Ok, legit question. So I was thinking. Romulan Ale is illegal and it’s alcohol. But the question is, is it alcohol made for off worlders or for Romulans? Because if it’s all for Romulan consumption that just got popular, because of their Vulcanoid personalities, that means Vulcans like Spock could get drunk on it too, outside of the chocolate. I am surprised most fics haven’t really written Spock getting properly drunk on Romulan Ale (I’ve read a few but not as many as the sugar/chocolate thing) because finally, an alcoholic beverage both he and Bones could drink! Like, imagine them sharing the bottle and just all the drunken stuff coming out of their mouths!

In other news, I have gifset ideas for paralells/comparisons for both Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, a TOS/AOS Bones parallel set, prepping for my Spones gifset of awesome (which I need more moments people, please send them in??) and a graphic where I have mobster!Spock from A Piece of the Action and a good shot of De from either Fear in the Night or Where Love Has Gone… It’ll be beautiful.


Summary: You never think about the future and your differences until there’s nothing else too think of.

“I can’t believe it’s nearly over.” Uhura said sadly.

Some of the crew were gathered together in one of the more intimate lounge areas on the ship. Usually saved for important guests to relax, it was made to be luxurious and comfortable and now that they’d not need it any more for any real ship business, Jim had been using it for him and his closest friends to have some intimate time together themselves.

Before it was all gone.

“These five year missions sure fly by,” Scotty agreed.

“You know what I’m looking forward too? Retirement.” McCoy said.

“Bones, I think you’re a way off that yet,” Jim laughed.

“I’m still looking forward to it. I think I’ll retire at 65. Spend the next few years in Georgia. With any luck, me and the wife, have the Grand kids now and then. Sounds pretty perfect to me.”

Uhura couldn’t help but look at the ring on her left hand, the one Spock had presented to her weeks ago. Sulu caught her look and smiled “Well, we know what Uhura’s going to be doing.”

“What?” she said, fake innocence in her tone. “I have no plans for the future,” she said reaching for Spock’s hand as she teased. He held her hand in the gentlest of grips.

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So, this is one of the things I like to do in my spare time. Get some nice old photos of De. This one is from Beyond Our Own, where young!Deforest Kelley is *gasp* a doctor! So imagine a young!Doctor McCoy!

Yeah, I did some editing and a screenshot but the man is so pretty wtf. I actually need to get high res pics from Where Love Has Gone actually for a  photoset…