mccoy and chapel


The crew of the USS Enterprise wishes you a happy Valentine's Day!

Credits for Uhura and Scotty’s lines go to enterprisedating

[reboot edition]

Enterprise crew and the kind of fanfic author they would be

Jim Kirk: writes extremely historically accurate self-insert real person slash fic

Spock: known for his epic-length, canon compliant, canon-extending fics, but also has a second username which he uses to post E-rated crackfic

Leonard McCoy: posted one absolutely amazing 180k word hurt/comfort fic five years ago and nothing since

Scotty: writes while drunk and posts whatever without editing

Uhura: really enjoys writing song fics. she also podfics for people and translates fics into different languages

Sulu: has hundreds of half-finished fics on his harddrive. once tried to write drabble and stopped halfway through

Chekov: writes those fics that have really interesting tags and summaries, but you click through and it’s all in Russian

Chapel: writes extremely fluffy fic most of the time, but every now and then she posts something so angsty it makes you cry

Star Trek au! West Wing style

Jim is President, he has to deal with worldwide diplomacy, internal issues and his staff all while trying to improve his country.

Spock is his Chief of Staff and has the remarkable ability to maintain up to four conversations at the same time. He can have multiple people talking at the same time and he’ll respond to each and walk away having not missed a point. Spock also tends to stroll into the oval office without warning, which has caused Jim some consternation, not to mention a few security breaches. Spock’s deputy, Chekov, has managed to make up for Spock’s coldly professional manner by being friendly with literally everyone. Between them they are very powerful.

McCoy is Chief Communications and writes all the President’s speeches. Chapel, his deputy, checks them for spelling errors, southern colloquialisms, and swearing. McCoy knows everything that goes on and writes extremely intelligent and appealing speeches for Jim, Jim cites McCoy as the only reason he’s liked by the public. One week Chapel is sick and stays home and everyone realises just how much McCoy’s speeches are improved by her. He may know what to say, but she knows how to say it.

Uhura is Press Secretary and she can spin anything. She flirts with and shuts down the reporters with grace and composure. She has on occasion gone off at her fellow staff for breaching her ethical boundaries, but the press would never guess. She tends to pounce on people in the corridors and start a casual conversation that ends in an inquiry about the depth of America’s political involvement in Korea, so you’ve got to stay on your toes with her.

Sulu is in charge of the Secret Service detail. He carries a gun, but, to McCoy’s endless amusement, also carries a sword. Jim likes it, says it feels appropriately stately.

Janice Rand is Personal Aide to the President, and she is hugely competent. She always has some food ready for Jim, bringing him snacks whenever he has a moment to eat, because he doesn’t have many moments free. She and McCoy are the only people on staff with the balls to tell Jim to go to bed.

Scotty is National Security Advisor, he rocks up whenever things are going sideways around the world, which is unfortunately often. Jim says that these days he gets anxious whenever he hears any scottish accent.

McCoy and Uhura insist that Jim needs some kind of relationship to win the Presidency again in four years, his bachelor status having caused doubt amongst some voters. They and Scotty spend a ridiculous amount of time vetting potential dating candidates only for Jim to decide he has a crush on a reporter who’s been trashing him in the press since day one.

Sulu’s husband visits him at work one day and is tackled to the ground by security because he was too flippant in his answers to procedural questions. Sulu could be heard yelling throughout the building.

McCoy brings his daughter in one day and refuses to leave her side, even through national security briefings. Every conversation had to be spoken in a hastily created code. Nuclear detonation was referred to as “confetti”. National debt was “short on pocket money”. Scotty had a great time.

Uhura is displeased with how Spock kept some information from her, making her look like a fool in front of the press. Spock has an incomprehensibly difficult day as she rearranges appointments behind his back and replaces his hot tea with cold cordial when he’s not looking.

Chekov loses a shoe and spends all day hopping, trying to find one, while hiding it from the higher ups. He ends up briefing the President wearing Rand’s spare heels.

Spock’s father visits and McCoy gets in a fight with him in the lobby before finding out he’s both Spock’s father and the Swedish ambassador. McCoy’s apology is delivered more like a lecture and only includes the word “sorry” because of Chapel’s involvement.

Scotty claims that no one has ever seen his underpants. McCoy, Sulu and Janice all start a bet that they can get a photo. Sulu calls it off when he finds out that Scotty doesn’t own underwear. Jim formally requests that Scotty start wearing underwear to all White House events.

Spock is sick one day, McCoy and Uhura have to take over his duties. They manage everything fine until they realise they didn’t arrange a pick up service for the Queen of England and she’s been sitting at the airport for four hours now growing increasingly irate.


So I have been working on this a disgustingly long time but finally finished another year of Star Trek holiday sweaters. It’s been too long since I really sat down and drew these guys. Kinda rusty still but it’s getting there.

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. Thanks everyone!