I want an AOS movie that puts some depth into the characters. They are completely action-packed and absolutely no character development or depth whatsoever. Especially Kirk.

There were moments on TOS between Kirk and Spock, Kirk and Bones where he needed them, where he relied on their help and he was vulnerable. He was scared of losing command at some point so literally freezes on the spot repeating “I’m losing command” while Spock literally drags him into the turbolift with Kirk hunched over and clinging onto him for dear life. 

Atm AOS Kirk is a ruthless fuckboi shooting everything he can get his hands on. TOS Kirk had to watch and try to make contact before even stunning them. It’s nothing wrong with the actor– he’s awesome as Kirk and showed that he can push emotions and ‘real’ performances, it’s how they write him and I’d absolutely love to see him be Kirk that way.

I want a Kirk that shows vulnerability, you know? Someone you can relate to or feel bad for. /Why/ does he skip out on Bones’ medical exams, was it because of something that happened on Tarsus? Maybe scenes for example where Kirk is eating too little, or too much (Like on Tarsus where he was starved so he tried to save food for everyone else/ate anything he saw, including rats), Bones has to address his diet. In Beyond, Bones and Spock’s relationship was hashed out a bit, I think it should be like that with Kirk’s relationship too.

In the first 2009 movie, there was a deleted scene of some ass of an uncle called Frank that was horrid to him as a child, THAT could have put some depth to his character but it was deleted!

Or even just a scene that reminds him of Tarsus or Frank– maybe someone says something that kinda just sends him into a little personal moment and then snaps out of it. Maybe he VISITS a planet full of starved colonies and it reminds him of what happened as a child and he’s desperate and will do anything to save them– Spock and Bones don’t know why yet and has to stop him from being too god damn stupid, and they find out– there’s some character development and relationships between them to improve on! I’m pretty sure something like this happened in TOS and Bones almost made him unfit for duty because he was so stressed out.

I feel like if we can relate to and understand the characters, we can feel attached to them more, like the TOS characters. The AOS characters are… missing that depth that TOS had.


Happy Pride Month everyone!

I couldn’t add every flags but I mostly put what I thought was relevant to them :D (of course those are ideas but you can disagree with it!)

Anyway I hope you liked it!

Love has no frontier  (◠ω◠✿)

PS: There is an advocacy week coming up: #WeNeedLGBTQStories Week. It’s a week to talk about the need for positive mainstream LGBT representation in media, June 12-18 ! If you want to know more about it, ask @weneedlgbtqstories or check this out!

Usually Bones is so casual when he’s off duty that people on board can forget that he knows all their personal information. Not that he’d ever misuse it. But one night everyone was very drunk, amd Jim was insisting that Bones couldn’t possibly remember who on board has an appendix. So everyone lined up and Bones walked down the aisle. Yes. Yes. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes. No. No. No. You’re species doesn’t have one. Yes. Yes.
100% correct.


Time to post drawings I did for Star Trek: Mirror (aka that one time I’ve accidentally wrote a screenplay for a movie and couldn’t think of a good name for it). What can I say, I love mirrorverse…

Basically it’s a fic in a screenplay format - imagine if the next AOS movie was a reboot of “Mirror, Mirror”

Let’s start with not-really-illustrations - I drew the first one just for the sake of designing the uniforms; the second one is actually the very first drawing I did for this fic, as you can see, originally the grand reveal of the Tantalus Field was done with Spock and Marlena present and explaining its functions

I’m going to post more drawings later, I have like a hundred…