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Good evening, Mister Spock. Say, how goes your investigation on our little dead planet? Anything interesting reveal itself in your sensor scans?

“The sensor scans have been inconclusive. There is a large quantity of virilliatium in the planet’s core, and it is interfering with my scans. It will also cause transporters to malfunction, so I will be forced to take a shuttle to the surface once the captain gives his approval.” Spock’s long fingers called up the scans to show the doctor the issues he was talking about as he went.
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Relationships: James T. Kirk/Spock, Spock/Original Male Character
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To ensure Jim’s continued Captaincy, Spock sacrifices something on a diplomatic away mission that has devastating consequences for him. Despite his growing problems, Spock continues to hide what was done to him at the price of his relationship with Jim as well as the crew–and even at the price of himself.

This is a response to a friend who wanted to see Spock get hurt on an away mission and
hide it instead of Kirk. This is my interpretation of how that would play out.

(Pre-STID. Pre-slash but later will turn into slash. In other words; very slow building K/S)
(Please heed the warnings. This story is angst-heavy, and is not for the easily triggered)

Arcs are their own fics, basically.
rewritten version. Different than the original