones: 2227


Kirk: 2293ish (early 60’s)
Spock: 2387 (157yrs)


Kirk: 2371 (138yrs)
Spock: 1st 2285 (50yrs), 2nd N/A
Bones: N/A

2364 – Bones last appearance on Star Trek (TNG).

Kirk: 131 (Inside the Nexus)
Spock: 134
Bones: 137

2371 – The date of James T. Kirk’s death.

Kirk: 138
Spock: 141
Bones: 144

2387 – The date of Spock’s disappearance.

Kirk: 154 (officially deceased for 16yrs)
Spock: 157
Bones: 160

So, I’ve been at this for weeks (possibly a month, I’m not sure anymore) and I’ve basically come to the saddening conclusion that, yes, Spock was still alive and well, in the same universe as Jim when his t'hy'la died - who was crushed/skewered under a pile of metal at the bottom of a cliff on an unfamiliar planet, without Spock or Bones there, just like he’d always predicted. Spock then proceeded to live in this universe for another Sixteen Years with this knowledge (because Spock would have found out how exactly it happened one way or another) yet again knowing his t'hy'la was left without him there to comfort Jim in his last moments. Just to give you an idea of what this all entails (and That amount of detail of this situation is really fucking painful to think about).

I can’t seem to find anything anywhere about when Bones is supposed to pass on, so he could have very well been alive too. Hell, he could still be kicking in the TOS universe at 160 such - now all alone and depressed since he’s no longer able to be with his two best friends in all the universe ever again. Maybe he’s only able to live another year after losing Spock because the weight of such grief was too much for his frail old body. No, I’m not okay. Don’t touch me *crawls away*.

  • Alien: will the real Leonard McCoy please stand up?
  • McCoy Prime: *Stands up*
  • McCoy: *stands up*
  • Alien: What's this?
  • McCoy Prime: It's apparent. He stole my catchphrase.
  • McCoy: You stole mine first!
  • McCoy Prime: Which one? The 'damn it, Jim' one or. .
  • McCoy: Ya know the one.
  • McCoy Prime: I came before ya so I've been sayin' carpie diem from one galaxy to another.
  • McCoy: Did ya say it in hell?
  • McCoy Prime: Yes. Both, actually.
  • Alien: stop getting along and answer my question! *Head turns and folded arms toward alien*
  • McCoy: We are both Leonard McCoy. *bounces*
  • Alien: That's not funny.
  • McCoy Prime: then you are not an alien and we are not human.
  • McCoy: and I am not a doctor but a space cowboy.
  • McCoy Prime: then neither of us are the son of David.
  • McCoy: Yeah, so then we are the sons of Zeus.
  • McCoy Prime: We are not demigods.
  • McCoy: Then we are Ratchet from Transformers only way better.
  • McCoy Prime: and cooler.
  • *the McCoy's nod in agreement*
  • Alien: I AM AN ALIEN.
  • McCoy Prime: What are we, again, *looks toward counterpart* then?
  • McCoy: I believe terrans or martians, actually? *shrug* We did originate from Mars as a species.
  • McCoy Prime: Martians, *Bounces while turning his head toward alien* obviously!
  • Alien: WHO ARE YOU?
  • McCoys: *glaring at the alien* Leonard McCoy, ya dumbass.

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How about for a drabble: "We can't leave him behind"? Whatever ship you'd like.

“We’re not leaving him behind!”

Spock turned to look at Dr. McCoy, angled eyebrows raised over dark eyes. “The captain ordered us to do just that,” he said, his voice only slightly shaky. “It is what he wants, Dr. McCoy. And besides, the Prime Dire-”

“Dammit, Spock! He made you acting captain before he went down there. Forget the Prime Directive!” McCoy stepped forward and grabbed Spock by the tops of his arms. “This is Jim we’re talking about. He did the same thing for you once, Spock. We already almost lost him once. We can’t leave him behind.”

Spock pulled his arms out of the doctor’s grasp and stared blankly up at the ceiling for a few moments, ignoring the stares of the other bridge crew. When he spoke, he kept his eyes on McCoy’s. “Sulu, turn around. We are going to get the captain.”

“Jim,” McCoy spoke into his communicator.

“What’s up, Bones?”

The doctor shook his head at the captain’s flippancy. “We’re comin’ to get ya, kid.”

The bridge all heard their captain laugh over the comm. “I knew I could count on you, Spock.”

McCoy rolled his eyes, then glared at Spock when he moved to reply to Jim. “Yeah, ‘cause no one else had anything to do with it.”

Jim laughed again. “See ya soon, Bones!”

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Good evening, Mister Spock. Say, how goes your investigation on our little dead planet? Anything interesting reveal itself in your sensor scans?

“The sensor scans have been inconclusive. There is a large quantity of virilliatium in the planet’s core, and it is interfering with my scans. It will also cause transporters to malfunction, so I will be forced to take a shuttle to the surface once the captain gives his approval.” Spock’s long fingers called up the scans to show the doctor the issues he was talking about as he went.