anonymous asked:

If you've read any of the official Doctor Who novels that feature Clara, is there any that you would recommend? I'm curious to see if there's any good Whouffaldi moments in those books.

I’ve read them all. The one that tends to get the most attention is The Blood Cell by James Goss that has some pretty solid moments, even though it was written before S8 aired and is set during Clara’s relationship with Danny. There are also a couple of, shall we say, suggestive moments in Shroud of Sorrow by Tommy Donbravand but that’s an Eleventh Doctor novel. It’s a great story set on Nov. 23, 1963 (it was published during the 50th), though I think it might have been more powerful set in the post-Danny era.

Royal Blood by Una McCormack is pretty good as well. And The Crawling Terror by Mike Tucker doesn’t have much by way of Whouffaldi but it is still a solid Pertwee-style monster adventure with Twelve and Clara working well together.

In my opinion, though, probably the most overt Whouffaldi story from BBC Books is actually a short story called “All the Empty Towers” by Jenny Colgan, which is included in “The Scientific Secrets of Doctor Who”.

Oh, and of course there’s “The Companion’s Companion” which I and a number of other people have been raving about. It’s not a novel, but it’s worth checking out.