In Which Jim Tells Bones How Much He Really Loves Flowers

People are talking about Chanukah on the enterprise, but tbh I wanna see Passover on the enterprise.
I want Jim complaining because he can’t eat bread, and McCoy saying it’ll be good for his health.
I want spock talking with his mom and asking how the family is.
I want the crew to have a big communal Seder with awful kosher wine, and the youngest ensigns asking “mah nishtanah ha-lailah hazeh mikol ha-leilot” (why is this night different from all other nights).
I want Jim hiding the afikoman for the crew to find.

  • Friend: sooo... you like Star Trek tos?
  • Me: I think you spelt 'love' wrong.
  • Friend: even though the special effects are shit, the acting is over dramatic, there are hundreds of episodes sharing the same plot line, and the show is overall cheesier that the cooper hill annual cheese rolling competition?
  • Me: I think you spelt 'because' wrong.