Can we talk about

everything in this movie
Spock admiring Admiral Kirk so visibly in this movie that it physically hurts me
ahem, about Spock completely obviously saying “for everything there is a first time” in which there is of course nothing sexual and shamelessly asks Kirk to confirm it, at which Kirk panics and absently hums in approval and then Bones not even tired of the shit anymore asks him if he wants a tranquilizer to calm down because their love and obscene lust at every ocassion are even after 1000 years fresh as a high school crush, lmao.

Legally Blonde au (w one difference) where Jim is Elle, Spock is Emmett and Bones is Paulette.

Jim goes to law school to prove to his crush he can be enough. Spock helps him study and realises Jim has something worth nurturing.

Bones runs a walk in medical center and Jim swings by a fair bit after getting patched up once. Bones’ ex is a problem and Jim helps him get his pet tortoise back.

Spock has a spare job as a mail delivery guy (this is where i deviate from legally blonde canon) and he comes by the medical centre and he and Bones get surprisingly steamy.

After Jim gets his big win at the murder case w the perm game changer he sees Spock and Bones having a serious flirt. Jim offers to let them date, he’ll be happy with his career, but they both explain, tripping over each others words, that they want Jim too. Cue legally successful mcspirk au.